The CS Retro and Vintage Art Roadshow-Female bloggers edition

Things that some people consider older can be quite valuable and a great investment.

Some valuables here are definitely worth looking at and investing in, some masterpieces available for a forthcoming auction are:

The Geordie Sconemaker, a fine looking painting from Northumberland, Land of the Trees.

The Blur, This statue shows fine lines and beautifully carved features, a sassy and very valuable piece.

The Stealth van, a veritable and warm piece hand carved from platinum with gold edging.

The Innkeeper, from across the pond, adorned with beanaroni and with eyes and demeanor mirroring the goddess Venus.

The Goddess of Love, A Spanish Piece found in Tasmania, Generates electricity too.(Sold to the Celt)

The Swiss masterpiece, Adorned with fine clothing and vodka, looks fabulous on a beach.

The Poet, a gentle soulful piece, with beautiful words emanating from within.

The eyelash model, fresh and well-travelled, an Art lovers dream. (SOLD to a private collector)

The blessed cheesemaker, strong and self-sufficient, sharp as a knife.

The remnants of a warm fire, a hippy type, soulful and often misunderstood.

Herself, self-sufficient forest dweller from the land of potjie.

The Fish sounding woman, a very abstract and complicated chunk of African Art, now mainly hidden in attics.

The spell caster with an itchy exterior, a somewhat unknown piece that would look OK hanging above any fireplace. declined to be sold

Wrapped in Filo pastry, the humanitarian sculptured from passport stamps.

The art work from Vancouver “cultural blond”

The Semental Caballo lover, often mistaken for lady Godiva, an Alien abductors dream.

If you have been missed, there will be another catalog put together sometime. So any bids? These pieces wont last long on the market.

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Maybe on another blog ... grin
Biff, I would but it seems the blogs have become a one way conference call to the devil, It would make more sense on a different blog, I shall take it under consideration while contemplating the tribal influences in the Ink and some shite industries.
ah Map its they way you tellem some folk never catch on

sew a few buttons on cardigan it takes the woodiness takes the itch out of it laugh laugh

Just suprised at some of the reactions...would have told them off...but of course you are a may be

see the skull and xbones that is for a very special ladies cardigan pirates love witches laugh laugh laugh

She will be at sea for a long time and then mmmm a whale may eat her and spit her out on a dessert island rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
Reddy, I agree, one does not limit ones words to fit in with the lower classes, however as per Madam biffs suggestion I shall scribe a somewhat easy to understand rendition of the beauties on offer.

Loulou, Fighting is stupid, I let people say what they want, but inside I do get a bit man bitchy.
Wavebox: "two bodies one flame."(meet us in the puzzles)

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