Under The Red CS Moon

The stars aligned and it happened.

Under the red moon, they came from every corner of the globe. Asians; Americans; Africans and Europeans.

They  met in a small Spanish restaurant in a small Spanish town to prove that culture and ethnicity didn't matter a damn , friendship is more important.

 The young pretty Asian with the long eyelashes was even bubblier and funnier than ever.
Her adoring American was friendly, chatty  and convivial.

The diminutive Spanish firebrand was as impish and gregarious as ever.

The Englishman took everything in, and just threw  in his tuppence worth whenever he wished. No change there.

The South African was relieved to have arrived even if her pu**y wasn't so enamoured. She dealt with it all stoically and good humouredly as usual.

The other American joined in the conversation easily. Just don't expect him to walk far without  caffeine running through his veins.

The Irish one avoided the dreaded cameras as only she can do.

The missing Rhodesian joined the party via video chat. Nobody was left out.

Many hours were spent chatting and laughing under the red  CS moon.
That is what it's all about.

Comments (76)

wonderba yes for sure the lady landed and with pu**y intacked laugh laugh laugh

Now for the holiday plans cheering cheering cheering
Young pretty Asian you said? What's that about? Who's she?
Now that's romantic. The red moon was romantic... and the awaited desires were fulfilled
Red, yes it is still intact wink

Tenner, she was taller than i expected though grin

Ish, i wrote the clean version cool You can add your own take on it wink
I've got a feeling that someone organised a multi-ethnic/multi-cultural orgy and I wasn't informed.
I saw no stoicism so am taking the whole blog with a giant pinch of salt and so should all readers scold

Titch and Stretch were as good as ever. Bubbles was fantabulous, even bubblier than expected. Love her to bits. Ginger was caught stroking a strange man's leg. Her excuse - she thought it was her dog well, puhleeze. The woman is stupid. The men got an occasional word in.

The moon was pretty awesome.


There are photos of Stretch. Slightly blurred, mind. Looking forward to seeing how many if any make it on to the blog. There's at least one of Ginger which could cause a murder if published. There will be no wondering whodunit.

I left out the leg stroking in case three were any sensitive souls reading grin

I thought your flighty pu**y was enough to take so early in the day devil
said pu**y ran wild though up the roadwow wow now whats this about leg stroking wow

I am missing out moping

Well, that's good no? Makes you feel less, ermm, lets say, outstanding or standingout. grin
Tenner, i neither stand out nor am outstanding

And care even less about either cool
Over a year and I finally got to squeeze her arse.

The Englishman was saving his breath to blow into the machine the policeman, inevitably driving at 2am. held in front of him , he said, in English having realised how bad the Englishman's Spanish was, "drink?", to which the obvious reply, when talking to an armed policeman is "No thanks, I just had one", at which point he produced his breathaliser uh oh wow
Ish, but you were disappointed crying
doh rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
Z, you should have bribed them with curry powder professor
Not really . I just remembered it bigger it was so so spectacular. No its a nice handful to squeeze. Are you coming over tonight. I want another squeeze
ish wow molly wow doh am i missing somethin AGAIN rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
Z surprised you weren't locked up, so rowdy and boisterous as you were, had to be poured into your car.


The cat is philosophical about losing a life or two.
Molly,it was just luck he didn't search the car wow the police are normally convinced any Brit driving at night is a drug mule, can you imagine if he'd found the bag of unmarked powder from Malaysia help laugh
Is that mols's arse? She's rounder than I anticipated. Irish women tend to have flat bottoms unlike their Mediterranean counterparts. mm...
8sh, no more bum grabbing tonight professor

I'm going to a lesbian pool party

Hang on, maybe i should take back that first sentence uh oh laugh
I copped a feel too. She's promised to build it up a bit.

By the way I was hypnotised by Titch's cleavage. Since this blog has taking a slightly sordid turn.

But it got no more sordid than that. Scouts honour.
Z, you lost out on a free prostrate exam so mumbling

Biff, there was cleavage in my face everywhere i turned help
Ok auction time, once in lifetime opportunity to own your personal copy of a non blurry Molly photo, I shall be taking bids in £50 increments & it has a high reserve as obviously I'll have to leave the country professor Strictly cash in unmarked notes in a bag with no tracking device motorcycle
I have one of Biffs pu**y
I'm bidding a grand if you toss in a pair of her knickers with the picture. laugh
Z! wow wow

Leave the country???

You should have waited until there were commercial flights to Mars very mad

Tenner She dosent wear knickers
10, that could be arranged........as long as I can find out where the lesbian pool party is being held, i know for sure it's not here........unfortunately frustrated

Molly, I did think as I typed the comment just leaving the country may not be far enough uh oh
Ish, you felt that ? conversing
Z I'm going with you. I have a nice dress that should fit you, might not cover all your butt but you will be fine
Z. I mean to the lesbian bar. Not going to leave the country
9k, that's Z and Ish gone

Who else? devil
Ish moping so I'll have to unpack my suitcase doh
Ish, lesbian pool party clothing etiquette doesn't require butt-covering grin
A scene worth beholding in person. Maybe I should do some research and hop down there in person. Check out why this mols babe is still playing the darn brat. mumbling


She don't don't she?! Rather interesting, one has to admit. Very interesting.
Ive just peeled a mango with just my teeth, whilst lying on the beach.

I am quite proud of myself laugh
Tenner is going to drool now thinking of you on the nudist beach . Nibbling on a mango, juices going all over your body.
Ish, it's true ..the juce did run everywhere! laugh
"PLAY NOW: Little Mess"(meet us in the games)

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