Having a Colonoscopy tommorow

Not a great Blog, I have had the most dreadful pain in my stomach for some time. Having had a stomach XRAY I have been sent for a colonoscopy by a specialist. I have been on a fast for 2 days and from midday today I just drink water until the procedure/op tommorow at 2pm.

There is a lot of Bowel Cancer in my family and a sister in Kent has had growths and polyps removed form the bowel [thanks to a colonoscopy].

So, it's probably presumptuous of me, but can I ask for a little prayer from those who believe, and maybe a good vibe from those that don't.

I really want to be well, as being retired now, I spend time doing my Animal voluntary work and am selling some of my paintings too, even though I don't charge much for them [hence, not much money].

I enjoy my life, and just don't want to be sick. My wish for the Blogs here, whether on them or not, is that there be peace. I know I fight my corner when I feel attacked, and when something offends me I say it. However, anyone who has met me from C.S. can tell you, I am somebody who loves to laugh, have fun and I absolutely hate conflict and bullying and fighting.

We could still banter, disagree, but I just wish all this nastiness would stop. I will certainly do all I can to try and not 'lose it' with people who hurt my feelings.

I wish you all a Happy Sunday.


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Sending good vibes to you, GG, all the way from Malaysia! yay yay yay

Wishing you all the very best GG hug

Once this procedure is done and dusted, you'll be able to put it behind you and come back stronger than ever head banger

Oce naš,
Koji si na nebesima,
da se sveti ime Tvoje;
da dode Carstvo Tvoje,
da bude volja Tvoja,
i na zemlji kao na nebu.
Hleb naš nasušni daj nam danas;
i oprosti nam dugove naše,
kao što i mi opraštamo dužnicima svojim;
i ne uvedi nas u iskušenje,
no izbavi nas od zloga.
Jer je tvoje carstvo, i sila, i slava u vekove vekova. Amin.

Read your blog.
BEEN there - DONE that !!

What is worrying you....................
IF you have made your peace with the BIG GUY
then trust in him
& let him steer your way.

sad flower sad flower
Many thanks everyone for your kindness, well wishes and wisdom. Devodix thanks for prayer.
Yes, what ever will be , will be, it is my nerves I guess as this is my 2nd one, and I have been in bad pain.
I won't be online for a while incase anyone else is kind enough to reply so thanks to any body. I will be back Tuesday hopefully. have a lovely Sunday. thumbs up
I´ll be thinking of you.

Fight GG!!!!! My Good vibes from Spain purple heart

Smart move, GG. But some of us react interestingly to a few of the newer anesthetics. Years ago, this was a proceedure done in the office, while one was sedated, but awake. Now, perhaps to jack up the costs, patients are put under. The nursing staff all had an amused and coy look on their faces when I came to. The doc, a friend, who we sadly recently lost to cancer, later mentioned that sometimes patients say the wildest things during induction and recovery. Did I really think his nurse was so hot, especially in her bootie and legs? Aa.
wishing you all the best and may GOD keeps you in HIS loving hands.
Sending good vibes to you from Spain Goldie and some healing energy.
I'm sure you'll be ok as you're a strong woman and a fighter. teddybear bouquet
Cachuchi thanks so much, Funny, i have been praying for Spain recently after Barcelona Thanks alotthumbs up
Daniela, Stringman, Thanks so much for your kind wishes.

Altarboy, Yes, I know! they now put you out as I guess you are easier to manage that way, and of course it bumps up the cost, I was told I was giving out shit about men [pardon the pun] . Funny thing is, I actually like men and have man platonic friends who are men, and I find them very loyal. They keep secrets.

Thanks to everyone. I shall be supplementing the Sedation tommorow morning with Diazepan 10mg as I have to get a Taxi to the hospital which is a long distance away it will relax me down.
Sorry that previous reply reads like babble, the fasting is getting to me. I meant to say during my last Colonoscopy, I ranted about men whilst under the anaesthetic and the nurse was asking me what was my problem with some man? Seemingly they were all amused at my anger and the things I said, that scares me, what is the subconscious going to throw up in the middle of the procedure, what dark secret ?laugh and there will be students there as this is August . WE call it 'The killing fields' as all the new Doctors are on the wards and in the operating rooms. uh oh
Good luck with that tomorrow
Lukeon Thanks for the kind wishes, Guess being weekend, as I fast and drink the pints of fizzy stuff for preparation, I have too much time to think..and cannot leave the house.blushing

Enjoy your Sunday wine
wishing you too good sunday and luck for tomorrow.

