Are people who live in Warm Countries happier?

This Blog is not about God, Religion, not Bitching, pointing the finger or giving out about C.S. Blog land.
I have read that people who live close to the equator, are far less likely to suffer Cancer and certain other auto immune illnesses. I am genuinely wondering, if people think, that living in a warmer country [Spain, Greece, Bahrain, etc., ] are happier, have more energy ?

Dublin [where I live] , was warm and sunny, [ after many days of incessant rain and wind ~I found myself energetic, optimistic, happy, ~ I walked for 2 hours, went and met some friends from schooldays, and no, we were not drinking, but we were all in great form, everybody seemed to be happier, with the blue sky and warmth.

So, does living in a Hot/Warm, Country make for a happier person?daisy

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GG, I dont think its specifically living in a warm country but rather the lifestyle that comes with warm weather.

People here in Spain certainly live longer and that's down to diet and exercise and a very happy and content way of life without undue stress.

I see people in their 80's and 90's with more energy than you could imagine. There is a difference between sitting in an igloo munching on seals and sitting in the sun with fresh fruit, fish and vegetables.
People in warmer climates get much more vitamin D than those in colder places which may account for increased happiness. Lot of northerner's lack vitamin D.
Cold weather folk seem tougher, more resolute, melancholic, deep and the rest of it. The weak-willed hedonism of warmer countries may seem happier but the laid-back doesn't go anywhere. Happiness is a difficult thing how do you compare the happiness you get from raising 3 brilliant children - or building a successful life - to the happiness you get from spending every day on the beach?
I'm happy a good share of the time. I've learned through the years on this confusing planet not to try figuring out why or how come something,someone are the way they are but to enjoy my time on it.
Hiya Goldie. wave I certainly have been happier living in Spain than in colder countries (Germany, England) and living by the sea, which helps a lot too!smitten

Having more sun and living an outdoor life we therefore have more vitamin D and our immune system becomes also stronger - not only with the sun, but also with the diet.
Also the arthritis is not as bad as when I was in Germany in the winter months with temperatures well below zero!

It is also a known fact that people who live up north tend to be more depressed due to the lack of sunshine.cheering
All depends both sides of the fence have benifts but i suppose it starts with were you feel happeir first.
I think so. There are so many research and investigation about that.
Based in my experience and countries where I´ve lived would say yes without hesitation.

Warm weather makes people happier and also lazier LOL...if you take Spain as an example, there is a big (HUGE) difference about living in north or south. I was born in north, what is known here as our little Ireland, rainy & damp most of the year, our summer there is short (if we have it lol!) now I´m living in south and nahhhh 100% opposite, people is just in a completely different mood all the worries. A permanent holiday lifestyle dancing
In warmer countries wit and who you know are pretty much the only ways to get anywhere in life. Warmer Europe elects Berlusconi, warmer America elects Trump there's a drop in seriousness which might immediately make you happier, long-term however it's not better to instantly gratify your impulses. But then again when warmer Europe did fascism it was an absolute joke which couldn't organise a piss up in a brewery Mussolini was less threatening than Hitler because he was a great big Latin charlatan. Same goes for Franco.
GG before coming to Spain my dad said you are going to love Spain, you feel like you are always on holiday. Well at first I hated it. I wanted to go home but now I must say I love it. There is always something going on. The weather is wonderful. Jim has been this month in Ireland hoping he can play some golf but has only manged to play twice. When he is here it's every day. He even goes to the beach in winter.

I've taken this for you from my lounge window. Clear sky and you can see the market in the street. There is always something on.
The dirty secret is that it's depression - and the sense that you're not good enough as who and where you are - that built the modern world and all of its industry. Your willingness to suffer is what makes a better life for your kids. Sitting back in the garden and putting on KISS FM does not do this.
I think it entirely depends on what you want from life, some people hate it & go back, others you couldn't pry away with dynamite, if you want a life spent working every hour you have to pay for living in the "right" street or driving the "right" car then you may not like say my area of Spain, nobody cares about that, when I socialise with neighbours some will be multi-millionaires other not have two halfpenny's to rub together, you wouldn't be able to tell which was which & nobody cares anyway.

