Atheists in heaven

When Pope Francis announced to the world Atheist too have a place in Heaven...
to be honest at first I felt a bit like the brother of the Prodigal son, never the less such feelings quickly passed because lets say... i wouldn't expect God to be any other way angel

Anyways, How DID it first make you feel?
and how do you feel about it NOW?

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i don't worry about atheist ....
but it nice Lou to hear someone finally say something good about pope Francis wine
Ms itchywitch, yes, MM may have been Jesus's favorite female (excluding his mother), but she was not an Apostle. Now, you will probably say: why then is she sitting next to him in Da Vinci's 'Last Supper painting'

My only answer is she was probably hungrygrin
ah! the antipope who couldn't even find it in his heart to apologize to the Canadian ppl.

"VATICAN CITY — Indigenous Canadians must continue to wait to see when — or if — the Roman Catholic Church will apologize for the s*xual and physical abuse indigenous children suffered for decades at residential schools run by priests, brothers and nuns.
The Vatican made no mention of the issue in the 121-word statement it released after Pope Francis accorded Prime Minister Justin Trudeau a private audience Monday. The demand for the church to atone for its leading role in many residential schools has become a matter of principle and respect among some aboriginal leaders. Discussing the issue had been the prime minister’s top issue going into the meeting."

Sea, Mary Magdalene was at the last supper to cook and serve the food as the good little woman she was.
How's it going Johny wave
I don't see atheists in a negative light, but there are some that give others a bad name, but that can be said about all religions .. All my four are Atheists and for their sake's i wish they believed in God and maybe they could.would if not for the teachings from the bible.

Good question Simon handshake
Funny enough i always thought the same.
Is that right Mr worthy ...

well i reckon she was eager to see if her husband was satisfied with the last supper she cooked for him roll eyes
Thanks for your thoughts Arpito and welcome to the blogs wine
until I make sense of your comment for now all I can say is I do like your teddy.

we do have a personal relation with Jesus. the pope is wrong in stating that we don't. he is saying to believe in all that he is saying. GOD is the only one who will save us. no religion will.
Isn't it just Conrad .. so comforting to know very happy
I have a feeling that a blog such as this is o*gasm for seaworthy and stringman. laugh
Mr stringman and Mr seaworthy you both know your facts and I like factshandshake
shock shock Eh Ok Lads i'll leave you to it perfect timing to bid you a goodnight sleep

Thank you all for thoughts on this one wine

Mr Worthy, good blessed women with multitasking... not men roll eyes

But God does like a trier comfort

Witchie, my mother beat the hell in me with the god's whip, daily prayers, easter, christmas ,sunday........ services. To me, the hell and the paradise are here, and so are the gods and the devils.

I like pope Frances for his friendly approach to the "sinners" and giving the Catholicisms a friendlier face. I don't think the most of his mates like it.
Through all the comments Mr strongman video on the Shocking Truth of the antipope clearly shows why the antipope could very well be the Antichrist (only time will tell on that one) . All supporters of Francis should be able to see the facts it that video and with just a modicum of Scripture knowledge should realize there is something seriously wrong with him.

Good blog Ms itchywitch I trust everyone is that much more informed about what's happening in the world today. It's all about politics and religion as Satan is driving us all to a new world order/religion.For the critics will be many and the non believers will join in, but you cannot be oblivious to what's happening in the world for ever....can you????
Well thank you Mr Worthy I'm glad you think it a good blog wine
i had hoped to put the blog to bed however its niggling me that I've not expressed more better why I think Francis being the Pope out of them all, being closet to God and his trust.

My mother a believer of God went through life carrying her cross "as most people do" and despite it got heavy at times it NEVER EVER weighed her down, never once throughout my life did I hear her say there is no God not until she a none smoker was diagnosed with cancer.. now i know they were only words of anger/disappointment (or so i think) but if not for fake teachings/preachings saying we DO have personal relations with God, (when i believe we DON'T) my mother would/should of died with the comfort in knowing she was going to a better place instead of weeping with fear as she did,thinking for her this is the end, there is no after life as she had always thought.

This is only my story my personal reasons why i get angry when fake preachers get the truth on MY GOD SO WRONG.. "my story" but felt world wide by so many others who have much more sadder stories/reasons for turning their backs on God and con themselves they are Atheists when maybe many are not..these back turners all too believed they had personal relations with God when they DON'T.

Pope Benedict was the last to spread fake words of God...
Pope Francis is the first to finally speak truth, he is NOT the anti Christ he's the preacher both heaven and earth need.

I guessed as much BB comfort
I too was brought up in those days.
But now we have Francis, you might say hes the oil in our lamps wink

I was raised catholic, even had an uncle a priest. but things have changed, the devil wants control and will stop at nothing to get it. remember the devil is the great deceiver.
Best evidence shows even God is an Atheist. laugh banana
If i had the patience and time i could also reword everything ya man has said but with a much different prediction than the one told..but i don't need to convince people Pope Francis IS a good man when his actions speak better than any words of praise from me.. bowing

Mr String i respect your upbringing, i really do handshake
I was brought up the same. when very young i even once thought about becoming a nun, but i decided to be a witch instead wink My outstanding longest best friend is actually a serving priest.

Not really sure why i told you all that....
or maybe i do... and i just don't want to get into it now.

But cheers I know your only trying to help when you perhaps think i am lost...
but take it from me, I am not the one blind wine

Unfortunately I'm unable to upload the below link....
I'd be mighty grateful if someone could.

Nevermind i can see it can still be watched if one clicks on the link and presses to READ MORE below the pops picture.
Mr stringman,excellent is the vid that your vid mentioned, it is more detailed and much longer. For all the theorists out there it doesn't get any better than this..

