Atheists in heaven

When Pope Francis announced to the world Atheist too have a place in Heaven...
to be honest at first I felt a bit like the brother of the Prodigal son, never the less such feelings quickly passed because lets say... i wouldn't expect God to be any other way angel

Anyways, How DID it first make you feel?
and how do you feel about it NOW?

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blushing Sorry I meant to type 'Popes will come and go and be called Anti Christs' I need a cup of strong tea.
wow religious people here.
Calling an individual a devil is not something light.
and base it on some hearsay or a picture in a newspaper and such

I remember all the movies here about obama another so called antichrist. or the rothschilds; or trump or hillary.

It is okay to be frustrated.It must suck to be the best or true religion and see things you don't like.

Pope francis is 80 years old. The benedict guy is 90y.
Don't you think you are doing something wrong with spreading statements like that?

Please let me know if you will punish yourself or do society justice if you are proven wrong...
You make a bold statement, damaging a persons reputation and portraying him as a literal devil.
As someone that wants to rule all and destroy earth or make the place smelly of sulphur or whatever.
If you are wrong what will you do?
If the guy is just a human, or innocent, ...

here is some reading material about all different types of antichrists.

Sorry that i have it easy as an atheist.
But i believe a lot of witches wouldn't have been burned if the guys doing the burning fell under a human justice system.
Yeah i think god has it's best change to destroy the world during that nasty inquisition period.
Good seeing you about again GG wave
but " lofty" sorry but you're going to have to explain that one to me confused dunno

I know shakespeare was only thrown out as an example but i don't see it as being the same thing unless of course you believe teaching of others to be truth.

Your view on " having a personal relationship with God" I think is more like having a constant awareness of God which is always a good thing. Right or wrong i have my own views on what it does and does not mean but away from the blogs and just out of a matter of interest I have also asked others in their view (none religious ones) what do they think " having a personal relationship with God" mean.

Many have similar views as your own and many share my view as well..and i suppose each to their own.. what does it matter really once having a good relationship with God works best for us all.

To be honest i don't know why bible followers bash Pope Francis for making such a statement...
after all " having a personal relationship with God" is not a transcript from the bible roll eyes

So whats the big fuss about me laddio's wine
Itchy ~ I have nothing against Pope Francis. He is humble and is trying to make up for all the dreadful things the nuns and priests and Vatican itself did to cover up the wrongs.

I have my own relationship with God, it is personal, and yours is personal and who am I to say you are wrong, we all have our own path, own way. That is what I was trying to say, in a nutshell.

All religions and non religious are trying to get through this world as best they can. I have known some wonderful kind Atheists, and am not surprised coz some people think because they have been 'saved' or belong to an elitist religious group. they can do what they want....

All the men in my life were Atheists, all were kind, decent men, and they respected my belief and did not try to change me, and visa versa.

Pope Francis seems kind, he refused the huge apartment in the Vatican and said it was far to big for one person, first time ever a pope did that. He is humble and does not like all the pomp. Loves pizza thumbs up
excellent post Len thumbs up
I've nothing to add to it as you said it all so perfectly.

If you believe in heaven, I guess its open to anyone as long as they were a good person, religious or not.
Amen to that Track wave

Fair enough GG perhaps i read wrong into what you actually meant .....
misunderstandings and all that cheers

Again, thanks all for views shared here, not only have i found it interesting but daft as it may sound I feel i've just experienced " a close personal relationship " roll eyes with you all giggle

As for Pope Francis, i just wish the man would be given a break flex

From the wind that is wink

Right back at you Mr String wave
How sad and desperate some have become to pick on a Pope for EVEN liking pizza doh

Next thing they'll be reading TOO much into his sense of humour
or doh" wait a minute.....
perhaps they already have uh oh dunno

To Francis that spreads laughter not fear wine

Pope Francis > Quotes > Quotable Quote

“It is not necessary to believe in God to be a good person. In a way, the traditional. Notion of God is outdated. One can be spiritual but not religious. It is not necessary to go to church and give money — for many, nature can be a church. Some of the best people in history do not believe in God, while some of the worst deeds were done in His name.”

Finaly a Catholic with rational and realistic thoughts. And despite being atheist, I have a lot of respect for that man.
tip hat
Respect Ger... I'll drink to that cheers

And I'll drink to Francis also for respecting US ALL wine

And if I get drunk ah sure i'll blame the devil pope drink drink pouring

I think that this cartoon says it all.

Hi Itchy,
I have been trying to figure out all the time what brought you bring this blog back. After a long search I found it at the last place I expected. Truly a nation of strange people. Maybe if the next Pope is to come from... Good gracious no! it will be another circus.laugh
Since even the devil gets back into Heaven why not us atheists? LoL, of course first we would have to believe there is a Heaven or a Hell, or even an afterlife. rolling on the floor laughing
I'm all Popeful for tomorrow applause applause applause

Having said that I'll also be relieved when he leaves.... moping

To tomorrow, may it bring the rebirth of HOPE angel

bowing bowing bowing

Francis yay

"PLAY NOW: Twins"(meet us in the games)

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