The CS Retro and Vintage Art Roadshow-Female bloggers edition

Things that some people consider older can be quite valuable and a great investment.

Some valuables here are definitely worth looking at and investing in, some masterpieces available for a forthcoming auction are:

The Geordie Sconemaker, a fine looking painting from Northumberland, Land of the Trees.

The Blur, This statue shows fine lines and beautifully carved features, a sassy and very valuable piece.

The Stealth van, a veritable and warm piece hand carved from platinum with gold edging.

The Innkeeper, from across the pond, adorned with beanaroni and with eyes and demeanor mirroring the goddess Venus.

The Goddess of Love, A Spanish Piece found in Tasmania, Generates electricity too.(Sold to the Celt)

The Swiss masterpiece, Adorned with fine clothing and vodka, looks fabulous on a beach.

The Poet, a gentle soulful piece, with beautiful words emanating from within.

The eyelash model, fresh and well-travelled, an Art lovers dream. (SOLD to a private collector)

The blessed cheesemaker, strong and self-sufficient, sharp as a knife.

The remnants of a warm fire, a hippy type, soulful and often misunderstood.

Herself, self-sufficient forest dweller from the land of potjie.

The Fish sounding woman, a very abstract and complicated chunk of African Art, now mainly hidden in attics.

The spell caster with an itchy exterior, a somewhat unknown piece that would look OK hanging above any fireplace. declined to be sold

Wrapped in Filo pastry, the humanitarian sculptured from passport stamps.

The art work from Vancouver “cultural blond”

The Semental Caballo lover, often mistaken for lady Godiva, an Alien abductors dream.

If you have been missed, there will be another catalog put together sometime. So any bids? These pieces wont last long on the market.

Comments (86)

I'm looking for something a bit more masculine for my decor.
Gypsy, This catalog is more feminine and pretty, perhaps you could set up the same thing for the womenfolk?hug
i appreciate fine art. now, i must gather funds to bid.
rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing bloody brilliant

Free, Some items here will be very expensive, perhaps either you or Gypsy could put a cheap auction together of the meek and masculine pieces?

Red, glad you approve!
I wouldn't want to be too much of a wet blanket, however I must note that "Fish woman" hardly sounds like a compliment to me. You know, ermm .. quite off-putting. uh oh
Nice gallery, Map

I wonder will they end up in a private collection, or in a museum grin
Nope molly my tree stays outside or it will wither and die moping
Tenner...I should edit that to "named after a fish.

Molly, I think most would end up in a private collection, some maybe not.
There are a few beautiful pieces available.
Are the available for rent?
Or perhaps try before I buy?
I'd like to read the warranty disclaimer too.
User, these are rhe finest quality available...not the rentable types, however i have a database if cheapoand well used items im willing to sell.
As they say " One mans trash is another mans treasure".
No used lettuce though or coffee.
By the way used coffee sludge is used to help trees and things to grow grin
Don't want to go barking up the wrong tree Red.
User, I wouldnt call it trash, its a full database of some lower class but eager women Valuable art that has been subjected to continual updates and the handy search function will very quickly help users find exactly what perversion type they are looking for.
rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing nope you might get whiplashed with a near branch that had a kink initrolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
Reddy, I get a few kg of used coffee a week, I spread it everywhere, what doesnt grow has a nice brown colour and nice aroma.
Art said the eyelash model is not for sale. grin

It's meant to be in his own private collection only wink
Mimi, I shall have the publishers annotate that the eyelash model is currently sold.hug
the vintage show your on the ball map might be interested in a piece you have .canwe have on trial likes to see what condition its in with a bit of time things get better
JJ, Test driving these fine pieces of art is not possible, I can assure you that they are the best and well worth any investment.
ah jaysus you might be codding me id have to know for certain these investments id not make lightly
jj, Lifetime guarantee offered with each piece, I think thats fair.
send on the goddess one ihad an interest in a couple more but would be nervous buying
jj, We have two goddess pieces, One is under offer though, state your preference and I will let you know.
Herself has disappeared,only to resurrect from the ashes in her homeland unscathed.
On 9/11 Herself must be in her Homeland,in prayer with other fellow Americans.
Yes Ash, today is a day of remembrance, Please dont forget that Its not just for Americans, the aftermath and following years has affected so many in so many countries, we all remember today.
At least one of tbe goddesses is currently with the Celtic God, Lugh.

Molly, Yes she is, I shall edit the catalog as being sold...stocks are low now. hug
I doubt they are praying for the same thing,if they pray at all. It is no longer traditions among young
Americans.Our Flag has flown half mast too often this year,whenever other countries have sorrow.
I am seeking Peace today, with those so inclined.handshake
Ash, Peace be with you today hug
JJ, I've personally handled the Venus statue a few times. It's in pretty good shape. A few knicks and cracks but nothing that detracts from her Venusian aesthetic much. She is one of the most interesting pieces of work, I must say.
Gypsy, jj will have an art attack at that! hug
Just wanting to help where I can, Map. :)
Knock knock.

Who's there?

Not Venus de Milo.


Tap tap. Is this thing on...

(Damn the only joke I know got zero lols ) hole
Map, are goods sold non-returnable? conversing
Doc! rolling on the floor laughing I get it I get it....rolling on the floor laughing
Not - laugh

Map, not collecting females either but looking forward to the enterprising female blogger who does the honours for the male collectables.

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