Are people who live in Warm Countries happier?

This Blog is not about God, Religion, not Bitching, pointing the finger or giving out about C.S. Blog land.
I have read that people who live close to the equator, are far less likely to suffer Cancer and certain other auto immune illnesses. I am genuinely wondering, if people think, that living in a warmer country [Spain, Greece, Bahrain, etc., ] are happier, have more energy ?

Dublin [where I live] , was warm and sunny, [ after many days of incessant rain and wind ~I found myself energetic, optimistic, happy, ~ I walked for 2 hours, went and met some friends from schooldays, and no, we were not drinking, but we were all in great form, everybody seemed to be happier, with the blue sky and warmth.

So, does living in a Hot/Warm, Country make for a happier person?daisy

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thinks if your happy where you live counts for a lot especially if your lucky enough to have a special person love and live for I aint got this person but then tomorrow can change I still love living here so that's the bonus I suppose
Bear ~ you've done your share of moving around so I guess you are able to speak about it. I find as I get older, the cold and damp becomes that bit harder. When I was young, the rain and wind and constant grey did not bother me as much. Thanks for your interesting reply.thumbs up
J.J. I think that if we found somebody, a soulmate, that we could live in the North pole and it would not bother us. Love is like that, having somebody at your back, to cherish, to love to laugh and be best friends with.

I do think the sun helps keep us happy though ~ as for you finding Ms. Right. A watched kettle never boils. It will happen when you are not looking or waiting.
sorry to rain on your parade but where do u get the notion tat people in warm climate spend quality time on the beach instead of working?
i live in a hot country and we work very hard we are tough hardworking people .. dont watch the ones that migrate to your country and do nothing.. at least so i have heard that the jamaicans dont want to work in the Uk..

yes we do have beaches yes sometimes some will go to the beach but i can tell you for most of us its once a year or for some none .. i have not been to the beach since my now daughter who is now 12 was 2+..
and many more just like myself .

true happiness comes from within you.. the good things you do in life makes you happy even helping someone ..
happiness doesnt comes from having a lot of money or materialistic things ,, those may bring you contentment but not happiness..there is a different between the 2

when you can sit at the end of the day and reflect on the good deeds you have done the job you have completed the hurdles you have jump.. the lives you may have saved a stomach you may have fill .

i personally have am proud of my kids they make me happy because i am working very hard to give them a good education regardless of all the obstacles that have been and that are in my way it brings be great happiness .
and when i can help others in anyway i feel as if i can move the world with being happy..
so happiness dont comes from warm or cold weather..
fabulous comment Georgie! Actually I think Chesney talks to himself most of the time, I know I can't understand his reasoning most of the time...bless him!

As far as JJ goes, well, you only need to look as far as your inbox really! professor put your spex on sweetie!!

GG, great blog & you know you have my invite & you are welcome to stay as long as you want providing you bring your paints, we have loads of vit D here, enough to share....lub ya sweetie xxx
...the waterpipes are still frosen here, so a bit warmt wouldn`t be a bad wine
...would probably make me happy, if they melted soon....sigh mumbling
darn it, Baltus, I remember the frozen pipes from my time in Flam.... yuk!
tank You CT..
some people think because you live in a hot place and have beaches we live on it .. not so we work very hard and we are tough as nail..both weather can be harsh sometimes we are wishing for a bit of cool Air.. i was ask once if all Jamaicans are rastas and if we lay in the sun all day smoking weedrolling on the floor laughing .

its freezing cold there we are burning hot here just the opposite of each weather..
yes the beach would be welcoming but we gotta work our a*ss off .

i will keep that invite in mind i definitely could do with some paint but be warned am no artist rolling on the floor laughing

Next question.

Yep I am.
Greetings GG, I was alot happier on the Island in the other life
I miss the sea the hills my friends the way of life not walking too fast.cheers
Hi Flyjames wave I just happened to see you there, this is quite an old blog. I am not surprised, aren't you living in Holland now where you get a nice Summer but very cold winter. Nicer than Ireland where summers are wet, dark and then the odd few sunny days.

I bet you miss your lovely warm Jamacia. Those blue skies, soft winds. I know that when the sky is blue, and there is heat, I am happy, motivated, I can take on the world. I sing, I hear the birds singing louder, everybody here is in great form because we are just so grateful to have some sun.
Great to see you . Thanks for your comment. hug
Nice to see here GG. Yes I am still living in Holland its sunny today but the wing is cold..Still its spring time
and there is alot todo in the garden..This time of the year Holland is lovely..

