Fear of God

This gift of fear of the Lord is sometimes misunderstood because of the word “fear.” “Fear of the Lord” is not a servile fear whereby a person serves God simply because he fears punishment, whether some sort of temporal punishment in this life or the eternal punishment of hell. A genuine relationship with God is based on love, not fear. Therefore, this “fear of the Lord” is a filiall or reverential fear that moves a person to do God’s will and avoid sin because of love for God, who is all good and deserving of all of our love. In a similar way, a child should not be motivated to obey a parent simply because of fear of punishment, but because of love and respect; a person who loves someone does not want to disappoint or to break the other person’s heart. One should fear hurting a loved one and violating that person’s trust more than one should fear punishment. Nevertheless, one should have a healthy sense of fear for the punishment due to sin, including the fires of hell, even though this should not be the motivating factor for loving God.

So, as I continue my journey through the ever dynamic CS blogs and become victimized for ppl calling me a person they do not want to be.... "Fearing God", I hope you understand the true and absolute meaning.

Have to get back to work so, all have a good day..

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There was a time when to call the person God-fearing was considered as a compliment. Today the fear of God seems to much something old-fashioned and difficult for understanding. "If God is love — they can tell — that why it is necessary to be afraid of him?" Most of people perceive fear as negative, paralyzing feeling. However the true fear of God is wider concept, and as we will see, it not just feeling.
Your pastor brainwashed you mate I'm afraid.
Anyone who loves will know, respect, love, loyalty and in Gods case reverance. [for me, a believer]
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Be kind to others...no need to fear then...wine
uh oh


lou lou is bang on harm no one and you has no to answer to
fear not for I am with you at all times. angel
What a bunch of..... why not just say God loving or for the love of God? That semantic round about BS is mind numbingly ridiculous.

Every religion uses the fear of God's punishment as THE motivator to keep the "flock" from being individual thinkers.

They don't call it a flock for nothing

roll eyes roll eyes
That true love is what God reciprocates to us to perform supernatural,unselfish,heroic acts.
We could never do it on our own.Fear subsides when one calls onto God.
wave Sea, everyone will have that moment.
For the love of god=for Pete's sake.not same in meaning as GOD.
Like bless you heart=biting your tongue.not same in meaning as Bless.
Free will is the main construct.like free range parenting,or free range chickens.
We are individually responsible and navigate man-made laws or lawlessness the same.

We are His by choice, there's no omission.
It;s been a long day, and this will be my final post on the subject. Many are missing the definition of filial fear, so let's define it:

Actually filial fear is close to love that dreads offending the one loved. Thus the filial fear of God is compatible with the highest love of God. A person, knowing his or her moral weakness, fears that he or she might displease or betray the one who is loved. It is selfless fear.

All clear now?
have a good night Sea! wave
Mansplaining at its finest. I understood you. I disagree and think it's ridiculous to think an omnipotent being would give a tinkers darn whether we respect, fear, love, worship it.

Talk about making God in man's image.

Lining up with our god like Selves is the underlying motivation to seek this approval from the Being that created us just as we are. All the machinations of pleasing God are simply ways we have made up as a means of creating less suffering FOR OURSELVES.

It's the height of arrogance to think The Creator of ALL is waiting around for you to slip up and sin so that It can make you suffer.
No, Ash. I am aware of the different uses for that phrase.

I meant it in its purer form. As in, "For love of God I offer these gifts"
Filial Fear sounds like a strange corruption of the Taoist concept - Filial Piety, also known as Filial Responsibility.
Sea you are the resident preacher for CS at this time. There always seems to be one or two, though many have left or faded from view. CS is never without one for long, even though the waters are rough and much to the atheists frustration on a predominately secular site. laugh Its an interesting phenomenon. beer
Not to forget Mr .string but he is mainly a video man.
Thank you Ms calmheartseeks, and I have learned as well from Mr. stringman's video's..
Stuff you should be learning from are books such as "A brief history of time" for instance. It's light. Pleasant to read. Lovely.
I cannot remember how many times in the Bible Jesus said 'Fear not'. Fear never comes from God.
Be still and know that I am God.
To try and dicipher /understand the teachings of God, the utter wonderment of his love for us, from a scientific arena is useless.