As for health benefits, as an example I saw a woman arrive here from the UK in a wheelchair with chronic arthritis & six months later join a walking group & do a 3 hour walk, personally I'm less stiff than I was back in the UK 14 years ago.
Many thanks for the interesting replies.

Map ~ It is the lifestyle that you describe that makes me think it is a far nicer way to live, I've read you blog about plants and fruits growing in the sun in your home, the outdoor meals, the fact you can plan to have a BBQ, plan to go walking, swimming, it is the way of life as well as the heat. As you say, people in their 80s seem healthier and I have been told it is definitely better for those with Arthritis.

Track ~ I agree, we are lacking in D3 [the sunshine vitamin] unless we are lucky enough to be able to afford a handful of Sun holidays during the year.

Bearwoman ~ you made some very good points,

Daniela ~ I know how you love to sit on your terrace and enjoy your Dinner with a glass of wine and watch the sea, the mountains, the blue skies. Again, it is the peace, the lifestyle and living outdoors most of the time.

Cachuchi and ChesneyChrist some really good comments there. I accept our world is materialistic and in colder Climates like Ireland where there is incessant wind, rain, and dark grey skies, it is that much harder to be happy and upbeat, when you get drenched 4 days in a row, are not able to do your daily one hour walk because of pelting rain and biting winds, it is an uphill climb to stay positive.

Ishtar, that's interesting about not liking it at first, and how your husband could not get out to enjoy playing Golf. As you will know, we have had our usual summer of rain, rain and more rain.

yesterday I really felt I could take on the world because it was 17c which was warm in relation to recent temperatures, and the blue sky just made me so happy and my spirits soar,

Redex ~ I get what you are saying too. I know that wherever we go we take our head with us, but isn't life so much nicer on a Sunny day. I do know at my age, it would be a huge upheaval to move, and frankly, I could not afford it, so I do try and get out in a walking group , [have just joined a gym] cats meow [copycat that I am] and have my Art . But, I do think the lifestyle is great in Sunny climates.
ChesneyChrist ~ Interesting comment about the world, and it's woes, it is definitely easier to 'forget it all' in a place like Spain while enjoying the sun and a slower pace of living [mainly outdoors] and I do suffer Depression in the Winter months [in particular].
Zmountain Your place sounds great ~ I don't care a toss for how much somebody has in the bank. All humans having something to contribute. I think that is the great thing about warmer countries, the Arthritis does improve too, and with that, so does the quality of life, Thanks for replying.

Ishtar ~ That photo from your window. Is beautiful. What a view !snowed in This is mine, or has been , this rainy and dark summer. grin
Cachuchi ~ Thanks for your reply. I agree, it would seem there is less depression in warm countries. It would seem to me that most people on the blogs here, living in Canaries, [like yourself] and various parts of Spain, Greece, and other warmer climates like California, are upbeat and really can enjoy the outdoors and sun. applause
Bearwoman you have a very healthy philosophical edge on the world, and a sense of gratitude that I admire thumbs up

Here´s my favourite little café not far from my home. Blue sky, blue and warm water, sun shining - like this most of the year love

Sorry Goldie, no wine for me. Only fresh juice and olives.
most answering your blog are people who have moved like what we call blow inns is not a great .eway to judge ...for me here is best in world weather we take as we get but its not all wet this year has been very nice down here and I have no complaints spain theirs lots of poverty huge unemployment is not all as rosy as its painted ....and id say most who moved there don't work either if you don't work and you have loads of dosh anywhere is nice ....still id say for holidays and some guaranteed sun id agree but does it make you happier I don't believe that thinks its peoples imagination going a bit overboard ..have beebn in a few countries around Europe and when plane comes back into the clouds over iteland I do have a happy feeling home again
Some people can't be happy anywhere. Some need friends and family to be happy, climate doesn't matter.

