War Crimes : Agent Orange...And More.

War will continue to destroy the world we live in, millions and millions are suffering and millions more will continue to suffer. Peace and humanity don't mean a thing anymore. The world is hopeless...I still hope we can still turn this around, there has to be a way but it's not in the politicians and weapon manufacturers hands.

I say enough with war and start valuing lives...

but for many, it's way too late...

and more...

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With due respect Lou, you did NOT see planes fly into buildings...at least not on live news coverage.
That was impossible - because NO live news feed showed an actual impact.

The planes flew behind buildings and an explosion ensued.
All news choppers were so positioned to show that perspective.
Vids released later do show impacts; they were aired well after the actual event.

Don't feel alone.
It's astounding how many people KNOW that they saw planes impact buildings on live news.
But they didn't.
It's a collective 'made memory'.


that's why I prefer to blog about sex laugh

not sure what makes you think I'm brainwashed brainless...I've seen and experienced horrible things too and saw many of the war crimes in Iraq and Syrian people...that's the huge difference from just reading or watching the news...sigh

Please do not make this blog into something else...handshake

I do not think anyone else was responsible...lol..laugh

Those men and women in the planes are gone...dead...I would rather remember them and not discuss those conspiracy theories...which are many...sad flower
Ms Lou Lou, "Lol...you are incorrect...do not even compare planned parenthood to the ugliness of the Nazi's."
You were discussing nurses killing children, I just followed your lead.

BIG difference...speaking about war crimes...scold
Refer to 'How Nations Are Led To War' vid above roll eyes


terror...just goes to show that politicians will sell and kill their own for greed and power...


"and saw many of the war crimes in Iraq and Syrian people...that's the huge difference from just reading or watching the news.."

You've seen nothing compared to anybody else in Europe unless you were right there in the heart of the action yourself. Just in case you didn't know, we are quite literally inundated with Syrians, Afghani and Iraqi refugees/asylum seekers here. On a second note, that is what perplexes me. There's Egypt, Saudi A and various other much more compatible (culturally and religiously) countries right next door to Syria for instance and they still opt to come here instead. sigh
here's a shorter one...


I was in Iraq in 2003 and 2004...sigh and the apartment building I used to live was filled with Syrian refugees who lost their loved one, their homes, their arms, their legs, their eyes....and many moresigh
yeah, 9/11 never happened now as well or was concocted by the CIA. I suppose the London and madrid bombings never happened either yeah? Well, if we're heading into this kind of bull, then I suppose there's no point for me to say anything further... smh.
Mr simoninmark, "Saudi A and various other much more compatible (culturally and religiously) countries right next door to Syria for instance and they still opt to come here instead."

I guessed you missed that part where the Saudi's deported 40k muslims back to Pakistan. They only accept the cream of the crop and what furthers their goals.

that's awful but there's over a million such people in Germany alone. The only somebody to blame for that is in fact Assad who is greedy and doesn't want to let go off power. Of course, you will say it was the US because.. ermm ... you saw it on al jazeera? But that is stupid. Revolution started in Tunisia. It spread to Libya, Egypt and then Syria. It is logical but of course, it is much easier to blame the US than to admit to the alternative dunno

sorry to disappoint you but I never watch Al Jazeera, rarely watch the newslaugh

Many refugees went to Europe for many reasons...neighboring countries here are swamped with millions of refugees, they opted to go somewhere else with the hopes of finding a better life ...have you seen the way the refugees live here ? Jordan is such a small countries but she took more than she should and doing her best to help.

USA and other countries have a hand in these terror, they should do their part in making things right.

Can you blame people when they lost everything and lost their mind and blow people up whom they feel a threat to them ? If you see your loved ones being terrorized and taken away from you and everything else you lived for...would living in Europe or USA would really mean that much to you?dunno

"USA and other countries have a hand in these terror",
How do you know the US and other countries had anything to do with the "terror"?

" they [the US] should do their part in making things right."
You've just said that the US should not interfere with other countries. Now you're saying that the US should do something? Ermm ..

"Can you blame people when they lost everything and lost their mind and blow people up whom they feel a threat to them ? If you see your loved ones being terrorized and taken away from you and everything else you lived for...would living in Europe or USA would really mean that much to you?"

Not sure I understood what you meant but if we (the west) are so evil and we are terrorising these people etc, why would these people who according to you are suffering at our hands still want to come over to the west of all places? I don't understand that at all. Truth is that we have nothing to do with this. The region is politically unstable because of bad politics (greedy filthy dictators). We get blamed because it is much easier to blame someone else than to blame yourself for your own failures. It's as simple as that.

not long ago, I dated an Australian lawyer here...he said " white men are evil" when we were talking about politics here...white men wen to invade other countries, plundered conquered, raped, terrorized, murdered, not to mention the slavery of the black people ....and for what? just for pure greed and evil . That was his words. Just how many "9/11" did America did to other countries? You call them heroes and saviors? Britain had a hand in Iraq too...and other countries...or you don't know that?laugh

By the way, I worked in AAFES when I was in Iraq so I've seen and know more than you think.

