The Art of Erotica - 01

The Art of Erotica is not about being graphic - it is about being subtle and suggestive. Though like any good piece story telling you need action, plot and believable characters.

Step one - set the scene ::

Capt Black woke to the sound of silk softly fluttering to the oak planked deck. What with a monsoon blowing in he didn't expect his China lady to make the journey from Macau this night. He smiled as her shadowed form readied herself for

"Thoc doy, tình yêu coa tôi, " she cooed, sliding between the sheets.

Black worried for Hoa Nh?, his boat and his men - for tomorrow they would likely do battle with the war Junks blocking the harbor entrance. As captain of a British frigate his orders were to Open the way to trade.

The year was 1839 and the place was China.

So are you hooked?
Do you want read more?
If so I have done my job. If not, well you can't always win.

Comments (101)

"He had no idea what the scent was, but he liked it and he liked her"....lazy

Surely, her scent reminds him of something he's smelled before.

Her scent reminded him of the warmest spring nights of his youth. So many years he spent walking through the family's blossoming orange grove or sitting under one of the trees, eyes closed, breathing in the sweetest of floral bouquets.
Methinks you have some writing talent, Gypsy. NICE.
My version:-

Capt. Black was woken by the gentle whisper of silk across his bare chest, a scent brought a smile to his face and movement in his loins, the scent he knew was his Chinese companion.

He felt her warm body slide next to his, her breasts against his chest, her leg between his, he felt her moist womanhood against his thigh, and He knew he had one last chance to taste this exotic woman before his Frigate went to war.
how about I retire from the scene and let you two take over. In truth I am in a world of pain and thus having troubles concentrating. A second truth is I would love to have a writing partner to suggest such edits. I love both of your suggestions.
OG, I'm sorry you are in pain. I really like that you are a humble intellectual. :). Not many of those around.

Thanks for the kudos. I have read a ton of erotic romances in my days. Lol

Not much I'm an expert at, but I know what turns me on. Hehehe

You take care of you. I could never write a whole novel. I'm too impatient and would not fully express the story to give it justice.

Map, that was great!
I am a minimalist writer because the first stories I created were very tight computer code back in the main frame days when every byte counted.
No need to retire at all oldguy, Erotica should be erotic, so write in a less historical way and write more describing what Gypsy said, scents, feelings and touch, the reader needs to feel drawn in and excited.

Just my opinion, I'm mad though.
Map, stay mad...
diova, Its a lifestyle choice now, I embrace the crazy and enjoy it.hug
He was a Wicked Man, she knew that instinctively..He was out to get what he could, and to hell with everyone else!..She liked a rogue, knew how to play him at his own game! Men were suckers when it came to the weaker Sex...and she had charm and a body she could use to tease, to drive even the coldest heart to burn in her presence.
Yes...she would slip under his silk sheets..and wait! Always patient, ready for the moment when even Captain Black would be helpless, all manly power lost...and he will/must succumb to the pleasures only she can give!

rolling on the floor laughing
Jazz...You have the gift!angel devil
.....peace .......rolling on the floor laughing
Jazz, that was awesome! Looks like CS has a slew of writers. :)
Erotica is one thing I could never write doh

So I'm quite happy with others writing it cool
Forgot to say it yesterday but I suppose its better late then never. wine

Welcome to the blogs. wave conversing
There is a fundamental point in erotism: subtlety

Saying without saying. Not you giving me images but you making me playing with my own imagination til we both get in the same direction, no imposition, no clues either rudeness, its -in my opinion- an extremely generous art (¿?) with a touch of fine sensitive poetry.

Keep writting if you want to Mr.Oldeguy, I´m a patient reader, like your style and by the way, you are welcome to the blogs hug

"Lady, I will touch you with my mind, touch you and touch until you give me suddenly a smile, shyly obscene" / E.E. Cummings
oldguy, yes brains are wired differently i understand that. I went to creative writing at one time and it opened my mind to different styles etc.

As you said we all read same lines with different meanings so my writing, poetry (that once was)roll eyes all had a picture attached. Some said pictures were necessary when you could not do it with words!!!! just a humbug i thought, as i wanted reader to see my vision of words meanings.

Oh it gets complicated doesnt itgrin I could never write erotica or a love scene that is played out in my head-----i would blushing But i like art i can put myself in that place blushing

Keep writing oldguy non of us is too old to learn and by the rest of the comments you are onto something a few folk have written a piece.

My print by Klimt my sons bought me for my 50th and had it framed i will bring pic down its called the kiss and is one thing although large travels with me wherever i go. teddybear

This is drawn from the internet, but that is my picture which is hung above my bed wherever i go. One day it will fall and knock me out laugh laugh teddybear
Red, that's the Klimt I had hanging in my feng shui love corner for a long time. :). I need to do that again. Hehehe.
okay, I am taking this to the next level. Instead of discussing to write Erotica, I am publishing Dusty, a story line containing a fair amount of Erotica. Look for Dusty 001 on this web site.
Laying down story background is hard work for an author. Laying out a coherent universe can be tedious and long. They call it backstory and weaving it into the story line in non boring fashion is the difference between a good writer and a hack.

Okay we are three segments into Dusty and in truth, still laying down backstory.

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