Diversity is a beautiful thing, Live and let live. There is room enough for us all. Good Blog, Sea.thumbs up
Your feelings on this matter are as distant from mine as the sun is as far from the moon.
However This is a dating site and obviously the woman you seek would have to be of a like mind on such a matter for a binding relationship to evolve.

I do respect your honesty on the issue. handshake

One question that comes to mind on the issue of "Filial Fear" !
Should a Woman feel this emotion toward her Husband. ? dunno
Nonsmoker ~ I would answer your question with a firm yes, and the husband would feel the same type of fear of his wife. The fear of hurting, offending, being disloyal. The not wanting to hurt, or insult the person we love. I shall leave it to the man who wrote this blog to reply more eloquently.
Hello Sea,

I am assuming (which I don't like doing) a blog that mentions God in it will automatically have an open mind closed to any Atheist. Therefore, the message does not make its way through. A good read. Thanks for sharing it.
If you are leaving it to the man who wrote the blog, why bother at all. confused

Although I do agree.
That's why extra marital affairs should be kept secret. wink
A quagmire of blissful ignorance is all that kind of fear can lead too. roll eyes
But if that's what makes you and whatever man shows interest in you happy then I wont disturb you.

But it sure ain't my bag.
Nonsmoker ~ I have always allowed for human frailty in relationships. I don't condone deceit, deception, interestingly, My relationships have been with Atheists/Agnostics and the same rules apply. If he cheats that's it and it's that simple.scold

I would like to think that is what makes us human. To respect, to be loyal, despite getting the chance to cheat, or s*xual urges toward another who is not our partner. Not always easy wine
Ms goldengloss, your response to Mr nonsmoker is well stated "and the husband would feel the same type of fear of his wife. and may I add it relates to any and all of humankind, ie: friends, relatives, as mentioned children as well.
Mr nonsmoker, The basic meaning of fearing the Lord that we read about in Deuteronomy (the bible) is also in the Wisdom Literature, where we're told that "the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom." The focus here is on a sense of awe and respect for the majesty of God. So, back to your analogy, if you had filial fear you wouldn't have to concern yourself with 'keeping your extra marital affair a secret'. You would have been scared shitless to even think about it.
Mr johnny_sparton, Im not so sure about that. I read the thinks the atheists write. This way I know what not to do.laugh And I see there are many atheists here who have responded. We're in the 21st century everyone should keep all options open to making themselves a betterment to society. Because, it's crumpling right before our eyes.

I do not fear...I do not have a suspicious mind...nor want to dwell on my partner misbehaving...karma is a b*tch...the truth comes out anyways...temptation is always around us...it is human to screw up...depends on how much we can endure...

Nurture and nature plays a role in how we conduct ourselves...do not need a lecture from religious people telling me how to conduct myself...as you said...there is room enough for everyone...wine
let me add to my last post... not only a betterment to society, but a betterment to thyineselves.
seaworthy, pal, can I have your pastor's/your take on Ephesians 5:22 please? I'm genuinely interested in that. Thank you in advance.
Mr simoninmark, I;ll do you one better. Here is an expose of the Amish lifestyle. See what you think..

"Amish women typically take at least a nominally subservient role to their husbands. In public an Amish woman will normally defer to her husband’s decisions. In private, however, the reality is that the Amish woman is highly influential, and Amish husbands often yield to their wives’ wishes, particularly on household matters."

"Though there is not a lot of hard scientific data, evidence suggests there is a generally high level of contentment among Amish women."

