The outcome of my dumped Black Kitten

I am aware many people hate Cats.
However since I work voluntarily in Animal welfare, when a tiny little mite was dumped on main road outside my cottage, shivering and sick, I had to take it in.

It is a male, 6 months old [vet thinks ] approx, and not as young as it looks due to malnutrition.

So having had it cleaned up, intravenous antibiotics. I went to collect yesterday, eye infection gone, mange under control and it has had everything done done to ensure it is healthy.

It was heaven to take it home yesterday in the little Cat Box and I have managed to train already [litter tray for now ] Cats are naturally clean.

It's heartwarming to see him, [no name yet] playing on the Cat post, playing with just anything that moves and eating the best Catfood [from the Vets] and so affectionate and happy. cats meow

So glad I was there to find it as God knows what would have happened it on the busy main road.

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Lovely, and he's a lucky boy GG grin

Yesterday while working in my front garden I spotted a little furry creature across the road looking lost blues

She was so small I thought she was a cat but she was a gorgeous pup with cream and apricot fur and she gave a delighted yip when I approached her conversing

I picked her up and took her home much to the delight of my 18 month old furboy laugh but then drove her to the local vet as someone must have been missing her badly blues

After some time, they reluctantly took her (her microchip showed her address as miles away... maybe the owners have moved here or were visiting) but I felt good in knowing that little girl was safe and off the streets.
How lovely Goldie. smitten

Hope you´ll enjoy him as long as you can. I haven´t had much luck with mine as they ended up getting run over - and one was poisoned!

The trouble you get attached to this little bundle that you´ve rescued....sigh

No more cats for me (I´ve had 4 since living in Spain). Cats are free spirits and it´s not fair to keep them in.
I meant to say, why don´t you post a pic? Then we could choose a name? wink
Had i of known you were looking for a cat GG I would of sent you mine.

I've done everything to be rid of him and at this stage I've given up thinking i ever will ...
its kind of spooky how much he and my ex have so much in common uh oh

My own personal feelings aside......
hope your little new found friend brings you much joy wine
Serene ~ isn't it funny how we both were there at the same moment to save a wandering little bundle.
I am so glad you brought it to the Vet. At least it was microchipped so somebody cared about it.
My guess is, it could have been stolen? and then dumped if somebody panicked? maybe not.

Either way, a good days work. thumbs up thumbs up
Daniela I know, I went through hell when my favourite Cat ever got knocked down on the main road. Cats being predatory, will do their own thing regardless of where they live. There is a river across the road with interesting Mice and Rats and it is a magnet for Cats.

The only thing is, there are so many Cats and kittens needing homes that all the charities, Cats Aid, and the ISPCA are in undated with abandoned Cats.

I can offer shelter, fun, a warm cosy home and when I have him neutered, he won't be quite as adventurous and hopefully won't cross the road.

I will socialise this little fella and if somebody could offer it a better home, in a quieter area although I have a large garden, plenty of wildlife around here. Sorry about your Cats. It is heart wrenching.

One of my cats in my last home was poisoned with a piece of fish wrapped up and tied with string. I came home from work to find it foaming and it was horrific, I had to have it put down by my lovely Vet who was just as angry over it. We both reported it, and I have strong suspicions but no proof. sad flower cats meow
Itchy, your poor old cat is un re houseable, he loves living there. He is getting older so be kind to him/her.
All he asks is his food, somewhere to sleep. A little bit of love. please...cats meow
You're a cat lover GG I'm not, I've tried to be but all cats are evil and with what the cat has most recently taking to doing he has got to be the most evil of them all very mad

I've decided to stop feeding him with the hope he will go away.....
to wishful thinking wine

I am happy that you saved the cat.

I have a couple of names for it. It is black. How about Charcoal? The cat is lucky to have you. How about Lucky?