Oh boy...it's all about the OIL....That's the attraction here in the Middle East, we all know that...or you don't?wow laugh
here's short reminder...


Corporations aided in wars...perhaps that is the sad part about capitalism...they are not interested in the public's welfare...and all those propaganda films...scold

The Nazi's needed oil and chemicals to start invading...so why not call your friends from America to make it happen...

To say that all the West are ignorant or head in the sand is wrong but grass roots people are being fed propaganda and shady deals are being made behind closed doors...sometimes the truth comes out...like Iraq or Vietnam for example...not to mention WW2...I think most do not want to engage in war but...the machine certainly can wind the people up...a well crafted technique...wink
It seems to me that not many people realise that the US is the world's second largest oil producer in the world (only slightly less than Saudi. A) and it is predicted that the US will be self-sufficient within a decade in matter of Energy. The US's energy import demands can be satisfied by Canada alone with which the US has an excellent relationship. The myth that OPEC holds any power over the US was true only in the 70s. The US cannot be blackmailed anymore that way by Arab countries. On the contrary, they are scared crapless of the US because if the US colludes with the EU and imposes sanctions on a middle eastern oil exports, then the economy of the concerned countries will collapse given that the US and the EU are the two largest Energy consumers in the world.

Secondly, not everyone realises how expensive it is for a western country to wage war. It would take a decade or more of Iraqi oil for the US to recuperate the cost of waging war there.

In short, the US does not need Iraqi or middle eastern oil. Not one drop of it. They sure didn't go to war because of that. Why did they/NATO invade Iraq then (and they did it on a totally false pretext (chemical weapons) too)? Well, the reason was political. The US does not tolerate unfriendly dictators who might collude with countries like Russia and thus threaten US security. It's what super powers do. They protect their own interests. Very simple. Can you blame them? Not sure I can. Is it correct? Not sure it is but what would you rather be, correct or safe? dunno

The oil has nothing to do with it.
"terror...just goes to show that politicians will sell and kill their own for greed and power..."

That captures the whole point of this blog in a single sentence, Crazy.

Again, refer to the Smedley Butler 'War Is A Racket' vid above (circa 1932) roll eyes

Also the Hermann Goering 'How Nations Are Led To War' vid (circa 1946) roll eyes

If we do not learn from history, we are condemned to repeat it.

sad flower

The spirit of Maj. Gen. Butler, brought into the 21st century...

Search also...

U.S. Military Officers For 9-11 Truth - Lt. Col. Karen Kwiatkowski, PhD

Note - Col. Kwiatkowski (USAF ret.) was attached to the Office of the Secretary of Defense (Donald Rumsfeld) on 9-11-01.
She was an eyewitness to the events at the Pentagon.

"It is as a scientist that I have the most trouble with the OFFICIAL GOVERNMENT CONSPIRACY THEORY*, mainly because it does not satisfy the rules of probability or physics. The collapses of the World Trade Center buildings clearly violate the laws of probability and physics. ... "
- Lt. Col. Karen Kwiatkowski PhD, USAF ret.

*emphasis mine - mic

Crazy unfortunately crimes have been going on since the begining of the human race and gets worse not better.

I do not think i would like it when the romans ruled the world so today we fight for freedom, or to help people out. I do not know of one war that has halted without an apponentmoping moping moping
"Never think that war, no matter how necessary, nor how justified, is not a crime."
- Ernest Hemingway

sad flower


public welfare ? no way! the public were deceived by those propaganda, they will continue to do so under the guise of "world peace" and " national security" I just hope we all have learned from those colossal mistakes and stand up against those who abuse the public''s trust sigh

wars are destructive , many lives are lost...ordinary people are paying for the great losses, those who make the decisions and create war as an answer to the problems don't give a damn to the people's suffering, they fulfilled their greed and madness, they should be held accountable and put away in Guantanamo laugh

That is why women and men are taken advantage of during war times...raped...free for all attitude...pack mentality...rules of war thrown out the window...sort to speak...the spoils of war...sigh

sad flower

I do hope that USA will have their own oil, it could be the answer to the global havoc. They don't have to invade other countries then...and it would more likely cause a drop in oil prices. If they already have it, then why wait for decades to utilize it? Why wastes billions of dollars for senseless wars? They could have improved the lives of many Americans and hungry children in all parts of the worlds with those money spent on weapons and destruction. Again, we will never know the answer...unless the public seeks and demands for the truth. But people don't care that much anymore, they are doing OK, living their own lives, safe and free, why would they care for those who are suffering? They won't react till it's happening right in their home...

