Atheists in heaven

When Pope Francis announced to the world Atheist too have a place in Heaven...
to be honest at first I felt a bit like the brother of the Prodigal son, never the less such feelings quickly passed because lets say... i wouldn't expect God to be any other way angel

Anyways, How DID it first make you feel?
and how do you feel about it NOW?

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Hi Itchy,

I like to think there's a place for every one in heaven...angel
I was amused; why not...laugh
I still wonder why the question of new or returning/ recycled souls are being used in new births, as in with all human deaths since the very beginning, isn't Heaven getting crowded or perhaps Hell is...No answers yet and the Pontiff must opt for the 'new' souls as the other would imply reincarnation as the original teachings believed in before being banned. Diversion to the idiocy of how many angels can dance on the head of a pin, notwithstanding...laugh
Me too Crazy, for everyone that deserves it angel wave

You an Atheist Kattle?
Don't think atheists are very happy about that. On the other hand...kind of make sense. Sharing the after life with Christians will be hell for them.
yes, everyone who deserves it and it has nothing to do with what religion one believes insigh
was watchin g john paul in the park lately was a different world then ...theres some that should not be let in
Thanks Eks, your comment is priceless laugh

And yours Crazy ... perfect thumbs up
atheists don't believe in GOD so no heaven for them.
JJ, there was a lot of John Paul's born in Ireland that year....
maybe next year Frances births will be on the rise wink

so some getting in didn't bother you a tall?
Itchy if there aren't my dogs in Heaven I don't want to go. And they don't really do religion, dogs. Although my current one does kowtow to me laugh
none aroun me itchy would be a miracle yeah john pauls I liked him and im not religious lifed everyone all the same then casey mars all
Mr String Pope Francis says different, according to him.. following you conscience is more than following him (considering of course it results in good).

I read the popes Speech and all that he said, and i like it because its realistic and a way we can all live in peace and harmony in today's world with each other..dunno
Nice thought Strongman!!
So they belong with the "infidels"?uh oh

Sorry Itchy.. I don't watch the pope. Anyway...glad to hear that he's making room in heaven for the non-believers. angel
if you follow GODS words you will be better off.
Ms Biff, if cats go to heaven i want to go to hell uh oh

You people and your pets... honestly" i'll never understand it confused

JJ, John Paul was nice had a good heart but Francis He's closer to God whilst the others were more closer to that book... If he comes to Ireland next year I'll have to invite him round for a cuppa.
according to Islam we all infidels.
Ms itchywitch, as I have previously stated I am working on a blog about Antipope Francis, but it led me to a book and now back as far as 1958. So, I'm not close to finishing it, there is so much information that needs to be disseminated. Let me just say for now, Francis is an antipope the real pope at least for his comment is Pope Benedict XVI who retired 4 yrs ago, but still lives within shouting distance of the antipope. And my final thought and post here is:“This is doctrinal immodesty, if I may use the phrase. Rather than clothe the precious doctrine of the Body of Christ in garments of sobriety, modesty and Prudence, the truths of the Church are being sold away [by Pope Francis, presumably] cheaply to the moral perverts and enemies of Christ.”

Like Obama who destroyed America, the antipope is throwing all of Christianhood under the bus in favor of a NWOR (new world order religion)tip hat
In this case Strongman I'll see you wherever..?laugh
But the thing is Mr String, it's not possible to follow his word and what kind of God would ask the impossible from us?

I take it you have heard/read The Popes speech, don't you find it hopeful for all and not just for atheists alone but for practising catholic's/christian's too?
if one do not believe there is a God who created heaven and earth and also gave us life ? if you should get to heaven , which i hardly believe . would you believe there is a God in heaven ? do not fool yourself whoever you are , for God already knows what is in your thoughts.
yep the faults prophet sea.
all he asks is to believe in him and have faith and follow his laws. I agree it is hard at times to do what is asked.
I never did either Dani, untill i started reading Pope Francis angel

Mr Worthy, I'm taking it you don't like my chosen Pope sad have your beliefs...and I have mine.

the bottom link will work.
Mr String I've only ever read bits of the bible but isn't the father of the prodigal son an example of how God will be when it comes to welcoming Atheists home?

