love making you weaker

I recently heard this in a show I was watching.

In a cut-throat world, being in love only makes one weaker. What do you think?

It was really difficult, I was either going to blog about this or about something a friend of mine told me about last night.....the scurvy pirate. confused rolling on the floor laughing

As a twister, take a guess which one I blogged about. grintongue

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Hello Usha,

I get what you are saying and you are right. Hmmm, depending on your loved one....not so far fetched. I can see where that would make somebody weaker. laugh But, not a bad thing either. So far our world is not totally cut throat.


I find it attractive that she does not seem to be some sort of serial dater. She knew what she wanted initially, fell in love, and made it work. It sounds to me that she valued love and did not just squander it time after time. But you are right Molly....there are many here looking for second love. There are probably some others looking for love for the 4+ time.

I know Molly, this depends on the situations with people. But, would you rather marry a guy who has been only married once, or would you rather marry a guy who has been married 3 times with children from 3+ different women?


Hmmmm....I just thought this....from things I have heard on here and there....

Men want a woman who hasn't obviously been sleeping with every Tom, d*ck, and Harry.

Women want a man who has that requires him sleeping with Tam,Dawn, and Holly.

hmmm dunno

From a male I just posted with the end of my response to Molly. Men would prefer a woman who has not been around the block and back.

From a female perspective, they want experience.

Something to ponder, I would think anyway.

But of course, in a woman's mind, that would be a double standard....even if it is something they prefer. confused
Hello Ben.... the heat of the moment, you are more concerned with your strength. laugh tongue
You really are overthinking this, If two people genuinely love each other the past is the past, make new memories and dont dwell on the past or past history. Love doesnt make anyone weaker, it makes them stronger.cheers
Depends on how you react to it.
Hello Map,

I totally agree with you.

The main point of the blog kinda got off the main trail somewhat. Love is a beautiful thing and can certainly enhance the people's lives involved in such a union.

The point of the blog was in a cut-throat world. Let's say for example we are living under the control of another WWII Nazi leader and you are married. That Nazi leader could use a spouse for leverage.


Let's use this for example....a spouse gets kidnapped and a ransom is demanded.


Another example....somebody decides to do blackmail, or will inform a spouse.


Another example....a spouse threatens to break off a loving relationship.

I suppose I can go on and on....but anything that could threaten or harm one's self because of a loving relationship is what I was talking about.

A loving relationship in my opinion, one of the best things a human can thrive for and experience.

Hello Cc,

That is very true. For my experience, love develops and fosters deep emotional feelings. A person would certainly have to be very well intelligent (I suppose) in their emotional controls department.

But good point. thumbs up

Like I said, dont overthink it, the issues you mention will never happen
In life that doesn't kill me, does all me stronger.
We've talked pirate,now let's discuss your other idea..
I love making you weaker more..rolling on the floor laughing
Sorry,I've never watched Games of Thrones .blushing
Johnny, personally speaking, I don't judge people on how many partners they have.

I think that should be the same for both men and women.

Given the choice though, and one always has a choice, i would choose a man who has been i one, or a few, long term relationships, rather than many short term ones.

This shows he can commit to a relationship. So if it also means he has only slept with a limited amount of women, even better.

I'm not looking for a stud who claims he is great in bed because he has slept wutg umpteen women. A man who has satisfied just one would do me fine.
Johnny, you got perfectly what I meant. If we think any of us have a "soul mate" (what ever that means) how many people could you """"""LOVE""""""" in a life time? not so many, anyone can feel attraction, lust, desire but love? can "sleep with someone" for many reasons, its a need, an animal and natural expression of our body, as it is eating or sleeping but (yeah there is a big but) we are supposed to use our brain over anything else, right?

Is it logical to ask a person just to "sleep" with those she/he loves? is it logical to "love" anyone she/he sleeps with? ....for obvious reasons some respect to yourself and your body must prevail (¿?). I´m not an easy lover, I like so many people, so many from here could fit in that box for different reasons, admiration, mutual interest, you name it, but there is a long way from there to love, oh yes!!!! and at my age (and life experiences) , I find terrible dissapointed the next morning sensation in those cases. Connection is hard, attention (at least in my case) no that much.

....and you are absolutely right, I know exactly what I want, what I think could be compatible with me and me with him (the last point is just because I´m a witchy-psychologist) it took me years to elaborate that list of offers/ requirements and it doesn´t mean I didn´t leave anything to surprise hahaha not at all, thanks heaven imagination & creativity is on the list....

....before looking for someone you must know yourself very well, know what you are capable of giving and then, make an offer to your target, be perseverant in your search (no matter how many fails you may have in CS lol!), be lucky, and avoid unimportant obstacles, all of that will make it thoughts (cant´t prove it, yet ;)

I could not love anyone, but I´m sure if I find "my mold" this is going to be epic and fireworks for the rest of "our lives" because before knowing him I already made him a promise: "I will find you where ever you are and what ever takes me to ...move your "arse" too, and we´ll make it".

And yes, love makes you weak, because you become vulnerable and without power with that one although for the rest of the world eyes, you probably have never been as much stronger than now you are in love purple heart
It may be only strength we have to draw on that surpasses self preservation.

It's is a vulnerability though.
Hello Map....most likely.
Hello Umm,

That is an interesting that is very difficult to argue against. thumbs up
Ash....I am guessing you liked the pirate subject more...being your first to comment on. laugh But, you have yet managed again to go down the steamy route. blushing
Molly, I totally agree.

We all do have choices. We can choose whatever, whenever. There really is no exact right or wrong. However, with each decision comes the results of them. If the results are not satisfactory, well...learn and possibly choose differently down the road.

In my opinion.

Extremely well said in my opinion. Because of this potential weakness, one needs to be very careful when picking out their partner.

Some people are raised to respect love, while others use it as a weapon. Love is both beautiful and can be very ugly with the wrong person.

Now of course, I am in the middle of watching the Game of Thrones. What I find interesting about the show is the different personalities of this case, royalty. But, another example of finding the wrong person...the queen tells a up and coming younger queen that tears are powerful weapons, as is what is between her legs. Unfortunately, there are some out there that think that way.

Thank you for the extended elaboration...enjoyed reading it. thumbs up
Hello Oc,

I agree with that too. It does take strength to overcome some of the shortcoming of love. There are some who will actually commit suicide/murder in its name.

Thank you.
Of course love makes you vulnerable, fearless warrior. It is "weak" to exercise compassion, it is "weak"" to forgive, it is "weak" to protect those who love you, it is ""weak" to lend a helping hand instead of robbing the disabled.

Sure. The strong hide their weakness by preying on the weak.

Love makes you more vulnerable, but much stronger. Weakness is the paranoia of the insensitive and bastardly.

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