Bernie Sanders for 2020...POTUS...cheering

Not a corporate greedy citizen...he is for the people...wine

The Democrats thought it would be an easy victory...lol...campaign smearing at its finest...she had no chance with the rage of the machine...they simply dismissed Bernie...underestimating America's need for change...a Reagan election campaign slogan back in the days...
this planet never had peace since its creation
thats what i said diddle I

Mr D you are being bidded on right this moment so if you feel yourself being flown somewhere you know she outbid everyone elselaugh laugh

These girls are at war over the men that left.

Sorry crazy hijack but sex too has been around since first humans too.

Yes we are concerned and shout a lot but where money is concerned and different understanding of different cultures then war will always be with us.

We the little people can keep shouting but do our best for the sad and poor little people getting caught up in the wars.teddybear

Many American's believe that 9/11 was done by Americans to their fellow Americans, the families of the victims and the public deserve to know the truth but those who are responsible will continue to concote misleading info and cover ups to save their asses...it's up to the public to seek and demand for answers but it seems American public prefer to believe doubtful information and blame Osama rather than put those who orchestrated 9/11 to justice. So far, none of those they charged and detained was found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

War can go on and on in the Middle East but people here will never submit to USA's will. Their way of life, culture and religion mean more to them than their lives.

What I find sad to see is when other Arab countries are watching on the sideline while one of them is being plundered and terrorized. If every countries here in the Middle East come together, I think they will be untouchable but each one has his own agenda and intent on saving his own a** even at the expense of others.
sigh They can surely take care of their own but then again, they don't care that much...again, goes back to greed and power.

We know what USA did in Vietnam, I'm wondering what was done to rectify USA's crimes against Vietnamese...? and for the Iraqis ? These are the atrocities that can never be rectified...we can only learned from it and make sure they won't be repeated.sigh

I agree but unlike the old times, we now have plenty of options...long ago, it's easy to manipulate people, only few makes the decision and public simply follow orders given to them. Nowadays, we have every means at our disposal to get to the bottom of things, it's not that difficult anymore to prove what is fact and what is hoax...media provides transparency , internet connects the whole world...public can do so much and bring the much needed change if we all put ourselves into it. But how many really cares? sigh
The natural state of human kind is war and killing. It is what we were specifically designed to be very good at. Blame a thing named Anu and another one named Enki. Their problem became our being much better at killing and destruction than they thought we would be, smarter too. Better than they were. Even Marduk's setting off of 5 high yield nukes didn't eliminate us. Neither did the floods. They made us homicial and left us a mess and lamenting our dead. They created us, but then they had to run like H*ll. Yes, we were as grasshoppers before them. No matter, we hunted down everyone of the creator species and hybrids left behind anyway. Killed them all too. Some of us still hunt them, LoL. They fled here 10,000 years ago and think their sleeper ships heading homeward far, far, away make them safe. Good news. We may have found their home world system. Tabby's Star in the Cygnus constellation. We are working on it and hoping to be there waiting when they get to their home. Can you say star gate? LoL You can drown us. You can drop from the skies and rape our women when you are bored. You can take our leaders and children into space and let them breath the vacuum, You can drop nukes on our cities from orbit. It don't matter. We survive, we remember, and we is coming for you. Your little sky palaces with their spinning Kerr-Newmann black hole power plants don't mean diddly. Do you know what a quark star is? Well you will find out soon enough. Weenie Roast in the sky. From Man, to his God, with love...

What is happiness?

I am not sure, but I think you forgot to add leaving litter on the moon, to the list of US Crimes against Humanity.

That and proposing a punishment that measures up this 250 year crime spree.
How about having the Russians nuc the US and its territories back into the stone age?
An historical perspective -
A Peace To End All Peace - A Century Of Intervention In The Middle East -

Below is a more in depth documentary based on the Pulitzer nominated book "A Peace To End All Peace" -
Blood & Oil - The Middle East In World War I

Yes. World War ONE.
This did not all start after 9-11 scold

Bernie 2020, Lou -
Yeah. Except his age will work against him santa

The Dems' problem is they don't have many prospects with national recognition - no one warming up in the bullpen, as it were.

They put all their eggs in the Hildebeest basket, and now...
uh oh.....dunno.....confused

And another thing.
If they don't quit kicking the wall on the Russian thing & start staking out actual positions on real issues, they're gonna get shelacked again in the mid-terms.
It's like they WANT to destroy themselves as a viable national party...the New Whigs.

A review of Hildebeest's book, 'What Happened' very mad

Spoiler Alert - Obama caused her '16 loss.
rolling on the floor laughing

Bottom line -
The Dems abandoned core Dem issues/voters & ran a cult of personality campaign based on PC outage.
Orange Julius jumped on the Dems' own issues and handed Hildebeest her a** in the Rust Belt - the Dems' home turf.

Twist it however you will...that's where & how she(!) lost it.
She left it lying in the street; all he had to do was pick it up.
And he did.

The_Tara: "Rain #41"(meet us in the puzzles)

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