the purpose

After setting before him, a cup of coffee
He asked me, "What is the purpose of having a woman?"
I thought a moment and asked him "What is the purpose of having a man?"
I placed before him, his Camel cigarettes.
He asked me, "What use is a woman? They are nothing but trouble."
I thought a moment and told him "Men are nothing but trouble."

He sipped from the cup and drew a smoke from the box.
"Tell me more", he spoke, exhaling the smoke.
"Well, Sir, I have considered this myself", I said.
He stroked his chin and puffed again.
I took the stick from his hand and took a drag, eye to eye.
"We have pondered exact thoughts." I started, with grave seriousness.

"I've discovered most of either sex have a shelf life" I continued,
"As if we are shoppers, looking for a can of beans, with the 'best if used by date'".
He stroked his chin again.
I looked off into the distance, continuing "And we search for a thing that looks like a vegetable, tastes like meat, drinks like milk and filling like bread".

The lighter clinked shut after he lit two more cigarettes.
He used his hands to motion for me to sit.
We sat in silence, puffing and sipping.
"But, we are always hungry" I broke the silence.
"We have a need, our hearts convince we are starving, so we partake"
"The better question to ask is why we don't ever feel full".

With gazes locked and butterflies released,
We set our cups down, snuffed out the cigarettes, and arose, aroused.
Our limbs became wrapped about, as we became koalas on a eucalyptus
His mouth was my leaf and my mouth his leaf, devouring
We tasted flesh and dove into flesh and dipped into the depths of tender flesh, an intercourse of milk, bread, meat and beans.

Comments (15)

Outstanding Free!

Funnily enough I had coffee under Eucalyptus trees yesterday.
was it satisfying?
Yes it was satisfying, but not as satisfying as your Intercourse with the Camel man I say.
it is a fiction of what was wished
Fiction becomes reality in our minds, we are able to feel, to taste and to smell, the only drawback is the awkward silence as we feel shame and guilt, or pure happy satisfaction.

Fiction in our minds can display incredible detail as we play out our scenarios, your words show that.
i live in my head
We all do!, Many benefits such as cheap rent and utilities, and of course the privacy, we can be anyone, do anything, when bored with that we clear the set and a new story begins.
You are making me hungry...and me on a diet blues
Molly, take a bite wink
Free..I know me...I can't stop at just one bite...I want it all wink
how are you?

I want more talk with you

my whatsapp, viber, imo No : +8801729321602
This dude got a stonner. dunno
excellant writing free should i leave the camel with us twoblushing as no one else would bid a decant enough buttons for him.

I lost my buttons to him a long time ago and now i just wander the cold dark dessert at night looking for him----eating ice cream and drinking snaps rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
"an intercourse of milk,bread,meat and beans".
Free I had a different type of intercourse in mind...minus bread and beans.
You know Free there is a town in Pennsylvania called "Intercourse".....

Sounds like a nice place to

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