Do you believe everything you see on TV?

I tend to think most things on telly are true. teddybear

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For god's sake, don't be stupid pat! The telly is full of bollocks! You should believe only the net.
rolling on the floor laughing
Hi Pat. wave

Some things are true, some maybe not, and others.... pack of lies!

It´s up to us to discern and make further research. dunno
Chinese whispers are the best way to hear what's true
Pat, Neighbours is better than the bible.

Follow it and you can't go wrong
You can´t put anything on telly´s these days they´re so slim. I used to have a photo of the Queen and a few miniature dog statues, what happened to those days?crying crying crying
Chinese whispers will make you hungry. It all sounds a bit like "chow mein dim sum kung po" to me dunno
Simon, that's so true. always hungry for more.

Tenner.. You just won the internet today my friend.. beer
Especially on A Current Affair conversing
What's a TV?, Is it a picture radio like what we had in South Africa?
Well I always suspected that you aussies were not to clever, but now I am convinced ,lol.
No. Only about one tenth.

For entertainment value, believing is not needed.

Yay! I'm delighted! All I ever won in my life was a happy meal in a televised competition for sustaining the highest number of kicks before losing consciousness. No one will ever call me dad because of that though unless I adopt.
...and they are Pat, between lines cool

P.S.Yeap Simon! That was brilliant, indeed!!!! rolling on the floor laughing
I have some plastic flowers on my Tv
I have a lie detector on mine rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

You have 2 bids already in for youconversing not high enough value yet rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
I tend to think they fill us full of dribble lies mostly
What do you watch Parsnips? Cartoons? laugh

Even those you need to Be careful. They start brainwashing the kids from an early age.
Then there are all the subliminal messages. doh doh doh
Of course,,, and they do say 'seeing is believing'laugh
Tenner.. where the hell do you come up with those man!!! rolling on the floor laughing
I have noticed that Tracy Grimshaw kind of looks like Therese Willis off Neighbours. No wonder there's such intense interest in both shows, Whilst some people watch home and away.
The CS video section has a "stupid stuff" category, and blogs haven't. I don't get it.
Come on Pat.
If it was true Summer Bay would have to be the crime capital of Australia, followed closely by Ramsey St.
Hardly anything you see or read is true with the news, their just after headlines.
Everyone knows however if it's on FBook it's got to be real.
Summer bay is full of drug addicts and prostitutes. Ramsay street is the defacto capital city of the nation. All significant political decisions made in Canberra, are run by Paul Robinson first.

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