I send warm vibes GG
Redex ~ Thanks for your good wishes. I am fasting and just saw where your runner beans are doing well. Enjoy! you cannot beat freshly grown veg. thumbs up
Hi GG,

Yes, I will definitely keep you in my thoughts an prayers.

May God bestow all good blessings to you in your surgery.

I hope and pray all turns out favorable.

cheering cheering banana banana applause applause

May God bless and be with you thru this procedure!hug
IstApril ~ many many thanks for your lovely wish.
GentleJim thanks for all those emails you send. Always interesting ! I do appreciate them and thank you for good wishes.

hole wink
Just make sure the doctor don't have both of his hands on your shoulders when you get it done.

I had one done years ago, wasn't fun but I got through it and so will you.
Track ~ Am fasting and drinking that awful stuff by the bucketfuls, cannot leave the house for obvious reasons. What a Dog day, I appreciate your kindness. Thankshug
God knows you're beautiful inside and out.Prays for your comfort.

For your nerves...a 'Lil humour.Love you.
I had one. all was good. yours will be fine too.
Hi GG,

Prayers sent for you.

How awful about the stomach pain. sad flower

Please let us know how it all turns out.

It's hard to be here for you at a keyboard, but we are.

Happy Sunday, beautiful lady.


GG, perhaps i shouldn't say this but i think you can see cancer in a person without knowing test results and from where I'm looking, i see no such illness in you and please God i am right.

I'm sure i needn't tell you my thoughts and prayers shall be with you tomorrow ....
hopefully you will get through tomorrow with little discomfort and with some news to put your mind at easehug

Ps, did you watch the mirco pill on the news the last eve?
very interesting i must say.
Ashlander, Daniela, Mojon? sorry i have forgotten the name, calmheartseeks,
Thanks for good wishes.
I love Aunty Acid.

Theres a woman in a manhole staring at me.
Duromojon thanks for kind wishes bouquet
I had a colonoscopy last Nov, along with a few other tests, my biggest problem was my fretting and worrying,doh . You re in my thoughts and prayers, and remember Stay positive.hug hug
Well every case is different and not everyone has identical physiology but I really tell my experience to as many as people I can. Because it may help some folks out there.

I had abdomen discomfort and had colonoscopy on July 2016. It came out very clean and no abnormality.
But my digestive system is not functioning right and I always didn't feel right. No appetite, acid reflux constantly, so on and on. On January this year, I had dating with my college alumni and I took the tour of the most restaurants in this capital of world entertainment, but I couldn't finish even half of every meal.

Finally I went to Costco and got 'Omeprazol' to deal with acid reflux problem but no avail. I usually take 'acid controller' which I get bulk bottle from Costco every time I have acid problem, average 2-4 a day. But still I had tummy discomfort and started having nausea also. So I went to see a doctor he ordered endoscopy and ultra sound test which came out perfect with no malignancy.

So the doctor gave me prescription of Famotidine 20 mg and Sucralfate 1 gm. It was March this year.
The next day I went to Costco and passed by the drug shelve, and happened to read the description of the acid controller. I was stunned it is "Famotidine" which doctor prescribed me a few days ago. And Famotidine is Omeprazol also. I remember it used to be prescription only but didn't realize the bulk bottle at Costco is the same one. It has to taken only two weeks, not for long term dose. But I've been taking that since it became OTC item, more than 7 years.

I shook my head and I guessed that over taking that medicine might be the cause of the problem.
So I decided not to take any medicine and let the body heal by itself. As soon as I stop taking any pill, the first week was nightmare. Constant acid reflux, no appetite, nausea, no energy in result. Two or three days a week I couldn't eat any meal, not even one meal. And I got the craving of acid pill. But I was so determined and ready to die if that wouldn't work. After 4 weeks one day I felt really hungry and I was nearly shocked to have that degree of hungry feeling. And the meal was so delicious which I never felt for last ten years or so.