Thanks Anna for your comment yep" he's one that can't be fooled wine
Atheists are very ungrateful people , think about all the things God has done for us , and this is how some of them choose to repay him . all is well though because he gave us freedom to do whatever we want to do . then here comes judgement day when we all . every single one would have to answer even the dead will rise . God is so amazing because said that the whole world would know his name , remember even pharaoh bow down to the heavens acknowledging God is the Ruler of this world .
you know GOD wants all his children to come home( heaven) God hates sin and that is what keeps you from him.

he wants all who are lost to find their way back to him. but it is up to you. that is why he gave us free will.
the pope is the anti Christ , everything God says not to do, they teach the opposite . calling the pope the holy father , they worship Mary and a lot of statue , plus that church is the mother harlot church , they condone every single wrong doing .
I see I'm on the wrong blog here.doh transport
Mr string I've watch your clip with much interest handshake
along side the clip i see another " pope Francis said Jesus was a sinner" ... well to be honest, i often wondered that also myself and i don't mean that disrespectfully but one can't find or expect to find truth if or whilst turning a blind eye when something don't look right.

I will watch some of the other clips too but pope Francis the Anti-Christ...
unless my thoughts later change but for now i stand by what I said, I think Francis of all Popes is most closet to God...bowing
beware of faults prophets.
If there is a "heaven", I've never believed admission has ANYTHING to do with which church you attend, what foods you eat, or which god you believe in! This is strictly an elitist invention of the churches! I firmly believe admission and acceptance into "heaven" is based solely on your life actions. Good people get in, and bad ones don't - it's as simple as that! Now the only question is the defining parameters of what constitutes "good" and "bad". But virtually all major religions have something similar to the Ten Commandments, and those seem to be very good guidelines for a "good" or "bad" life. My relationship with a higher power is direct, and not guided through the dogma of various churches and the men who run them!

Some say that "heaven" is the life you live on this plane, and how you pass through it. There may be more, but life in this plane is a known fact, and therefore should receive a greater focus. Too many I see, act like idiots and cheat, and lie, and steal, and then say a few "Hail Marys" on Sunday, and all is supposedly forgiven.

But, to each their own, and all we can do is to strive to be the best we can. I feel confident that I will have a place in heaven due to a life of being kind, and generous, and accepting, and compassionate, and treating all around me with respect and forgiveness. And if this turns out to be insufficient - I can know I did my best throughout my whole life. And that's what I believe God wants, regardless of what various churches and men dictate what I should be doing, or thinking, or how I should be voting!
Annleerose, Mr String is just as religious as you are.... yet he's not screaming and shouting at none believers as you are .. he's discussing it like an adult, can't you do the same???

If not then no need for you to add anymore.
Sorry but i don't want this to turn into another God fearing blog.

Thanks Itchy. peace
Fantasyman...that's also my way of thinking. thumbs up
I will Mr String no worries there wine

Welcome to my blog Fantasy, wonderful comment too i must say handshake
a part from one thing, i agree with all of what you have said.

"I Would Have To Say That"

"Whether One Ever Believed........... That There Is A God... Or Not"

"Shouldnt Have A Bearing...... On Whether Heaven Is Open To Them"

"For From What I Was Taught Way Back Then"

"It Was Whether One... Was Good To His Fellow Man"

"Also......In The Catholic Religion"

"According To With What Was Told To Us Then"

"And What They Will Have One Thinking...... Is"

"That.................As Of This Very Moment"

"There Is Nobody In Heaven"..."Its Totally Empty"..."Why?

"Because Judgement Day..... Hasnt Arrived.... As Of Yet"................detective
What can I say Dani but how to listen to reason with so much screaming dunno

i do not have to comment on your blog my friend . i see you and miss 777 have a problem with the truth she always single me out even thou am not commenting on her blog . D777 love to drink medicine for other people fever. and i am not shouting i call it as it is. for God said do not be afraid to speak the truth .
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