Cyber Life

Most of us seem to live and socialise in cyber land, daily messages and now and again a telephone or skype call to show that there is a human on the other end.

Do fall in love with someone, or is it the idea of falling for whom we perceive that person to be? Can you fall for someone just from those persons words even if you have no idea what they look like?

Why does a simple message bring either happiness or depression? Why do people become bullies from behind their screens?

We can get serious after a few messages; we have crushes on someone just because of their written words, words that will never be spoken or a face never to be seen. Looking into someone’s eyes, seeing facial expressions and body language are so much better.

We share images of our happier moments on Instagram or Facebook, we share moments of sadness on Facebook or blogs, are we expecting our cyber friends sympathy and a thumbs up?, do we get upset if none or few “friends” likes or we don’t get comments on a blog or forum...yes we do.

When we communicate in cyber land, our emails or messages are shortened, we don’t really put across what we feel, we are often misunderstood, a few words that are innocently typed can cause hate or confusion, language barriers are an issue, some merely communicate after translating their own language.

We often live far apart, but messages are instant, we have time zones but always seem to be able get through that, but we are ostracized by our geographical differences.

We think about a certain person all the time, during the day and at night, scenarios play in our heads, It’s just make believe, it will never be real...........or will it.

So make an effort, call someone, set up a video chat, speak and see the other person’s eyes, their smile or their tears and make a difference, it can be a very lonely life for some.

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viking67`s my experience that it seams easier to comunicate through different medias, while the talk gets lesser one on one in real life....
-espeshially after some time together.

..then if apart for some reason, the talk on skype or phone can last for houers again...

...strange how we have adapted to using tools for comunication.

classic example, is youngsters sitting in the same room texting eachother....

cool wine
Viking, So true, We have adapted just about all methods of communication to suit ourselves, technology is almost making speaking redundant. I wonder if humans will simply stop talking one day.
(I doubht the woman will....)innocent
untl society accepts dat txt lngwij iz d nu lngwij we R goin 2 b confused by real wrds & txt messages, bt I also hOp women dun stop talking, wen dey do itz d nd of mankind

Using one of those online translators, In my opinion what a load of utter bollocks txt lingo is, no wonder kids have problems.
"Bip the Clown". Managed without using the spoken word

Ob, Yes, the point is you could see him and his expressions, a text from him would be a bit blank
Well constructed blog Map....thumbs up

You are so right....."we" can get so caught up in the virtual world, that we forget to communicate effectively in real life, and so many misunderstandings have occurred in cyber land, which would have ordinarily been sorted with a quick phonecall or video chat.

Not forgetting, meeting in person is the only way to find out one's true character.

Berrie, Nice comment, and yes a simple call or video call can resolve a lot of crap.

Recently an old pal of mine was moaning that his kids lived 30 minutes away but only conversed in short whatsapp messages, I told him to drive to them and stop moaning, he did, happy families again.

Make a fecking effort and make a difference.
Very good idea this form skype before meeting someone. roll eyes but that means i would have to get dressed for skyping or person might think i was kinkt sitting in front of screen (as i always do)grin naked laugh laugh laugh
Red, Perhaps a simple robe could be worn, only removed if your fellow skypie was worth it?
remove wow wow on skype wow wow never the real thing or nutin rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
Red, stay dressed, stay pure even if you have been on the booze, stay away from the cybersex world and go get a real man from your gym
Good thinking batmandoh mapman laugh never cyber tricks laugh laugh would blushing blushing just could not do it, People say try everything once barf rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
Hi Map, good blog

Yes, we do seem to live more and more in cyberland.

It has both advantages and disadvantages as you say. We can communicate all over the world, but it is crazy and unrealistic to expect anything more to come of it.

That is why I chat publicly to everybody in the world, but have my private settings to this part of the world, and my dating requirement to within short driving distance.

One has to be realistic in one's aspirations and dreams. True, there are some people who are not tied to any geographic location; job; mortgage; family, etc., but those are few and far between. Most of us are tied, and even if we weren't, we may not want to relocate.

So we have to be realistic.

If we cannot, or will not, move to a different country/continent, then don't have private chats to people from those places. It is only raising hopes and expectations which will only get crushed.

Yep, it is so worth making the fecking effort.....your old mate will be thanking you in years to come.

Just because we have ready access to a long list of modern technologies, shouldn't make us lazy.

Go visit that friend.....that relative....thumbs up
Molly, Excellent comment, Our expectations and reality of achieving them are very dependant on Geographical location, I think that we often delude ourselves with a mainly cyber orientated life.