I was so excited that jumped up and down all day long. Since then I have had good appetite and enjoyed the meal. But still I get acid depends on type of food and I tried a few different vegetables and celery took care of acid stomach every time I suffered. I was so excited that I tried to explain to my doctor on next follow up visit.

The doctor came into the room and greeted me and he went through the computer screen.
And he asked me "so how is your tummy now". " It is very fine and I have no problem at all."
"Good, so did you take the Famotidine?" "No, I didn't because...."
"What? Why you don't follow the instruction?" "Because....."
"Because what, you must listen and follow what I said."
I decided not to continue anymore and said "I understand, Doc."

And this not all. I had constant neck pain, insomnia, feet tingling, and a few nerve related which MRI couldn't find anything wrong. But as of now all that problems are gone. Sleep like a baby at least 7 or 8 hours, no nerve pain, etc.

These cheaply available modern medicine whether it is prescription or not becomes the cause of unidentifiable sickness while we don't realize that. And my wife is the typical case. She started back pain then developed depression. Then insomnia, acid reflux, on and on. The medication she had took was a miles long including opiod pain killers. Finally she died one day in sleep. The test after test with top modern technology couldn't figure out what my wife's problem at all.

And I was looking back all those years she had suffered, came to the conclusion that this medicine caused her pain and it took her life eventually. The beginning of the problem which was the back pain was because of the
lack of muscle on her body.
Actually my neck pain which I had over 15 years and caused insomnia also was cured by exercising for last two years. On day I woke up with no neck pain and headache. It was weird feeling. I had little doubt. But since that day I never have had the pain at all every morning. It was about the same time my tummy got better. So it wasn't sure which was the cause, but the lack of muscle makes more sense.

Then I thought about my wife and cried all day.
She didn't had to suffer all the pain if I was more stubborn and insisted having her to do exercise. I bought all equipment thinking she might need exercising to build up muscle long time ago. She never continued.
And I suggested taking leave of absence and trying get off medications. She didn't do it.
She paid all the bills the day before she died. And we were going to hiking the next day.

I am writing this for all the people who are suffering the chronic pain and disease.
It was the lesson which cost my wife's life.
So please take seriously.

Thank you for reading.
Thanks you for your sad story. I am sorry to hear about your wife dying needlessly. You have been through the Wars with Doctors.

I think they are a necessary Evil. They tend to treat the symptom and not the Dis ease.
I had reflux and lost some weight , which in my case I felt was not helping. I also took peppermint oil capsules and Peppermint Tea. It helped as did Yoga which strengthened the stomach.

I really wish you well and hope you continue to eat well, try and be stress free and stay away from Doctors until you really are in dire need. thumbs up Thanks for taking the time to write to me. hug
Humansurplus ~ Sorry, I meant to put your name before my reply.
GHOST, it's only now that I've seen this. I pray although I already commented on the postponement.

I pray my dear GG.bouquet
Wow Surplus, very touching story indeed.

Thank you so much for sharing it with us.

More information like that needs to be out there.

You can be consoled your wife had your love which buffered her pain.

I agree about doctors just treating the symptom...I wonder, is it just part of the money machine,the pressure of the drug companies...is greed enabling and initiating untold suffering and death upon many?

GG, read your tale of being told the wrong day and having to go through the cleanse again.

sad flower
Dear Golden.....Wishing you the very best of luck
All the way from Cyprus....angel
AngelTeller you are very kind and thank you, a month from now I will be doing it all again. roll eyes
Thanks for caring.
Calmheartseeks. I believe we certainly have to stand up and be pro active in our own health, it is our body.
I believe Statins, antidepressants and blood pressure meds [to take a small sample] are being doled out without first trying alternatives like say, losing weight, cutting down on certain foods, more exercise, and speaking to somebody first, before going on these drugs that have so many side effects.

Medicine is a science but unfortunately, it has been bought over by the Pharma Companies, psychiatry is a pseudo science, even more dangerous, and has been 100% bought over by the Pharma. companies.

They have managed to make every type of sadness, addiction [internet use] and anger problems in to a lack of serotonin, and other such unfounded claims.

Cheer yourself up by watching youtube videos of people after a colonoscopy, hilarious mega farts!!

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