Walk good hug
Thanks Fly ~ I think Holland is beautiful. At least you have a summer.
Ireland has had the worst Winter, Spring on record. Last night I had the central heating on, again ! full blast it is so cold. No way to dry clothes with incessant rain and that overhanging low grey cloud. It is only natural that the spirit gets a bit low in such weather.
I have lovely Oriental poppies, they are about 6 years old and grow very high and large, this year, they have not flowered, my daffodils and tulips got bashed and mushy from the rain and the awful wind. There is still a wind so wearing winter clothes !!!!

Yes definitely i would be happier in a sunny climate, not Dubai type heat but a nice summer would be a plus. Take care Fly. Nice to see you on my blog hug
Sor of, but I imagine we acclimatise psychologically. Warmer countries might be happier but they get used to it like having 5 sugars in tea tastes as sweet to the person who wants that as 1 or no sugar does to you or I.

If anything I would argue that cold weather is more demoralising to tropical blood than tropical weather is to cold weather blood. Black people like snow men less than white people like a sun tan.
That's a good question. I live in a warmer part of the country although we do still have a winter. I love the warm weather because there is so much sunshine associated with it and sunshine always gives my mood a boost. I don't like too many cloudy days in a row. One thing I will admit is that I wouldn't like the hottest part of the year without air conditioning.

For comparison I lived for three years in a more northern state, New Hampshire, and honestly couldn't acclimate to the cold weather and the long stretches of time that snow covered the ground.
both climate have a down and a upside .. there is no fun living in any of these climate .. sometimes we pray for some snow coz its so hot.. even the shower you gotta jump back sometimes when the water in the pipes got hot from the heat and there are times you start sweating before you could step from the shower sigh going out the place is dry and dusty some times there are cracks in the soil even river level drops enormously on the roads you can see the miraj on the road sometimes even your shoe will take a bit of the road along with it because the aswalt begin to melt in some places .. just a few of the downside of living in a warm climate.. its not always so good and cant be happier than any lets just say one can be happy anywhere as long as you want to be ..
Georgie ~ thanks for your comment, I live in Ireland, not the U.K. but no, I am aware that many people in places like Jamacia, Dubai, Egypt etc., work very hard.
I was really speaking about somebody my age, who is tired of cold weather and the drudgery of it.
You really do have to live your life in a rainy country, with grey dark skies and little sun, very few warm days to appreciate its effect on health and mind.

I do accept that happiness is an inside job though, and thanks very much for your reply. wave
JustforKicks ~ thanks for replying, interesting what you say. I do believe that on a sunny day I have more energy, am happier, can do so much, enjoy the outdoors. Things look brighter....
I can understand what you say about living in a very cold climate in winter like Maine or some similar place. Thanks for your input. Much appreciated.
ChesneyChrist, Interesting reply. I did not know they'd brought up t his blog again. Sorry for delay in replying. I have heard about people needing VitD3 and how we are lacking in it and it causes Depression but interestingly. I bought expensive VitD3 Tablets [a good brand] took them for about 6 months in the winter.

I was having bloodworks done at hospital and the Doctor phoned me and asked me was I taking any Vitamins? I of course admitted to taking D3. Why? I said I felt I was lacking because living in Ireland we get so little sunshine. He said that being fair, with green eyes, I need very little D3 and that people with fair skin
I actually have fair skin but it tans, nonetheless, fair people don't need D3 and it is only those with very dark hair and brown eyes, dark eyes that need a lot of Dd3 so there you are !
So much for the Depression and lack of D3 theory.

Thanks for replying, wave
miclee you are totally spoilt living in Florida . Did you know people with ginger/red hair need very little D3 vitamin as they manufacture their own ? See, we are a superior race after all.wave :
Mercedes ~ I take it that's a yes so. Good for you.thumbs up
Tilla ~ You like the sun, and thanks again for that offer, I really appreciate it. I do need some sun and when I am human again, I would love to visit. wave
Viking ~ sorry to hear that. I have always wanted to visit Norway, it is beautiful in the summer ? at least you get a summer. Thanks for reply x
Viking ~ sorry to hear that. I have always wanted to visit Norway, it is beautiful in the summer ? at least you get a summer. Thanks for reply x
You all keep shoveling snow and I will keep shoveling sand.

