1300 miles

I drove 1300 miles
My dog in tow
Brought a tent and a camp stove
Met people along the way
Spent money I didn't have
For the promise of love

I drove 1300 miles
A pioneer of the modern times
Covering black top instead of
Breaking trail
Using markers set by those before me
All, for the promise of love

I lived 1460 days
Processing 1300 miles
As the tank emptied
And no money to fill
Changing cars, needing a fresh pony
To finish the ride of the Trail of Love

I drove 1300 miles
My dog in tow
To see what was on the other side
I learned lessons while I lost my way
And I'm home, now
I'm finally home

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I won't engage previously banned trolls and will leave this blog in peacetip hat
awww, blues
There is no place like home Free. hug Stay put for the tornado to pass.

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