Are people who live in Warm Countries happier?

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I have read that people who live close to the equator, are far less likely to suffer Cancer and certain other auto immune illnesses. I am genuinely wondering, if people think, that living in a warmer country [Spain, Greece, Bahrain, etc., ] are happier, have more energy ?

Dublin [where I live] , was warm and sunny, [ after many days of incessant rain and wind ~I found myself energetic, optimistic, happy, ~ I walked for 2 hours, went and met some friends from schooldays, and no, we were not drinking, but we were all in great form, everybody seemed to be happier, with the blue sky and warmth.

So, does living in a Hot/Warm, Country make for a happier person?daisy

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thinks if your happy where you live counts for a lot especially if your lucky enough to have a special person love and live for I aint got this person but then tomorrow can change I still love living here so that's the bonus I suppose
Bear ~ you've done your share of moving around so I guess you are able to speak about it. I find as I get older, the cold and damp becomes that bit harder. When I was young, the rain and wind and constant grey did not bother me as much. Thanks for your interesting reply.thumbs up
J.J. I think that if we found somebody, a soulmate, that we could live in the North pole and it would not bother us. Love is like that, having somebody at your back, to cherish, to love to laugh and be best friends with.

I do think the sun helps keep us happy though ~ as for you finding Ms. Right. A watched kettle never boils. It will happen when you are not looking or waiting.
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