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rose I note the offending Video has been taken down. from the Video section. Sadly,C.S. havenot deemed it offensive and it is still on the post which was drawn to my attention as I am involved in animal rights in Factory Farming.

All countries in the E.U. are prohibited from practicing 'Halal' now as it is deemed to be very cruel.

Thankfully Croatian Dept of Agriculture are bringing all farms into line [EU regulations] with regard to slaughtering
That is all I have to say. The UTUBE did nothing to convince me that this was anything more than a tawdry unprofessional killing. It was not clean by any means. As for those who posted the offending video, well I didnot post a reply on the Blog as the exercise was to shock, and stir annoyance and outrage so I am sticking to fact here. A sad day for C.S. which is why I am so glad to be off the Blogs and rarely visit.
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