Now now Ken scold

and" isn't it your bed time? be a luv and take Mr Worthy with you whilst your at it.....

Ps Mr Worthy because of your age i expected better from YOU snooty
Ms itchywitch, have no idea what your getting on about, but every European should watch this video the detail of Europa on the Euro notes and how it relates to the Book of Revelations is absolutely remarkable.
Seaworthy, pal, why's it that you religious folk find it hard or impossible to accept, for instance, the theory of evolution which is supported by a huge body of evidence and then readily subscribe to bogus and totally unfounded end-time and conspiracy theories of the sort shown in the clip you posted? I find that totally Baffling to be honest with you. dunno

Won't argue on the matter as I did many times to no avail; however, I'd really like to understand the logic (or lack of) behind such perplexing behaviour. danke.
I thought you dealt with facts "thats all i meant" conversing

Did you watch/read my link?

Watching TV at the moment, might watch yours later.
Mr Worthy, I clicked in and after hearing its what i Heard on Mr Strings clip i wasn't going listening again. If you really believe that then you must believe the world is going to end in your life?

well I've some good news for you, fret not because it ain't going to happen comfort
well actually it will and the plan is when that time comes, people will have another planet elsewhere to continue life on.. now that may seem impossible but just a little hint there how far away the ending of earth is.

You suggested readings to me now may i suggest one to you ...
go read/study anything concerning THE RED SUN.

Now I'm off to bed, Won't be around for the next few days so enjoy me not giving you a headache with our different religious beliefs .. wine

How do Simon wave

Anyways gnite

Actually the last time God sat down and picnicked with anyone was way back in Exodus 24. Food, drink and God, all together in one place having fun discussions. The last time anyone (except Moses of course) saw him was way back when he got annoyed at Aaron and Miriam for saying bad things about Moses' new Ethiopian wife. Turned Miriam into a leper. Then washed his hands of talking with any people during daylight hours except Moses.
Well that was long ago, but if we learn oen thing from those passeges it was that he found the tribes of Israel to be a stiff necked people in need of attitude adjustment.

However any and all communications from God since then came by what we call Chinese whiskers, i.e., word of mouth third hand. Something our courts today call hearsay.

Well the Hebrew faith went on and on, but God himself didn't meet with them anymore. Not in person anyway. We can't say God is Hebrew because he created them. We also know God is not a Catholic for a similar reason. Then we get the spin off religions like Protestantism and Muslim. Each claims they are correct.

If God disagrees with one of them, then under that religion's rules He is an unbeliever.. Almost an atheist. Some would say agnostic perhaps, but for this argument we can say God is an atheist. He believes none of Man's religions. Heck he is probably Hindu in actuality, but they don't get into the Christian Heaven. Do not the Christians call Hindu a Pagan religion. If God is Hindu at core, does that not make him an atheist Pagan?

Since God listns to everything (ppor guy), did He agree with Cotton Mathers? Would agreeing with Cotton Mathers qualify a Hindu believing God to enter Heaven?

These are all topics we should explore before voting on which atheist we allow into which Heaven.

...still no femail pope.. long live equality, feminism and all that.... cool wine
Ken..thumbs up
considering the hatred/deadwish some catholic groups have for atheists i think he made a safe call.

it means atheists can be good people too.
It would mean an atheist would be able to become a good president, in a time when a large group of Americas can't imagine voting for an atheist.

He did a nice thing. promising dreams to people that didn't care to get the attention of the own flock.
It is about the same as saying non-baptised children can get into heaven too. Also a very recent statement....
the non-baptised babies simply won't loose a night sleep over it. the believe parents are relieved.

"considering the hatred/deadwish some catholic groups have for atheists i think he made a safe call."

Well, actually there is only one Catholic group which is the Catholics. I was raised as Catholic and have come across quite literally thousands of Catholics in my life. Not one of them ever said anything against atheists to me. As a matter of fact, I asked a priest friend of mine whether atheists will go to hell once they die according to him and he said that he don't know. Hell or heaven is entirely up to God. Pope seems to think that atheists will go to heaven and I wouldn't be surprised if that had to be the case should there be a hell/heaven/God etc dunno
I do admit you are right.

there is a sort of western and eastern catholic church.

However what Catholics in Belgium believe really doesn't equal what they believe in the Philippines. As for only one example.
All congregations do have differences that can be massive. believe in genesis or not.

And if you see it bigger for more of Christianity, Where some African churches do not really belong to Roman Catholics but are influenced by their media, my sentence might make more sense.

thanks for correcting.
In other words Ken pope Frances statement about personal relations with each and all individually, you think IS or could be correct? ... i doubt God's religious what ever religious means confused
Sea, The AntiChrist is supposed to per,form signs and wonders. I don't see the Pope doing that.
Len, it gives recognising to atheist as being good people too along also with saying other things, as for his most recent statement which i wasn't aware of until just now.. delighted so many today will have the comfort i never had yester years.

Catholic's do have this hatred anger towards atheist, i guess they see them as an ungrateful lot (can you blame them)? but that attitude kind of even's out because atheist think Christians are brain washed hypocrite's and again.. can you blame them.
Calm, because Francis is a pope with a difference maybe he has a magicians hat instead of the traditional popes one so who knows what tricks he might just pull out of his hat bunny

Eh" after the wabbit that is roll eyes
the reason he is not preforming sighs and wonders is the anti christ is not in power yet. waiting in wings.
Mr string wave
for all there is, I enjoy Mary Magdalene's writes ... few says more.

Viking, Jesus trusted and told MM more so than the rest, and if not for the sea beast (st peter) who knows we could have a female pope today and if we do... who's to say we'd not be going back to Jesus's original plan wink
String...the Pope is not in power yet or the AntiChrist is waiting behind him?confused

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