Under The Red CS Moon

The stars aligned and it happened.

Under the red moon, they came from every corner of the globe. Asians; Americans; Africans and Europeans.

They  met in a small Spanish restaurant in a small Spanish town to prove that culture and ethnicity didn't matter a damn , friendship is more important.

 The young pretty Asian with the long eyelashes was even bubblier and funnier than ever.
Her adoring American was friendly, chatty  and convivial.

The diminutive Spanish firebrand was as impish and gregarious as ever.

The Englishman took everything in, and just threw  in his tuppence worth whenever he wished. No change there.

The South African was relieved to have arrived even if her pu**y wasn't so enamoured. She dealt with it all stoically and good humouredly as usual.

The other American joined in the conversation easily. Just don't expect him to walk far without  caffeine running through his veins.

The Irish one avoided the dreaded cameras as only she can do.

The missing Rhodesian joined the party via video chat. Nobody was left out.

Many hours were spent chatting and laughing under the red  CS moon.
That is what it's all about.

Comments (76)

mollu ish rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
Seems that the closed eyed stiff Rhodesian got away lightly with the evenings shenanigans, He did get to see everyone looking rather fabulous and is confused about the €5.00 request the Honorable Gentleman greeted me with, in old days "hello" was used. Next time bureaucratic will not stand in my way.
At least no clothes were harmed professor
Map, Z seems to be on a moneymaking mission mumbling
Molly, Z does, and his €5 will be paid, however regarding the photo, I hereby offer all my properties including contents, Id say value around a fecking lot.
I'll have to take out one of those injunctions famoua people do to stp their photos from being distributed mumbling
zmountainman forgot all monies going to old folks charity grin I will manage it for him laugh laugh

I will come out to watch said auction expensis paid of coursepeace peace
Well, I'm turning my mango juiced body over to baste the other side

So signing off for a while.
Map,unpaid gambling debts from the last meet professor if you recall you wanted to make it more professor But Donald being elected has only cost you a fiver professor laugh
Z, was distracted by the comment above yours, pm your paypal details and I shall settle my long forgotten debt with some interest.
Molly now that's something worth seeing . The sun shining on your butt
Congrats,you've made Blogland green,with envy.rolling on the floor laughing ISH.
Ish, before i go to my LPP , a word of advice.

Don't dunk the nuts for too short a time, they'll be too hard.

But too long and they'll be too soft

Like a teabag.
Sounds like a lot of fun! I'm trying to organize "Petra Meet Up" but nobody seems to be interestedlaugh
Crazy, you'd want all the men to yourself laugh

what? who? me? hell no!

I have one here, I can barely keep up with himdoh laugh
I never got an invite, otherwise I would sent back my RSVP (never really knew what rsvp meant) drinking
Sounds colourfully fascinating. wine
Pssst Molly, I'm no longer young. Had my 44th birthday many months ago wink

Of course, if compared to my Arty, I'm still a spring chicken laugh

Zman, glad everything went ok. Did get a bit worried when I heard of your ordeal when we were having breakfast this morning. If the cops ever confiscate the mysterious looking powder from Malaysia, you can rest assure the cruiser would be smelling of that powder in days to come!

It was absolutely lovely to have met Biff, Molly, Ishtar and Zman in real life, finally! yay
Had the most wonderful time last night. Got to do the reunion with Molly

Hope to see my friends again in the future but.......must get my Arty to come out of retirement and work two jobs to support all the upcoming travels! rolling on the floor laughing
Spain does magic ...I know what I'm saying. I´m glad you have had such a wonderful time on your get together

cheering wine
Hola Cachuchi applause

Spain is magical indeed.

Thought we would not be able to meet due to some uncertainties but very very happy we managed to get together. It's amazing to be able to meet in person my favourite people on CS.

I hope to meet them again and my other favourites ( scattered all over! )
Good things happen to good people Mimi heart beating that´s the way it works wink
Titch, I'll buy that pic of my cat if it's a good one. He seems determined to run through his 9 lives asap.
Thanks for the share about the meet up.

When are u guys posting pics and vlogs.

Biff the photo is blurred. Your pu**y isn't easy to catch.
Home to cooler air and cloudier sky, to remind me to get bsck to reality.

Unpacked colour and curry from Malaysia, and laundering bikinis to be put away for the next sunshine break.

Some photos were taken during the meet, so hopefully in time, they will be put up by the others. Seemingly Z is still heavily involved in an auction though mumbling

...back to the boggy plains of soggy Hibernia. No more showing off her arse from now on.
My arse was well covered in front of all CSers, I'll have you know! snooty
doh oh goodness how slow am i I GET YOU KNOW doh i am sad at catching on.

sounds like you all had good time cheering cheering cheering
@ Red confused
I didn't think i was writing in riddles laugh
nope but thats what i was kooking for roll eyes rolling on the floor laughing

Now i have to go through blog again now that i get it doh doh i need looking after rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
I'm trying to reach Bubbles to thank her but I'm blocked by her filters. Curses.

Lovely Bubbles please message me I don't have skype on this computer xx
Ish I refuse to sound like Mrs Slocum. scold

I'd say bubbles is ,a king Spanish babies rather than being on here at the moment, Biff laugh
,a king = making doh
Fiona_9: "First Sunday of Advent"(meet us in the puzzles)

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