Just some thoughts.thumbs up
You shouldn´t play god GG, the little scuzz ball should´ve been left on the road for the number 32 bus to deal with

why are you such a jerk!!!! You sound like another jerk who use to be on here....tenner!very mad
Poor cat. Don't look like its luck is gonna change any time soon
Why are you spitting hate GentlemanJim? I suppose you´re about 4 foot tall in your platforms, am I right?
I think in Europe cats are more popular than dogs.cats meow
GentleJim, thanks ! I had a cat called 'Lucky' and poppy, [another black Cat], I've decided to call him 'Vladamir' after our head of State. It's a nice Eastern European name, well Russian origin. Thanks for all your emails, they are always cheerful and informative.hug cats meow
Gentle Jim, sorry, our leader is Leo Varadkar, I was thinking Putin it's shorter than Vladamir.
MidnightCboy ~ Well you obviously don't have much trust in my skills as a pet owner. I've lots of experience, the Cat will be more than well looked after, and allowed a free rein to be 50% wild as in, not going to molly coddle it and keep it indoors.
Duromojon ~ I would disagree, [with respect]. Cats are much maligned and associated with witchcraft. Many view them as vermin. Many European countries are more Dog centred.

I do love Dogs and they do give unconditional love. I do have a soft spot for cats, and again, it is how you bring them up. cats meow
Lucky kitten.

2 days ago A 16-year-old boy in Msholozi, Mpumalanga province of South Africa recently walked 4km to save his dog's life. Treasure Magagula saw a puff adder snake, which is highly venomous, bite his dog Nick in the face. He immediately picked up the dog and carried him on foot for 4km to the nearest vet for medical help. Read more:

The dog looks as though its been in a bar fight...laugh
in England cats are very popular.
I disagree with you there GG scold
you can bring a cat up with much kindness and care and still he will turn on you and eat you too.. dogs wouldn't.

I am big enough to k--- y--- a--! Why don't you grow up? scold
GentleJimSlip, you have small man syndrome, I don´t even know you and you say dumb stuff because you don´t like my cat comment. Nobody likes cats!
Lukeon Thanks, that' a beautiful story. What an owner, and one lucky Dog, Gosh it does look awful. I hope the Vet did something for the poor dog. Feel good stories like this make such a difference from false news and Sad stories. thumbs up
Itchy ~ I am biased as I have had Cats since a very young girl [about 6]. I've had Ferals [very wild] and tamed them with love and patience , mostly strays too. Never been badly scratched or bitten.

I guess you are either a Cat lover or not. I have no fear of them, I like the wildness in them and the fact that they will never be 100% domesticated and are natural hunters. wine
Duromojon ~ Having been born in the U.K. I agree with you there, the Brits are mainly a Cat loving race.
It's weird, people are ambivalent about Dogs, but Cats, they are either hated or adored, there is no in between with our feline friends. cats meow My X adored Cats, and Dogs, [all animals really] so that part of the relationship really was great.
GG, when my uncle was dead in his bedroom the cats he had loved and cared for so long ate the face from him .. A reason I can't stand cats and what my one has recently taking to doing .. his evil ways sicken me to the pit of my stomach barf
Itchy ~ I am really sorry to hear that. Awfully upsetting for you and the relatives. Unfortunately, whereas a dog would pine beside it's owner and starve to death, cats are 50% wild and 50% domesticated. If they are hungry they would eat flesh. I have [and many Ambulance men /paramedics ] will tell you that sometimes when an old person dies, the Cat lies on the persons chest, in grief and attacks them if they try and take the dead person away.

So, In your case, i can understand why you have the feelings you do, again, it is horrific and I am so sorry to hear you had that awful experience.
Thanks GG, you didn't know hug
it was some years ago but often I'm reminded of it because of what my cat has recently started doing.

All going right i think i may of found a new home for him back in Connamara thumbs up

I resue black

They are often abandoned and the least likely to be adopted...good for you to rescue that poor Emmy was taken in at three years old...a bit feral but good company...just been to Las Vegas for a week...she (Emmy) really missed

My cat does enjoy my company...just needs reminding is all...laugh

Hope all is
LouLou cats meow There is a online Group for lovers of Black Cats with some great photos. Yes, I'm aware that the shelters and ISPCA [here in Ireland] have great difficulty finding homes. They are associated with witches.

I love pure black Cats, especially when they have Amber /Brown eyes, adorable ! I have found Cats to be affectionate, fun, intelligent, and they rule the roost. Glad there is another Cat lover [and Black Cat lover ]
on C.S. thumbs up
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