US drones will be deployed in the Philippines against Islamic Militants

Trump Will deploy US drones to help battle Islamic Militants in the Philippines.

This is a step up in stopping calipation in the South.

Published by Jake Watts on WSJ today.

It would be a very interesting venture.

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Hi Manang,,

interesting, yes...more sufferings for the people in the Philippines...more war crimes in addition to US long list of war crimessigh

sad mad world...sigh
Will Rogers once made the comment about the U S sending troops to trouble spots oversees " the U S will send Marines to any country who can get ten people to stand up and say they want us ! "
Yes I agree ading, but what's the alternative to stop their training terrorists to cause all the global havoc like Europe and the US?
US reports there'd be more attacks if their counter attack wasn't of better capability.

Global havoc? I don't agree they're the one who started the global havoc at all...I'd say the world police : USA roll eyes
I'm just sick of war that cause sufferings all over the world.sigh
We all are, I mean the majority of peace loving people.

Yet history proves man and war are inseparable. Why?

That's the question.

You and I can perhaps agree on the major causes of conflicts. I e, greed and power. World domination.
Somehow I believe that invasions in the early civilized world, circa before Christ and after Christ have spawned all these current wars2.

Read Ottoman Empire.
America will only make the situation worse...more sufferings for the poor and hungry people there...more prostitution and countless of their bastards will be left behind few years later...they put us through hell before, we don't need to go through it again.sigh
Maybe you can convince the leaders if the world to adopt a system that takes war out as an alternative to solving conflict.

America doesn't start the war, it finishes it.
The US started countless wars and didn't end several. Vietnam is probably the best known of all. However, I would rather have an increase in prostitution and poverty than allow Islam to take hold in my country. You can recover from poverty and prostitution. You cannot/it's much harder to recover from Islam. Looking at Islamic countries (including countries such as oil-rich Saudi A for instance), one has to admit that Islam breeds radicalism and ignorance which in turn leads to violence and a lack of respect for basic human rights. It wasn't always that way but it certainly is at the moment.
PS: I am talking stats in my previous comment. I know personally a lot of very decent, very smart Muslim people who are an enormous pleasure to interact with and to have around.

Your true colors have come out! You blame America for most of the world 's problems! Wake up! If it wasn't for America, this world would be in very bad shape!
Jim good morning.

People are bounded and that's because of self interest and ignorance Jim.

Our country us only 200 years old. Wars had been happening before us.

with due respect...I'm not the only one who does not look up to America. Countless blame America for Vietnam and Iraq. Vietnam and Iraq, happened...there are facts. Maybe if America wake up and own those terrors they inflicted, the world might have a chance to rebuild...?dunno

my true colors ? and what is that? because I chose to post my opinions on what happened and still happening in the world, that makes me ignorant? shame...sigh

maybe about time America acknowledge that she's not the world police and stop meddling in other countries business...

what would the world be if Vietnam , Iraq and other war crimes didn't happened...a lot better for sure!sigh

here's a little reminder

Ading you seem to overlook the benefits of the Spanish American war. We, the Filipinos were basically slaves of our colonizers, in our case, the Spaniards. We have a record of revolting against them for 300 years. Lost all the time. The Americans finished that war in 7 days.

Then when the 2nd WW broke out, without them, the world would have been under Japan, Italy, and Germany. Bad results.
Iraq was a horrible mistake by a corrupt Congress AND a predictable consequence of the Republican party choosing for a candidate of someone whose only qualification was being the son of a former President. They chose to ignore the Founding Fathers warnings of the evils of the nobility system that dominated Europe. So Republicans created a nobility family, or tried to by choosing a Bush. Noting the Democrats tried the same game by choosing a second Clinton. In reality for a good America it should be at least 200 years before we again choose a relative of a Kennedy, Roosevelt, Bush, Obama, Clinton, etc. But Americans are stupid and will happily vote for a family name they can remember. (Especially if they had a job the last time that family happened to be in power, LOL)

