Does your face suit you?

ever think beautiful people have ugly faces and beautiful people have ugly personalities???
sadly i think so often that's the case around here, however after being taken in by a sweet gentle face i'm happy to see she decided to upload her picture that most suits her welll.....

you have a heart of stone, fair play Redex ..finally you wear your face well wine

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I'm pretty ugly inside and out uh oh
Track, i won't argue with you there.... uh oh

Only joking of course hug lol
rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
Amazing how the most thick will laugh at most anything doh
Hah ouch!...
Hello Itchy,hug I ve always thought a Smile can make the ugliest of faces Beautiful.
Old Yorkshire saying
"It's better to be thought a fool that to open your mouth and remove all doubt"

So blab away itchy

My face suits me. I never wear make up. What you see is what you get or not.

The only person showing themselves up to be "ugly" is yourself.

Totally unnecessary blog.

Now, you can personally attack me, if you like.

Do as you wish.

I won't be responding.
I need 'help' in order to look even half decent!

I recently had false eyelashes glued to my eyelids to make my eyes look bigger.

I have to regularly go for face massage and treatment coz I have very bad complexion due to bad acne outbreak when I was a teenager.

I sometimes photoshopped my profile pics, to make me looked as though I have flawless skin and bigger eyes.

I don't have a double chin. I have 'triple' chin! rolling on the floor laughing
Mimi, make your eyes seem bigger by wearing magnifying glasses or standing behind a fish tank
Itchy ~ Welcome back and lovely to see you. A lovely smile can make the 'ugliest' of faces seem beautiful. Beauty comes from within.

Some people suffer 'Body Dysmorphia' as in, they think they are ugly and no therapy will cure that, and then in reverse, this Dysmorphia is somebody who thinks they are beautiful when in fact they are very plain.

Seems here regardless of looks , you will be attacked for standing up to bullies and putting them in their place.
So it is futile, people do not change. You will just get attacked ITchy.

Looking forward to seeing you in Galway soon.

I thumbs up
Mimi You are always putting yourself down. You have a lovely Oriental face. I enjoy your photos and you are lovely inside and out. thumbs up
Well now Miss Itchywitchy, I think my a** looks better than you'r 'ugly hard looking face', lol.
LibertyTrust ~ What is it with you Kiwi s, you aint Mr. Universe yourself and you are only young. I have met Ms. Itchy and I can assure you, she is one hot lady with a beautiful face. Many of us don't take good photos.

Itchy is a mother, she works also, is kind, fair and speaks her mind. She [like me ] has bully boys and bullies in general. Telling a woman her face is hard. Nasty !

Go take a look at your own.laugh
Liberty trust

Last time I checked Hastings ans Nelson were on different islands of New Zealand

Perhaps I missed some climatic or other disaster to change things ?
Tah all for your thoughts and comments here wine
Tah all for the private mail concerning this blog tongue

and Tah to you my wonderful ...... thing bouquet

The night i brought out this blog our beloved Redex was asleep, or conked out but whatever...
early the following morning she brought out two blogs ... one without seeing this blog and the other, afterwards.

The first one was the usual " oh look at me what a nice wonderful cheerful little woman i am"
but very quickly she changed that imagine to being a grieve stricken woman instead.

Even Clark Kent couldn't change that quickly when becoming superman.

Now my question to you Redex is why was the blog about your friend not the first one?

Could it be you lied to make me look bad picking on a grieve stricken woman?

Poor Redex, hasn't she enough to deal with in the real world without any harassment from me and my this here blog... but with all the private mails i received i didn't respond to any and why...i had my reasons, which don't matter to me anymore.

When the morning comes Red, i'd like an answer to both my questions...
but to be quiet honest... i don't really expect any.
beautiful is only skin deep, ugly is all the way to the bone. grin
There there Smoker comfort

Mr String, whats the bets it was an ugly person that came up with that saying roll eyes

could be.laugh
"Some Peoples Faces"

"Definetely.......... Match Their Actions...................detective
Mr String, just like it was a freckle faced person that came up with...
" freckles is a sign of beauty" doh

The things we come up with in order to make us feel good about ourselves... laugh
That is so true Nam uh oh

So its a good thing for me I've got me big teddy to hide behind giggle

Night now me and teddy are off to bed wave

"Im Sure ill Pay For This But"


"Is A Lot Better Than"


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