I'm from SA (hot) and Scotland (cold) and am now camping out in Spain, back to tons of sun. In Scotland I was thrilled when the sun come out, even (maybe especially) if it was glittering off snow. However, a 2 week spell of heat in August, along with humidity, made me thoroughly grumpy and irritable. dunno Still, faced with walking a mile up a steep hill, I'd as soon it was cool and grey. On the other hand, it's nice to sit outside on my laptop without wondering when it will start to rain.

The health benefits are probably because so many chemicals and gases get pumped into heating colder places.

My perfect climate - which doesn't exist - has lots of variety and marked seasons and damp dreary weather never lasts for more than 2 days, just long enough to make me really appreciate the good weather when it comes back. If I found that, anywhere in the world - daydream

Enjoy your burst of sunshine laugh you have autumn and its colours, winter and its bracing chill, spring breezes and flowers, summer treats, all in store.

Some day we may live in biospheres with fake weather conditions, it would be interesting to see what The Experts decided was the best mix. professor
Tchah. Just re-read that. I'm not sitting on my laptop. I am sitting on a plastic chair at a sturdy plastic table and my laptop is on the table rolling on the floor laughing
i think the sun makes people happier than the overcast sky. i have less energy when it's warm though. i eat less and find the heat uncomfortable sometimes. it's nice to live where there is variety. a good rain makes weeding easier. a few sunny days brings the spirits up. overcast gives time to relax and enjoy the calm understated atmosphere
Freehand ~ thanks for reply. I hate humidity, intense heat, I am guessing that like other places in U.S., you get a proper summer, so you have the seasons, whereas here in Ireland, we can get 4 seasons in one day.laugh
With Global Warming, we seem to be getting wetter summers, with wind, and the constant overcast skies. I guess it is ok if you have a great job and are going abroad to the sun a number of times a year.

I love Autumn, Spring, the colours, scents, etc., and I love to paint Autumn scenes, colours are magnificent. I do have a fantasy that living primarily outdoors, being beside the sea, would be a laid back way of living, even on very little money. cool
Daniela ~ Oops, so juices and olives it is, and your dog and plants and sitting in the sun in the evenings, a wonderful lifestyle. I think you are happy there and I cannot see you living in a cold, dull, grey climate, it would be a culture shock now. waiter Thanks for photo, it looks so...... well, warm and relaxed.
Biff ~I've been to Scotland twice and was amazed at the beauty, I did not go in Summer either, it is a magical place, very cold [when I was there ] but the people were so warm, funny, and there was a great sense of fun in the Scots ~ I regularly watch programmes and particularly like to see the stately homes in North of Scotland and how they grow exotic plants with the proper insulation from the Trees.

Of course, humidity and intense heat is not for me either, It's exhausting.

I guess the best of both worlds is the ideal. Go to a warmer climate in the Winter, for 3 months, I do find the constant grey, wind, rain, and the need for artificial light is oppressive and I have much more energy and am happier when the sky is blue. Wishing you the best by the way .daisy foot in mouth
Hi J.J. Thanks for reply. Isn't it amazing how different the weather can be from one end of this tiny Island to another. I do know that Galway and Cork had so much flooding that we were lucky enough to escape. From what you say, you had better weather .

I disagree about people here living abroad being 'Blow ins'. I've been on the blogs for a number of years, and I know a lot of people here have been living in Spain, Greece for many years now and indeed are working too, so not just lying out doing nothing [in the sun].

I would go mad just sunbathing ~ Daniela does her voluntary work with horses and I know I would be involved in some type of part time activity/work if I was in Spain or similar.

I disagree with regard to poverty. There is more homelessness here than ever before, and the two tier system is getting worse with our health system crumbling, but that is for another blog.

I don't think any country is Nirvana, I enjoy what Ireland has to offer, I love the Theatre [nothing like a good Irish play with some of our great actors,] and I love the craic and Traditional Irish music form time to time, and certain old fashioned pubs where the banter from the barmen is great and there is not a T.V. screen to be found.

