love making you weaker

I recently heard this in a show I was watching.

In a cut-throat world, being in love only makes one weaker. What do you think?

It was really difficult, I was either going to blog about this or about something a friend of mine told me about last night.....the scurvy pirate. confused rolling on the floor laughing

As a twister, take a guess which one I blogged about. grintongue

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"Love makes one weaker?" Is that the same thing as being WHIPPED? uh oh
So you're in love?grin


so you fancy being whipped?laugh
In a cut-throat world Robert, that could mean being whipped and perhaps far worse. dunno
I don't agree with that Johnny

No surprise there tongue

Losing love can make you feel weaker.

But love itself makes you feel stronger.
Not exactly CH....but one may even want to be more careful when finding "love." depressing. I was really figuring the curiousity of the scurvy pirate would trump love. rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

I think you would "love" the scurvy pirate CH. rolling on the floor laughing tongue

But, lets remember the context here....cut-throat world.

I think the rational behind that statement was that a person's loved one could become a tool of manipulation by some outside evil force.

I've been away for many so I have no idea what was going on here and the scurvy pirate?doh

Have a lot of reading to do here to understand what you're talking about...

As for love...yeah, it does make me weak, specially from waist downdoh
I don't mind being a little p***y-whipped, as long as I'm getting some from my future ex-wife, mistress, online girlfriend, out of town girlfriend and in-town massage girlfriend. grin
CH....I have not been reading too much into the drama here myself. If you find out what is going on here with the blogs, perhaps you could blog about it? laugh

Yes....weak in the knees does happen....when o*gasm rythyms are in place. dunno laugh
Talk about being whipped Robert.....I had the strangest thing happen to me....I woke up with the song by John Conlee in my head....Rose Colored Glasses. confused Talk about being whipped. laugh

Do you really want to know about the scurvy pirate? It is x rated. grin

I'm scanning some blogs...holy cow!wow lots of dirty laundry, ladies in their 50s wearing strap on...lots of bitching going on here nowadays...and what I found fun is the age of the members engaging in such nastiness, I'm glad I stayed away for a whilelaugh

now, back to the rhythm of ...o*gasm? When was the last time you had a glorious one?wink

Talking about Pirates and men at sea. I remember when the cartoon Popeye would often say, "Whoa! Blow me down!"

I wonder what he meant by that. hijack (disregard what his sign says. Just wanted to get a pirate on here)
That's probably the case. Then again, this idea of love is simply another way people try to confirm. My pal has a gf or bf so that's what I'm supposed to do so I don it. Same with having kids. Why do people have the little buggers? To change nappies n clean their shite? It's the herd mentality. We're cattle. Appalling. :shrugs:
Oh boy CH....the dirt on the blogs lately. doh laugh
laugh Robert....I am sure it is something dirty. The scurvy pirate has something to do with that phrase...argggg. laugh
"Find what you love and let it kill you" Charles Bukowski

...just hope will make it slow and pleasantly cool
An ex-GF once told me, "Rob, why come every time you fall in lust, your pants pitch a tent in the crouch area?"

I wasn't comprehending what she was talking about. My mind was somewhere else. Maybe in the gutter. beer
and you haven't answered my questionscold
K....because everyone wants to hear about the scurvy. I know....scurvy and pirates are no laughing matter. So, it really is not funny.

Here it is...

You are doing a woman from behind.
The man pulls out and then fakes an o*gasm.
The clincher is, he spits on her back.
When she turns around.
He blows his wad in her eye.
She then goes.....arggggg.

dunno laugh
Gee Johnny,

that is x-rated stuff there about the scurvy pirate thing. You know, there could be children, animals and people who pretend to be innocent reading this blog. blues
K....gotta run for a moment.

be back in a moment.


CH....can't wait to answer you. grin ....and robert,coch,10...:)
OK, Johnny...f*ck I have some sewing to do here...and laundry not done yet...this blog is distracting medoh

I think you watch way to much TV. Johnny laugh
Nice observation Sim....there are much beautiful things that come from love. However, in a world with no morals, no is a tough thing to find.


A great precise saying....of course generally speaking here, it would seem that the environment in which love exists does play a role. If nobody respected your love, would there not be constant fight and struggle?


Robert, it sounds like your mind was out camping. rolling on the floor laughing

I thought I answered your question. wink

Don't go to working stinking tomorrow. scold grin


Don't let this stupid blog distract will only make you less.....laugh ....something....dunno laugh

Actually, I really do not watch a lot of tv. I love the Detroit Lions, and they are on right now. grin I just recently got addicted to Game of Thrones. Everyone has been talking about it so I had to check it out. That is where I heard that statement. I suppose, you might be right though....only if I didn't watch that. laugh

...if it was :" -Is lovemaking making you weaker ? " I could see a slite possibillity it would... at least for half an houer...

cool wine
Yes, in that case (someone doesn´t respect my love) I supposed the option is run away and do not stay....that´s what my logic would say but again, I just loved once, there is no much I can say dunno
The vulnerability of the present trusting of each other both must be. Good point Viking, each would be weaker at that moment. The forming of a bond....unless one is just fulfilling a selfish lust.

laugh wave
Cach, that is very attractive to just loving once. :)

If our whole planet just loved each other, harmonious monogamy relationships would thrive. :)
Funny coming from a pirate with an eye patch. I believe the Order of satisfaction was a bit skewed.
Explicitly -she was pre-loaded for round two.He was uh, not strategic in his he cross-eyed. rolling on the floor laughing
Love doesn't wait,once it's perched on your shoulder.hijack Aarrrggg.
Ash...she turned out being the scurvied he was the strategic genius. rolling on the floor laughing wave
In a cut throat world, love makes you stronger Johnny. Because there can't be love without trust.

Oh no! I changed my mind.laugh

May be I am weaker because I depend, rather trust someone to look out for my throat.

Don't confuse me.doh scold

" It's very attractive to just loving once. :)
If our whole planet just loved each other, harmonious monogamy relationships would thrive. :)"

Johnny! wow

None of us would be here if we weren't hoping to find love a 2nd time!
Not sure about that...
Johnny! True it is, that love make weaker us! That why we pretend o*gasm in bed! rolling on the floor laughing
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