( Oh Jesus not another disclaimer )

Disclaimer: Any resemblance between the pure golden grains here and that dirty black, oil stained muck you call sand is not a coincidence but your inability to distinguish the real thing from that pollution infested stuff you are stuck with.
No nothing to do with weather. And plenty of people with cancer here.
welcome Gold

i guess no matter where we are there are always some issues .. some days i wish for days you have though.. maybe we can exchange laugh

but i fully understand what you mean regardless of the age the weather can be hard ..
not to mention the constant mosquitoes and the different kind of illnesses that comes with the tropics .. its vise versa ..

like now i wish for some snow with the summer already here i feel as if am in hell .. i am miserable with the heat at my heels ..sometimes when i get in shower and in bed i still feel as if the heat is still in my bones.. and because where i live the house is made from concrete and decked top its like a furnace .. my bed feels as if it was over a oven lol ..but if possible maybe you can migrate to a warmer country there are places that you can migrate tojust need to find that perfect piece of paradise that you love ..
I prefer hot weather, born in Africa and now here in Sunny Spain works for me, I can't stand the cold and snow that I had in the UK, but it does get very hot in my area, 48C quite often, so its glorious air conditioning inside and out, yes I have outdoor a/c, being a posh git.
This year we did have a very cold winter, I had to buy a jacket and fecking socks, but now its getting warmer.
Hi GG, I kind of go with what the guy with the green jersey sez. Happy people will be happier in a nice warm climate while a miserable sod will just be his usual self in a cold placelaugh
Our climate sounds similar to yours, GG, so I know I'm always happier, more energy, etc when the sun shines. But would I be in a climate that was sunny all the time? I don't know, but how about if you send me on a paid research trip to Panama and I'll let you know. rolling on the floor laughing
Suppose I've taken the sun for granted so never thought about this question hug , but happiness comes from within not outside of ourselves. But how could I know? Especially when my entire family moved to the UK African colonies. My mum's maiden name was McGuire.
Peepers ~ very interesting name, they were high kings, also Maguire. Worth checking out your ancestry.
I guess you are so used to the sun now. However, for months here we had rain rain rain, and wind and cold and it definitely does need a warm happy spirit to keep you going.
The west of Ireland, has a high rate of Depression and they used call it 'the Celtic Twilight' because of the dark grey/purple skies for most of the year that they felt induced depression, well certainly did not help if one had a propensity to it.
Thanks for replying wave
I could never live in a hot climate, heat makes me ill, low. I hate and never do sun bathing lying doing nothing under the sun to get tan ( roasted).Why ruin skin and pigmentation.
I sleep with open window under - 20 C freeze, I like to keep warm under a warm blankets but get a fresh air to my not blocked nose. Best sleep ever.
I hate people who cry for cold, usually they are 'cry me a river ' and with low immunity system who blames everything on weather.
Am happy GG, living where I am...
Lovely weather, no natural disasters...climate fairly stable.
It just rained a few minutes ago....mid autumn. So, the Gods favor us. laugh
Lilly ~ you live a very healthy life. Your country is not damp so that with those cold temperatures, yes, it is cold but does not feel as cold as say, Ireland would because as a small Island, we have damp air is very very cold and damp. Not always possible to sleep with window open because of lots of rain.

I would love to sleep like you do, with window wide open, but I live on ground floor one storey house which is near a busy street so not safe at night.
I think we get more cloud than you in winter, very dark grey, but I agree with you about roasting in the sun, it is very bad for skin. I wear Factor 50 on face, neck, chest, I don't sunbathe, I find I get very tired in very hot weather, I prefer about 19c 20c after that, too hot.

I do like blue skies though I think they make us happier. thanks alot for your interesting comments.wave
Hello GG,wave The reason people in Warm countries are happier is Because they don t have to shovel snow in the winter months.I know I d be a happier person if I didn t have to shovel snow,rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
I don't really like hot weather at all. I think most people would consider 19-20C. on the cool side for highs. Here we can get 35C for weeks at a time in summer with 80-90% humidity. Cool cloudy summer days are a blessing to me. I hate it when it is hot with bright sun and high humidity. After a rain it can really be oppressive. Much of the eastern half of the US is like this. The humidity is much lower out in the western states. California has almost perfect weather, so does Colorado. But it is only a couple of months or so out of the year.......that is too hot here. And usually winter only has two or three weeks that are really cold. People drive cars with air-conditioning, shop and eat in air-con, and live in houses with air-con these days. In Spring and Fall you see people out walking or riding bikes, but in the heat of summer or cold of winter not so much. Tempers are much shorter and crime and violence also increase in the hotter months.

I have thought about moving to Ecuador where the weather is nearly perfect at altitude, and the cost of living is very low. They call Ecuador the land of eternal spring. People living in Quito or Cuenca at around 8,000 ft. elevation and near the equator, don't have to heat or cool their homes. I also didn't see any bugs when I was there in September, so you could leave windows open without screens on them. I think 19-21C would be pretty normal highs there, with temps a little cooler in the rainy season, but still very moderate compared to where you live. They have a fairly large ex-pat community living there with many people from the US, Canada, and Europe living there. To really get around and enjoy Ecuador one should learn Spanish as the locals don't speak much English.
GG - so I guess that's a 'no' on the research project? rolling on the floor laughing
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