Who Needs Honesty?

Who needs honesty? Who needs innocent love? Everybody just talks and talks and writes and writes! So many many people pretend that they are searching for love, honesty, loyalty, kindness, and things like these. But they lie. They feel they need these. They are wrapped in material desires and then they long for love and honesty. When honesty is revealed, they are going to die!
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yeah ok ... don't even know what to tell you

no offense, but for some reason it just seems really harsh to shed everybody in the same category

some people actually do want honesty, loyalty, friendship, trust and all - these are the foundations of a true committed relationship
You look and talk soo much like my roomie, it's almost scary.
"neamae"! Let's be silent and let categories be organized!
So which type are you Redrose? The honest one or the liar? My sensing that your answer is you are the honest type?
Can one actually be that honest to admit to others that he/she is a liar?
have a great day! grin
That's David Gower taking over your half fcae...
Hey Kasih! I am a liar.
It is not a lie to write these things or to want them no one wants to hear your whole life's history and problems all at once or the first meeting or the 2nd or 5th date maybe tell me a little over time and then tell me you have to have surgery or you have to go to court for what ever or you need 10,000 to get out of debt or what ever our truths are we all have them but with a little discretion and a foundation of love and trust and honesty we can find a way to deal with it all if not before then after you say I Do. And for the record honesty, loyalty,kindness, are not material desires they are of the soul and spirit angel
I'm honestheart wings
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