A Question for all you women out there

what do you find attractive in a guy?? please be honnest
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A genuine big smile, cant beat it as a smile can light up a person's face, thats the looks thing,fabulous manners are very attractive,sincerity,loyalty,honesty,a guy thats not afraid to be himself..wave
I guess that there has to be some physical attraction, I guess starting with the face. To be quite honest, everyone is different here, but I generally like to base my opinion on a persons personality. To me, if you're someone who becomes a really good friend, then it tends to reflect overall appearance.
A sweet smile, sensitivity, sincerity, loyalty, respect, honesty, protectiveness, non jealous, non possessive, confident. If I think about it I could come up with more, but these are the basics that I look for when approached by a guy. peace
I'm a sucker for a guy that makes me laugh and can carry on a conversation. If he's a looker that's nice too but not mandetory.
Honesty and passion.
His thoughts. . . Smart man are sexy . . .
A good sweet personality....but I guess in physical apperance it would be a cute smile, and a nice jawline (yes, I said it!)
everyone sees different things in a person, thank god, but for me if a man makes me laugh, and the chemistry is there thats all it takes really, chemistry is important but its something you cannot really describe in words.
...................Answer,especially with Western European Woman ......'Money'....plain and simple,and lots of it too......

J.Dgrin devil
....Physical harmony ...Education...Style...and financial independence...
if you need to ask..........then I would guess its unlikely you have it...
If the question is about online profiles, I prefer men who are wearing a shirt in the photos. I also go by their online names. If the name is something like "biggdik" or "gr8lover" or such, I skip the whole thing.

Hope that helps.

In real life, the eyes have it.
A women is never to old to comment on what she likes in a man..I always liked...One who isnt a player, and who knows a women is smart enough to know that women these days are able to spot them. One who doesnt stare at other women. One who has a sense of fun.One who isnt sloppy, who likes jeans but likes to dress up sometime, one who holds my hand..and... when he finds out that I adore him... still loves me and doesnt take me for granted, I lost my knight in shining armour a while ago, and im wondering.. Are there any more of you?.. Sara
Well you said ALL women.. good luck to you.. Sara
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