You're Going To Die Anyway.

My friend stop eating all flesh.
Only veggies and fruits, nuts.

He says, 'yes, am feeling so darn strong and healthy'.
I don't need to see the doctor at all.
I know I don't have any illness, no diabetes, no hypertension.
My diet heals me. It is all I need. Its my antibiotics and all.

Yes in a way, that diet is very good.
But how can you know if you still have a bad disease unless you
go to your doctor for a complete check up, at least once a year ?

He feels he will live so long and sick free on such a diet only.
Not wise to me.

Look at hypertension- its called the silent killer, because you get no signs or symptoms
most times. You just drop.

I tell him if a certain diet was good enough to cure all ailments , why does scientists
make medications. He says aah its all about making money. Lol.
Could be true. But I rather get a full check up from a doc at least once a year while eating

No matter what we eat though, bottom line is death will come.
But at least see your doctor so u can prolong life, even while eating right.

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I like to think of doctors as "Body Mechanics". How often do you take your car in for a road-worthiness check and the mechanic picks up a problem with it that you were totally unaware of?

And yes... we are what we eat, so a healthy balanced diet does promote good health.

My personal band-wagon is the avoidance of unsaturated fats, sticking to readily digestible saturated fats where I can, but I do limit intake of all fats and eat plenty of raw and cooked vegetables.

I also fast. Meaning, I don't eat unless I'm hungry and even then, never eat more than I actually need to.

I can understand where your friend is coming from, but a check now and then by your "body mechanic" is good insurance.... yes?

wave hi yep i see doc as i cannot take blood or do specimans to get health results----but no matter what 1 doc says i do research myself and get loads of opinions and pick what suits me.

docs cannot hold all info in their head----and certain meds okay for one person not for another.

Everything in moderation i saypeace thumbs up
Redex and Alan.

Yes, sure.
Redex I understand not excepting blood for more than religious reasons but also for health reasons but I'm curious as to why you cannot give specimens.
Unfortunately genetics plays a big part in our health factor. We all know those people who exercise, eat healthy and still have high cholesterol, are overweight and high blood pressure there are many health risks that are hereditary. I am at the point now I do lab work every year as preventative maintenance. Does that mean it will prolong my life, I am not sure because I wholeheartedly believe that God is still in control of my life.
cog you got me wrong a little grin I meant i cannot take my own blood specimans and do the lab work so therefore need a doc for that.

But also if doc advises this or that once i know what ails me, i look at myself what maybe i could take or do in a more natural way, if does not work take meds or whatever.
Ah, understand. Ty
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