Why I want someone Christian

It is difficult for people to understand why I want a Christian for a lifetime for myself.

These are the things a Christian can never do:
1)He will not get drunk, beat his wife and children or abandon them for anything in the world.
2)He will not wrong another human being, nor make schemes to deliberately harm them.
3) He will not go against the Will of God.
4) He will not deny anyone the right to live, laugh and be truly human.

These are the things a Christian would do:
1) Take his responsibilities and manners seriously.
2) Hold a hand and would not let it go because his answer is not to this world and its powers but to the supreme power of God.
3) Live and let live on the principles of peace, love and solidarity.
4) Fight like a spiritual warrior and work like a labourer with his hands and stand up for the weak and pay attention to his praying schedule and the voice of the Heavenly Father.

I am strictly looking for a Christian person. It is not possible to give a detailed answer to anyone in person but here it would be much easier for you all unconcerned individuals to read and understand.


God bless you and good luck for your partner search,

No bias against anyone but this is what I prefer.

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Welcome to the blogs Jig wave
A pleasure to see new faces.
Your preference is your choice. I'm happy for you that you know exactly whom you want or the description of whom you're seeking.

I wish you luck and may you have fun and enjoy being here.
God bless you.bouquet
A Christian can't drink? ??
Oh are you in for a surprise.
You want a Jehovah?
laugh laugh laugh
good one
rolling on the floor laughing
Christianity, and Roman Catholicism, have provided many with comfort and direction in life. Other religious traditions as well. But pederast homosexuals in our church really hurt many of us as trusting young children. Lives of anger, substance abuse, violence, fears, self doubt, depression, dissociative dissorders, poor family, interpersonal and intimate relationships, job and school failures, and sometimes suicide. Lucky ones have gotten effective help----but we are in a small minority. My memoirs are meant to help others do so, and to break the cycles of denial, avoidance and victimhood. Religion can have much good, but also lots of bad. True of many human institutions. Just look at marrriage. Aa.
Well, I'd say, continue to dream. Good luck!
Heres a bunch of typical Christians. !! laugh

Just because someone is a Christian doesn't mean that they will be a good person.

I know of people who are just the opposite of the list you have about the things that you think a Christian will/wont do.

Keep dreaming onward cause you will be in for a big huge let down.
The naïvity is sweet comfort
Ms. Jayagill you have your focus don't let the immoral atheists here discourage you (I'm sure they won't). It's funny how the atheist can't wait to attack the Christian, but the Christian never attacks the atheist. Their immorality is steadfast and true.
Newsflash Mr Sea but I'm not an atheists.
Mr sea.
Maybe you should check youtube for rants against atheists.
or simpely history
I think she meant to say , she wants a praticing christian because no one is perfect in this world we are living in . What man cannot see God could see , we have all sinned and fall short of the glory of God
Jayagirl, i was a wife of a christian. He had a small altar on his bedside, kissing Jesus wounds every day and was verbaly abusing me as same, for seven bloody years. I am proud that i broke few of his crosses on his head.

....mea massima culpa.
I want one of those Christians too.grin But I set my standards bit higher. I prefer a one that is literally born again, not metaphorically born again.giggle Juuuuuuust kidding.
Girls, girls,,,you choose them, you give birth to them ,you raise them
are we really the only one to blame ?laugh
There are many kinds of people that are not molded because of religious affiliations. To judge against her motives are outright wrong. She's referring to a good Christian yet just because one is a member of the flock doesn't mean perfect.
Non, there's more worst Christian members than those of your example. In reality we're all capable of doing bad, but what define us, has nothing to do with religious beliefs all tge time, however, if one was true to the teachings of Christ, then truly it represents her aspirations.
Now I would suggest to join her and hope she finds that quality in a man whom she seeks.
There's many out there, I'm sure.
To some yes, to most maybe not.
Going to church and believing in my God, made me a better person. Yet I can't tell that about everyone.

It's a fact many priest became one of the sickest people I'd have never thought of. p*dophile.

