So I get to the Hospital having Fasted for 48hours and....

Well, I was dizzy and weak, felt dehydrated having spent 3 days on a 60% fast and 24hours on a full fast.
I rang the Ward where I was to have my little 'procedure I just wanted to know could I possibly have a cup of Blalck TEA before I came in at lunchtime for the operation.

She asked my name and went away.... only to come and tell me, that I am not down for today due to a backlog [just as well I phoned !!] , and that it has been postponed to the 28th September.frustrated

So hold your prayers and good wishes.

All that fasting for nothing .
frustrated Going to have scrambled egg with cheese in it on Toast. Thanks everyone who wished me well.


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Merely fasting, GG? No delightful, delicious colonic purge near gallon of yucky crap to drink, and to blast out, feeling as if in a cholera epidemic? But interesting that a woman who likes men should have periods while unconscious where she badmouths us. Says a lot about the dreamwork, as Freud said long ago. Glad you are doing it all though. Aa.
Alter ~ I respect Freud for discovering the subconscious but he did not like women either, a middle class man who could not cure his own severe Agoraphobia. He also treated a psychiatrist who was a manic depressive despicably and even stole a lot of her Notes on Psychiatry and claimed them as his own.

Then the 'p*nis Envy' anyway yes, I cannot deny that, but at the time I was breaking up with my partner of some years so there was a lot of sadness and pain and undeniably anger. Hands up.

So now, having intestines etc., that feel they have been cleaned out with a scouring pad and bleach, I make the best of today.

On the plus side, I feel clean inside as well as outside and perhaps I will have to look on it as being an involuntary De Tox, albeit a nasty sort of one since I spent most of yesterday in the loo. Too much information.blushing
Aaltarboy I meant to say you look like Jack Nicholson in your new profile pic.
Altar, had to laugh I have that concoction and it makes life interesting. The last time the nurse asked if it was clear as the doctor needs to be able to see. My response was if he can't see through that he's blind, I've kept out the expletives.
GG, E. Well, some do think I'm a little touched, as some of JN's characters. Doctors see much, but the best of us listen more than we speak, and feel/intuit with our charges. Yes, SF had his downsides. Some, in fairness, were related to the era he lived in. But his focus on unconscuius processes, although his take has since been superceeded, was progress at the time. Few men of his world had much respect for women. Think of when suffrage came about. But for me, his worse influence was his formal method of psychoanalytically oriented "treatment". Little evidence of effctiveness, and in some ccasees, actual harm, and not only to the client's pocketbook. Aa.
I'm praying GG. I'm sorry for the postponement after your preparation.

Just be here with us becauseI love your presence and company.
LindsyJones ~ Thanks for the compliment, I love your company on here too , and thanks again for your good wishes. thumbs up
AAltar ~ I agree with you about psycho analysis. It iscostly [here it costs literally thousands. Word association etc., I have read S.F. s books 'The interpretation of Dreams' and others and I think psychoanalysis is not an effective method, no more than Neuro Linguistic Therapy, the latest findings would seem to prove that Reality Therapy and CBT [in it's modern form] along with mindfulness and working on the here and now of what life made you, is very effective, but the Therapist has to enter into a genuine relationship with the patient /client to make it work.

Anyway I am sure Sigmund would have had his own thoughts on Colonoscopies and an*l retentives who do not respond to the Cleak 'Prep' medications and have to be sent home as they are not 'clean enough' laugh
Emmy1 Having been to France, and been in love with a frenchman, I always admired the french for their manners and courtesy...
You just came onto my blog, never even addressing me, or my topic, and spoke to AAltar.

Very very bad manners scold
September the 28th? that's a month from today.

and I thought European have better services. but anyway

you'll be just fine.
Duromojon ~ you thought we had better services? We had a 'specialist' from the 3rd world look at our Health care crisis here some months ago, and he likened it to the Third World, infact, it can be worse if you are not in a position to pay large sums , or have very good health insurance, the poor wait and wait to see specialists, up to 3 years in certain cases, the elderly and children.

The Trolly situation where people are left for days is getting worse.... Sorry to disapoint you. sigh
damn! not going to Europe anytime soon.

maybe, never again.
Duromojon ~ Awww please come to Ireland, just do not get sick, They say Cuba is the best place to get sick if you are poor, great health care. thumbs up
Any postponement in most procedures, be it from bird watching to buying essentials, is utterly frustrating. Usually there is a good reason for it that will become clear after some time.thumbs up

I had one 4 years ago. all fine. you'll be fine. what I don't like

is the time you had to wait now, a month.
Golden, that's good news! Means they must not be too worried that you have cancer. Would seem imprudent to wait another whole month if there was a likelihood that you have a critical condition.

Maybe the cleanse will help your stomach pains to go away.
Been there, done that. I am inclined to suggest doctors pay an inconvenience fee to their client.patient.
Hi GG, having it postponed is a reall bummer but there is nothing you can do about it so?
Grin and bear it wave
Sorry to hear that you have to go through more tests. I hope all goes ok for you at the end of September (which is a long time away if you are feeling sick). hug bouquet
GGbouquet hug

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