I was in Tripoli (or Tunisia, not sure because we went through both) early back in the 60s with my mom at a bazaar where she was haggling or trying to haggle with a stall keeper about the price of some cloth. A combination of the language barrier and the currency exchange rates were hampering negotiations. Back then, the solution was simple. My mom held up her passport and loudly said, I am an American, can someone here please help me translate?
I will always remember the response. At least 20 people of varying ages and sexes jumped forward to help. My Dad had fought there in WW2 (Operation Torch) and apparently while killing Nazis the Americans had generated lots of good will. Everyone was super friendly with memories and tales of how America had done great things at that time. Mom picked one and the transaction proceeded smoothly after that.
My point is, back then America had earned good will in many, many places. I will never forgive Bush for squandering that just so Haliburton could profit in a stupid conflict about his Dad and his time fighting Sadaam. I seriously, if standing in that same bazaar today would most assuredly NOT recommend doing what my mom did to solve a commerce issue. Thanks to George Bush Jr. and his mistakes the outcome would probably be a lot different. That saddens me immensely.

LJ as I alluded elsewhere, war and killing is the natural state of Homo Sapiens. Our DNA almost requires it. Our builders made (probable) mistakes. We are not covered with fur because where the fur gene should be we have strnds of frog skin DNA, etc. .We have genes known to cause insane rages similar to some predator species instead genes that allow for passivity like cows and deer. Our actual chromosone count is wrong and matches nothing else on Earth because two of our chromosones were/are spliced together but in all other primate species they are seperate chromosones. Yada yada, Point is war and killling is what we are designed for and to do well. Deal with it.

The villagers (survivors) of the town that was shelled have only themselves to blame for the loss of the bells. Had they not desanctified that church by using the churches bells as a signal to launch a murderous attack the bells would not have been of any significance whatsoever to the soldiers that came later. Seizing the bells was a simple seizure of a visible weapon of the attack. A signal device of the enemy. There can be no proper Christian religious significance to an artifact used to aid in murder. Would you treasure a crucifix used to crush the skull of an infant? Those bells are no different. They are forever linked to an act of murder and must be viewed in that light. The only way they should ever be displayed is as a war trophy seized from a dead enemy.

In lighter news, if the US had not seized them, then Japan, short of metal by the middle of WW2, would very probably would have and melted them down for their war effort as they did to bells and metals from so many places under their control. So think of the US as, er, safekeeping those murderous things.
I agree with you Ken. Huge profit and global economic boost, depending on which side we're on.
I'm more in favor of Gunships rather than Drones...laugh jmo
We'll be going forward with new tech Luke, there's no way around it I'm afraid. wave
rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing new tech vs old foot soldier (me)
One of the more bemusing outgrowths of the use of drones in Afghanistan was the muhla fighters realizing that if they hid under a blanket or a piece of old carpet then they became totally invisible to FLIRS devices during night time combat. Ie, no heat signature.

Work continues in many countries on something new (but also quite old), adaptive camouflage. Camouflage which changes depending on where it is. It is found in the animal kingdom, i.e., chameleions, etc..and mentioned or described in the Bible as a trick of the Angels who would suddenly appear where they were unexpected then vanish when their message was delivered.

There are various methods being explored today ranging from tiny screens showing on an objects front that which lays behind them where a camera sends the image to the front screen, to changing colors by varying the frequency beamed into magnetic monopoles in the item thereby causing not just a change in molecular rotation, but also a shift in color.. We are not yet able to manufacture a Harry Potter type invisibility cloak, but rest assured millions of dollars are being spent in several countries to make it so.

Here is an example of a paint using magnetic monopoles in the mix. The phone signal goes to a receiver which adjusts the frequency of a very mild electric current.

A parked tank in an asphalt parking lot, may therefore from the sky look like an empty asphalt color parking place. Someone coming from the side may merely see the color of the brick wall of the building behind it.

Change and interesting times are acoming.
Now these are indeed mind boggling discoveries Ken. A very interesting future we're in.
Stop Muslims, there the trouble.
It is not the muslims per se Barrie but the terrorist trying to conquer the whole world as started by the calipation movement.

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