So who we are is not always defined by any beliefs or religion.
There are many Atheists who are absolutely good people.
Hello, wave Welcome to the Blogs. As for looking for a Christian, I wish you the best. But keep in mind not all Christians live fully by the will of God. I know a few , and I stress a few Christians who can lie, cheat and steal with the best of them. Theres good and bad in all religions, and finding the good is the difficult part. But you are pointed in the right direction. Good luck to you.
Hello Ito, in a way our expectations are generally shaped by perceived by our orientations. It's my absolute rule that I'd never have anything to do with anyone who's not Christian, but I don't expect someone to be perfect or incapable of being bad. That's why dating provides the window that makes us know and confirm our motivations and expectations.

I can only respect one's decision and opinions as their inherent choice. We're all seeking the good qualities and hoping they're all there. Being a Christian is a good direction to hope to find those qualities. Like I said, if only everyone who claim to be Christian stay true to our Lord's teachings then there's a good percentage of finding directly into the mold, of whom we desire and seek. wave
Mr stringman, great video, even our resident atheist can be made to see and understand. Let's hope they follow through and understand what is expected from them. Ms lindseyjones, your missing the bigger picture, and you should know better; that 82% of liberals are atheists. Mr stringman, you are passing the word precisely concisely and plain applaudable.
Hello Lindsyhug Totally agree with what you re saying. Lately I ve been meeting a few of those bad apple Christians, and I shouldn t be labelling them all with that impression.Very bad on my partscold . I know I should be looking at the proper side of Christianity .
My apologies Sea. The truth is, I'd have never connected religions with liberalism. That's a learning for me.
Thanks for the clarification.
My apologies Sea. The truth is, I'd have never connected religions with liberalism. That's a learning for me.
Thanks for the clarification.
thank you seaworthy so much truth in that video.handshake
jiyagill, i look for a good man, who is honest and caring for his fellows too, he can be any denomination or none,
basic decancy in being a human is more important.

I wish us both luck hug teddybear
Jiyagill You are a smart woman and it is obvious that you know the qualities of a Christian! It is so easy to condemn those Christian of transgressions instead of condemning a transgressor for impersonating a Christian. It is always entertaining to see the opposing side come out swinging at the "Christian" who is acting badly, hypocrite, Sunday Christian, Bible Thumpers, they are all the same! Perhaps the world has portrayed Christians with such darkness that most would not know a true Christian while sitting a talking to them or simply observing them! I see there are a couple of comments from individuals who know what being a Christian is about the rest seem to have false knowledge of Christianity. Am I saying that Christians are perfect and incapable of sin,,,,, by no means! I am saying if I observe repeated sinful behavior I am looking at someone other than a Christian!
God will bless you Jiyagill.
This is preciousrolling on the floor laughing
Christians can be some of the worst people around.
Absolutely Track.

I agree with you.

You only have to look at history and it is littered with Christians doing terrible things to indigenous peoples in North America, South America, Africa, the Middle East, the Indian sub continent and Australia.

'If we do not know our history, we are condemned to repeat it'. George Santayana
I grew up in a Christian home and went to church with my parents every Sunday.

My father was a drunkard and a wife beater, who despised hi children for the hardship they caused him
Oh no, from my observation here on blogs, it's only the Muslim men who treat women badly,, only those who worship Allah treat other human beings badly, the rest can do no wronguh oh laugh
Sorry LJ
Those people in the pictures are the only Real Christians I Know.

Christian Bale
Christian Slater
Hayden Christian something or another

Everyone else is just a half hour Sunday Missal martial.
Pretty much Hypocritical for the rest of the week.

The Actors in my pictures are Christians 24/7 wink
My parents and their ancestry were of the Catholic faith and look what the Catholic priest did to their alter boys.

Doesn't really make a hill of beans what religion someone follows none of them are perfect.

I agree with you, religion does not matter we all know right from wrong.

I have nothing against people who want to practice their religion, but they should not force it upon who they wish.

To the original Poster I hope you find what you are looking for, I am sure he is out there. You may have to look very hard for him though.
is it the religion or the people in them?

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