Zip it

If and when a person deletes my comments because I'm not good enough to step onto their so called precious blogs than nor is it good enough to use me or my name for their source of entertainment.

With your last comment on your blog about me and Nam, when it comes to respecting ones elders ..doesn't wash any longer with me so a little advice to you Redex, knock it off or else.

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Konck it off itchy the only zip i am concerned about is the one that broken, crack a smile grin or i will burn you broom stick and flying high will be out the question tongue tongue tongue rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
Well said!
Red, you're a trouble maker. roll eyes

Deleting comments is indeed incorrect in my books. Something I never did myself. Some indulge in it though. The weta dude does it all the time for instance.. dunno
I agree with itchywitch in that I am not impressed with the behaviors exhibited by those who feel their religious and/or political agenda override common decency.
I should spank you both
now, who wants to go first?detective
I've just realised Itchy..umm..I wonder why your comment was deleted? uh oh

I never delete comments as they are there for all to see.
Besides if you delete one you often have to delete others who commented.dunno
Itchy, Very strange goings on CS at the moment and a lot of mysterious blogs toodetective

Someone has an influence on others and troll blogs are backswink

One banned troll has returned, but I also think the other one maybe around here some place or are they one identity with many fake profiles? Don't feed the trolls Itchy and they will fade away, once they don't get the attention the crave forwink

Hi itchy,

Don't let small things bother you - like deleted comments, cos then the instigators are getting their intentions through. laugh

Many resurrected instigators currently busy trying to 'liven' up the blogs.
Luke, instigating the instigators does not suits you.

Once when i see you " liven up" the blogs, i shall post the vlog singing halleluiah......NAKED!
Oh..I'd like that as I love the Halleluya!
itchywitch: Surely you would agree our world is overcome with vitriol...don't let someone on a web site rattle your feathers. Ignore the ignorant!! No offense to anyone... I don't know the story and don't want to... JUST SAYING!

wave frustrated handshake peace teddybear
bloodyawfull: Please alert me when you sing that song and post your picture! Mercy me...

kiss dancing applause peace teddybear
daniela777•37 mins ago•France/UK/Germany/Spain, Murcia Spain
Oh..I'd like that as I love the Halleluya! may wish to reconsider "Hallelya" is a combination of 2 ancient Sumerian words...
As you must know the ancient Mushroom cult dominated that part of the world; the cultic cry of the Bacchantes was the "pain", alley, eleleu, the elements traceable to the same Sumerian words that gave the Hebrews the name of their deity Elohim, translated for our Bibles as "God" which is totally wrong. It was a combination of Sumerian E-LA, "strong juice, water", and IA-U/UIA, "juice of fecundity, sperm", in other words the common Semetic name for god, "EL", combined with the tribal god name Yahweh(Jehovah). In the invocation the original E-LA is doubled, and it is precisely this form that came down in our bible in the chant of alleged praise "Halleluia" meaning sperm...
I still chuckle/ laugh when in church and hear the famous Alleluia chorus...Everyone is singing the virtues of sperm...Who ever said that the study of ancient languages, religions and history is dull...rolling on the floor laughing
(Source: The Sacred Mushroom and The Cross by John M. Allegro Author of The Dead Sea Scrolls)
corrections Alleluia; not pain but "paean" ...
Thanks for the history lesson Katte. teddybear
Katte, i'm reading you with my mouth open.
Looknshare, i'll post it in a scary section with 18+ note.
rolling on the floor laughing bloody! Don't keep it open too long. Someone might send Alleluia in therebanana
rolling on the floor laughing

gypsy......amen rolling on the floor laughing
I had actually meant to disable this blog from comments, signed out thinking i had... doh
but when i returned and saw so many had posted, thought best to just leave it alone allow it to run with no real need for me to comment again, after all my purpose for the blog was heard by her though she chose to ignore it.

Anything i say to or about you REDEX following this post is no ones fault but your own....
I've just read your comments about me on Maps bidding blog, still bad mouthing me i see, fine" high time it works both ways.
JimNastics: "Holy Shiiiiit !"(meet us in the blogs)

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