Relationships aside, everything is done via the web, we dont have to leave our homes to go shopping for anything, In some respects its a good thing in others its not.
Berrie, Yes thats the whole point of this collection of words strung together in some sort of order, Families and friends drift apart with purely typed words, Sure some people are shy and wont chat on video, but they should.
Map, yes I do some shopping online as it is easier
But i do go to the local market/supermarket to buy food and other everyday items.

I meet people every day at work, and interact with them.

I meet friends and family regularly - not by phone or email, but in person. That is important to me.

And yes, I am one of those people who won't video chat for love nor money laugh
Molly, You do have a good balance between cyber and real life, but one day be brave and accept that bank transfer for the 5 min video chat.hug
For sure Map....

....and how often is the written word misinterpreted/misunderstood!?.....doh

I don't have a problem with video chat, myself.
Berrie, The written word is more often than not misinterpreted/misunderstood, Like I said we truncate messages, some of us try messaging at adverse times to people on the other side of the world, I'm guilty of writing utter garbage when tired.
Yep, have noticed Map...roll eyes laugh

Not even for a bank transfer, Map cool
Berrie...Its very obvious? rolling on the floor laughing

Molly, I know, the bank returned the 20K certified cheque (check for the people over the pond).
I've noticed things improve post-siesta.....laugh wink
Well Im 90 minutes past my siesta time, I shall abscond upstairs and engage in some closed eye stuff.
I shall return fresh and stuff.
The only bad that i have experienced from cyber world so far, were a few porn cookies that popped up on kids game site.
I never saw my cheese customers, and they are paying my bills. Now, isn't that lovely?
Bloody, Seems you have done better than most, but this is still the cyber world, You do share yours with your Videos so thats something real.

Blogging here is fun but sometimes the trolls come out to ruin the

But it is important to have a balance...communicating person to person...if they can only fight the urge to text while you are trying to have a lunch or dinner with many times have I sat there quietly while some of my friends text another person...not a good feeling...very mad


Hi Lou, Its my pet hate, people sitting with each other tapping away without speaking, Ive even noticed that the age challenged Spanish men do the same, and worse will play loud videos to themselves.
Hello Map,wave Good blog, enjoy that. As for me, chatlines, dating sites, fill a void in ones life, with wishful thinking, and dreams. I ve heard of a few, very few occasions working out, but have heard, of multitudes that didn t,doh I have made some good friends of dating sites,which I count as a blessing. But do realize I was happier getting out, visiting, having coffee, time to go back there.
I do enjoy the humor and humor on the blogs, but I can get that by getting out more too. maybe its time to reach back to happier times,
1to1, That's pretty much my view, I do make an effort to get out and not stagnate in my desk chair in the dark,cheers
We do not have to only live in cyberland or only live in the real world

It is very possible to get the best of both worlds

Sometimes both worlds come together, as it has for me on many happy occasions.

But here is no way I would stay indoors in cyberland, rather than go out in town with friends.

However, it is very handy to have cyberland here during the evenings that I don't have anything else on

A good life balance is needed

Plenty folks here do the same thing...most annoying...they should ban cell phones in restaurants...doubt that would happen...roll eyes

Most are addicted to their gadgets...laugh
Agreed Minx.
I am the same. My off-line life is filled to capacity with friends, activities, family, and no technology.
Online is a way to fill in some downtime.
I've "met" some colorful characters on here.
Lou, in my favourite pub here, if you take out a mobile phone to have a conversation, you are thrown out laugh

That is a good thing...glad someone has common curtesy for all their patrons...thumbs up

You all got real friends?moping

Life balance is good, I was wondering what would happen If I removed all social media from my life as well as binning my smart phone if I would cope, I sit here right now with CS, Facebook and whatsapp on the go plus a landline call, no wonder my desk is worn away from typing arm syndrome.
Interesting blog Map. thumbs up

Luckily for me, I don't live in cyber land.

I have liked some people without pics and not knowing what they looked like... as you say...falling in love with someone's words.

I've also been caught on Skype in the middle of the night by someone living on the other side of the world.
Was only wearing an old tea shirt and it was rather embarrassing blushing

Today I had a quick Skype with someone and had to dress specially for the event wink
daniela, sound like you know the system, but Im sure you wore an old tea shirt when we skyped, during the day!hug
MrRick77: "POKEMON"(meet us in the puzzles)

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