I have been abducted

I went to bed in a cold but sunny South Africa. This morning I woke up in Europe. It is raining fluff and it is white all over the place. In sunny South Africa you don't need heating as it snows only high on mountain tops. I forgot, I am living high on a mountain. Luckily the good lord gave us warm water bottles and blankets and I remembered to buy both. So think we will survive.

Wanted to post a photo but apparently I must first complete step 1...according to the message I get when I try any of the options, like design your blog and such.

I figured it out....wow...maybe my IQ is above 100 after all.applause cheering

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Don't think I'd be able to survive that.....snowglobe
Mimi....bit of a new experience to me as we never had this much snow before. Think I am going to spend most of the day in bed.
That sounds like a good idea to me! laugh laugh laugh

The fluff is still pouring down.help we going to die....we are surely going to die. Should have known living in a town founded by Brittish settlers is not a good idea.doh
Hi Ek. wave It´s absolutely beautiful! smitten

It reminds me when I lived in Germany - I do miss the snow, to some extent.

Why don´t you go out and make a snowman? You could also get a snowboard, or a sledge... or some special skis to walk around.
ekself WONDERFUL your picture is just wonderful too. instead of footsteps in the sand it could be youho in the snow applause applause applause

YouTube Impending Pole Shift - New Locations Of North & South Poles

In the vid - New Location Of The South Pole.....cold
It's Happening! IT'S HAPPENING!!!

Very romantic wink

a bit of body heat is what you need.
Daniela....must admit it is absolutely beautiful to me as well....but so bloody cold. We are not equipped for this kind of cold.laugh
Redex...have never seen so much snow in my life. It is still falling so looking more and more like some European country.
Mic.... don't get too excited it is not even a foot deep yet....about 6 inces I think.laugh
We get that white stuff falling from sky here regularly professor once every 70 years laugh as most of the population is under 70 it's fun to watch there reaction to it wine
Hi Ek, that is beautiful!
We don't get a lot of snow here either, but it is lovely when it does happen,
I can't believe it is happening there though, I'd have expected more rain than snow in that area snowed in
Non...yeah....could have been romantic as long as both keep their hands and feet warm as no one will appreciate me touching them now.laugh
Z...we get a sample once a year but this time it is the real thing. Should have taken the locals seriously when the told me it can get a meter deep here. Though it was not even remotely possible. Now I am beginning to wonder.
Molly...usually only ice rain and a bit of snow. Had about 2cm of snow last month and that was like a lot to us. Never thought it could snow so much here.
Ekself, In the years I was there I never saw snow like that, if you are warm just enjoy it, its a good excuse for hot chocolate.
Map....my first time too and I have been here all my life.

Just the right outfit for you girlie. thumbs up

Be prepared for more winters like this. As Nick said, poles are reversing. doh
this your house? looks cozy. for 2.
Ek, that looks very nice. Hope you have completed building. bouquet

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