Reading Comprehension

What's the sense in you commenting on a persons blog if you don't fully comprehend it ?

At the end of the day you twist and turn a blog to something totally different from what it originally was.


No need to quarreal, rant and rave over someone's blog which obviously you don't fully get the sense of.

Anyway the blogging section on here is just for fun. Why take some of them to a larva level ?

Reading is one aspect - comprehending is another level.

confused doh
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You are so right. cheers
Hello. wave

Anyone can share and have his or her say.

To me blogging is a way of expressing oneself and letting other opinion to see that expression in a different way.

People might twist the topic but it still stays as driven from he posted topic.
The problem with words is, they are still just world! Body language, inflections in the voice or eye movement help describe what we are attempting to say. Face to face communications, best in the world!
sometimes words just words mind you roll eyes are used to spark folk off then the wordy person can go confused confused i dont understand.

this in itself is used by all sorts of people for many different reasons, but when it can harm people then that must go answered. JMO of course, no-one can misunderstand what i am getting at. grin
Hmmmn ok folks.
Redex, I agree that words are used to spark off people and to hurt people but sometime one innocent word or the receiving persons attitude can misunderstand the meaning of what that person is attempting to convey. If I ever say anything to hurt you or anyone else I want that person to approach me and ask me what I meant. I will happily explain myself.
One time I was on assignment and our director was looking for someone to take another assignment adding to our workload. I was traveling and saw the texts going out to the entire group all day long. Toward the end of the day I sent a text back to our director though the group "Just send me the files and I will take care of it". I thought nothing of it. Early the next day I received a call from upper level director wondering what my text meant and why I was so annoyed with my director? I had no idea what he was talking about and I asked him to explain. The word "just" at the beginning of the text caused a firestorm throughout the group spreading into upper management! Later we all had a good laugh over this but because my director was becoming stressed and stressing the rest of the group things got out of hand. I like to talk face to face where I know what the persons demeanor is. :)
Obviously some people will take from a blog topic as they wish to.Not a whole lot one can do about it.
cog i get you on that, but i meant when someone we know well, sets trap, red herring, for you and others for a so called research in how people interact, that to me is dispicable.

Other than that, international site, different cultures, we make allowances for misunderstandings.

I hate to see people being taken advantage of, i dive in with two feet, especially when person holds hands up and makes it a misinterpretation of words, that is downright sneaky. very mad
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