Don't Say They Are Bad.

Women in underdeveloped countries, some have a bit of education, or a skill, others none at all.

They usually have between two to as many as eight kids. No dad present.

Jobs are scarce and when available its for the people with degrees or a trade. Or u have to get deep into and mix with the politicians to get a meager job.

So women hustle other ways. They sell sex for a bit of money to feed their children. Some do it as a job, some now and then.

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People have to make life choices based on their circumstances.
I have nothing against women on the streets, trying to pay for sometime --> It is survival for those with responsibilities.

I work for my money too, I'm in computers, and they pay better than me in a good month.handshake
I have nothing to say. Just post your comments. ??
Yes some have it worse than others. sad flower

Unika thank you for your candor.bouquet Nice to read another's blog here, as well.wave
Even with the degrees, it's still hard to find a decent job that pays enough to cover basic necessities. I have two children and was unemployed for a few months. I have male friends and colleagues who are well off and would not lift a finger to assist unless I was willing to sleep with them. They didn't have to say the words, their actions said it for them. The good jobs are given to expats and under qualified males while women are expected to hold positions as Executive Assistance with an MBA or other Masters Degrees.

To be asked as an experienced and educated professional to take an entry-level job as a CSR in a call center that only pays minimum wage while you have rent, bills and food to purchase is not only frustrating but would mess with anyone's self-esteem.

Women are the backbone of any society but we continue to be stifled in underdeveloped countries because of men and their seemingly backward attitude. it also has to do with the ego and fear of us advancing faster than them.
Many women forced are to this job, and this is legal job in Europe and West.
If a woman has children...the fathers should excuses...why should society pay for men who are irresponsible...or society allowing inequity exist in regards to employment of women...sad really...sigh
Not women from third world countries alone and certainly not the uneducated . I have seen drugs degrade people who once had it all .
This might sound a bit money, don't breed then.....

Applies to both men and women.
Redex, what I'm about to say might land me in trouble but I'm gonna say it anyhow....

Get those irresponsible men and women spayed/neutered.. Sorry, dunno the correct medical term for that....grin
Mimi hug You mean "sterilized". Might be a good idea dunno

Also, like Redex says, teach them birth control. professor
So you are now saying to sterilise women because men are not being forced to support their kids? wow wow

Women in this country, up to a short time ago, had very big families.


Because the catholic church, and therefore the government, forbade all types of contraception, even within marriage.

it was the 1980s before people could get contraceptives even in a regulated way...they had to have a prescription from the doctor.

It was not the fault of either the men or women that people had big families, they had no choice.
Plus, the Catholic Church actively encouraged it...
@Pat, You own my first morning laugh today. Who? so many people in some cultures. In my family and culture having a priest was considered a high status symbol, one kid for god, other to procreate-perpetuate our family name and lands, and third to take care of us when we become older. Talk to me about birth control ....yeah yeah.

There is only one solution: education to open minds will encourage people to work fo better future and take charge of their lives.

PS- hug Kal
The first warning sign, is when your girlfriend goes out with $20 for a few drinks with the girls after work, and returns home off her face on drugs with $380. The problem is especially noticable if you live in a developing country.
No Molly, only sterilise those women who had many kids with numerous men. Women who have kids so that she can make money out of them? The welfare/benefit thing?
All, we used to joke that the most effective birth control was in pill form, readily available, and dirt cheap. Aspirin tablets. Rx---keep one tightly between the knees at all times. Aa.
Mimi, you are such a tease!
Pat, I think we are talking about different cultures here.

In some cultures, men simply take no responsibility for any children they have.

There is no one rule for all.
Free applause

I know.....blushing giggle
Pat, you are leaving out the part that there is probably no state support whatsoever in Belize for them. Plus the fact that they cannot get jobs without education, and education is not available to all.

That is not the same in Australia

As I said, different cultures, different problems
I consider myself from a country where one has to be smart to survive...not selling one's self.
Should these ladies have 3-8 kids without excellent financial backing, even with government assistant they won't be able to take care of the kids...what one child gets here for the month which is every other month can't buy a proper meal for 3 days.
I think these ladies are stupid to allow themselves to be pregnant by these men knowing the struggles of where they are from. All my sisters including myself have one child each and it's intentional...It's kinda unfair for a woman to expect a man to take her up with 8 children when she herself is not a breadwinner only to seek government assistance.
Maybe the problem is a woman takes up a man who is financing 3 children that is not his, then she gets off feeling guilty and want to bear him a child as well then the relationship doesn't work and the cycle continues.

It's true though selling one's self come in many ways...even ladies who are employed sell themselves more than the unemployed but they do it in a sophisticated way....
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