I just think the light is particularly grey and certain people are more tuned in to that. Even countries like Holland which is cold in Winter, does not have that Greyness, the sky is blue even though it is cold, it is the same in New York which is much colder. It is the incessant rain, rain rain. That is why Depression is referred to as 'The Celtic Twilight' especially in the west, there is a purple/greyness to the skies which is depressing for many.

Keep up the daily walks. I got great boots and am trying to hit 2 hours a day.

thumbs up thumbs up
Not sure about your comment about less cancer.
Skin cancer is a serious issue.
I think so... Put me in a cold country and you have one miserable SOB.laugh
Usernametaken ~ yes, that is true, but isn't that the people who immigrated there? mostly ?
Lukeon ~ Thanks for confirming that warmer countries DO make people happier. [in general]. I know it does not stop problems in life or any guarantees but If I am going to be poor, or lonely, I would prefer the sun shining and the flowers out, and the birds singing.daisy
You're what makes me happier.Good blog Ms.Sunshine.Thanks!
daisy daisy daisy daisy daisy daisy daisy
Ashlander Why thank you mam, Much appreciated. It is sunny here by the way, 2 Days in a row. Yipeee!
applause happy place happy place daisy daisy
Do I miss getting up earlier in the winter time to go outside and scrape the ice and snow off my car's windshield? A resounding NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, besides I can go to the beach year round.
Grouchy ~ Yay! so that is a definite yes from you. Enjoy your lovely climate,thumbs up Thanks for commenting.
As to what was mentioned earlier, Northerners lack vitamin d, resulting in more illnesses. For instance, the closer to the equator you get the cases of ms virtually disappear.How does this effect other illnesses,confused
I figure warm weather encourages active lifestyles, snow and cold doesn t,doh

On the other hand northerners, don t get as many killer storms, earthquakes, ..... Lots of ways of looking at it.

Where do your theories come from exactly? Your anus? dunno


In Europe, people in warmer countries tend to be happier and have a better overall quality of life compared to those in colder countries despite the fact that the colder countries in Europe tend to have better economies. In fact:

S.A.D. might have something to do with it. Probably, we all suffer from that to one extent or the other.
We are tropical animals after all.
If getting up in the morning and having breakfast on a sun filled terrace and walking in the surf along the beach as the sun sets is what appeals to you and makes you happy, then living in the sun is the place to be.

Personally, I hated living in the UK especially in winter when I went to work in the dark and returned home in the dark. The cold never really bothered me, but, the constant days of rain really was depressing. Where I live now it rains for a total of about one week a year and even then on some days where it rains, the amount of rain is not even enough to fill a tea cup.
1to1to1 I had read about there being no cases of M.S. and other auto immune illness and of course, Depression is rare in places very near the equator. I agree with you though, the better weather makes us more active, cold, rainy, snowy, we hibernate.
I also agree with you about Killer Storms, Earthquakes, guess you can't have it all. Thanks for replying, thumbs up
Solamente ~ that sounds like Paradise. I agree, the constant grey skies, getting up in the dark, long dark evenings, I am less likely to go out for a walk, with rain and cold, less likely to go for long walks.

Being close to the sea, and one weeks rain a year. YES applause I visited Tenerife many years ago and no doubt it has changed, but the weather sounds wonderful and why would you not prefer it to the cold and dark of winter in U.K. So that is another 'yes' it does make you happier. Thanks for
SimoninMark ~ I read that, hence the Blog, I wanted to hear it from the horses mouths. It would seem most people living in the sun that have seen the other side [coming from U.K, Ireland, Germany etc., ] prefer the warmth of the sun, being able to swim all year 'round. Is that a yes from you too?

Thanks for replying.
I was born in a state where sometimes it would get warm in the summer months or sometimes cooler during the winter months.

I also lived in a state where it was overly hot and humid most of the time whether it was Spring,Summer ,fall or winter.One Christmas day it was in the 70's which took some getting used to.Then back in 2006 I moved here to the state of Ohio which resembled my home state to which I born in.

Over the years as I reached my senior years the cold temps began to really bother me.My personality didn't change all that much but after spending about 3 years or so in that much much warmer climate it took some getting used to cold weather all again.
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