Comparable to Espesians 5:22 and it seems to work fine for the Amish people ....amazing again

That is just man's ego at play...Marilyn Monroe played "stupid blondes" in movies but she got what she wanted...men fell for it because they were too stupid to recognize that they got played...lol...laugh

I had no idea that you were a 50's man...laugh

You protest too much...turning back the clock sort to speak will not happen...Amish or other wise...

Good video clip...enjoy...

Sea ~ for once, I disagree with you regarding using the Amish community. I don't think that using that analogy of how the wives pretend to be subservient whilst outside the front door, [to give their husbands their full'Ego' and then wield with an iron rod so to speak in Domestic matters when inside the house does anything for Christianity. Jesus gave women a role in society, the 3 Marys, he was ahead of his time and it would be sad to go backwards.

I think honesty in relationships is vital, [including my own honesty with my God]. I also do not have pride, so I don't for one moment, think that I am a better human being than any of the Atheists on C.S. or anywhere else.
Elitism does not come from God. It comes from High up echelons in various Churches and Monarchies, Jesus hated that .

What the Amish do is hypocrisy, pretence, a front, a face, whilst inside they become who they really are, much like the street Angel man who is lovely to everyone on the road, and then goes in and beats his wife.

Finally, the Amish are extremely cruel and run 'Puppy Mills' where the bitches are made to breed and breed to make a profit for the Amish, and kept in tiny cages, with sores and untreated nails, unkempt and in horrific conditions, never receiving any love or proper Medical physical care.

They are not a happy people and their 'Shunning' of another in their group who has sinned [He who is without sin cast the first stone ?] is anti - Jesus, and again, being 'Holier than thou' and acting as God. It has caused many Amish terrible emotional problems to be shunned in this cruel way. Their cruelty to animals in their massive Puppy Farms is justified by them by one single verse 'Ye shall have dominion over the animals' just as the Jehovah Witnesses believe that it is wrong to have a transfusion because of one tiny sentence.

Anyway I love your posts and have high regard for the fact your risk life and limb emotionally coming on here and speaking about the Gospel and Jesus. dancing dog But, as an animal lover, a person who does not think they are better than a non believer, and as somebody who thinks only being 'real' and having mutual respect in a relationship works, [not being docile either in public or private ]or playing games. I felt I had to say this. Sorry very long.
Ms goldengloss, I think you misinterpreted what I quoted. "and then wield with an iron rod so to speak in Domestic matters when inside the house" this is what I quoted "In private, however, the reality is that the Amish woman is highly influential, and Amish husbands often yield to their wives’ wishes, particularly on household matters." I'm not sure where you picked up the iron fist scenario.

I think of shunning or in the Catholic Church as a form of excummunication although it's not accepted as such. From the churches vantage point, Scripturally, excluding a person from the church is preceded by admonition and counsel; it is only employed in cases of bonafide heresy, obdurate divisiveness, or blatant, unrepentant sin; and it is a last resort. Shunning, as defined as a refusal to speak to someone or a total severing of all ties, goes beyond what the Bible advocates.

I'm going to go a little off-tangent here. I had a great conversation with someone concerning what communities did years ago to what they are doing today. It was about shaming. If you acted badly in public or showed signs of homosexuality the 'guys' took care of the problem. They shamed you and kicked your a**. No police, just the community doing their housecleaning. In today's communities anything goes and everyone is afraid to step forward for fear (not filial) of being called a racist, homophobe etc. The breakdown of the Catholic Church has been followed by the extreme lawlessness in our society, from the church to the family.

Now, just watch all the free wheeling atheists load their guns for fire. Yes, homosexuality/lesbianism is a Mortal Sin in the word of God. It is an unnatural act that has no place in the world that he has created.

Sorry, but this sounds like whitewashing religion. But you are up against enlightened human beings who, perhaps unlike yourself, reject being led like a bunch of sheep and are not afraid to think and feel for themselves.

Organized religion in my view is a collective delusion for people who cannot bear the God's reality and prefer to make up tall tales to comfort themselves. Any man or woman who is even a little bit self aware knows this.

The God of the religions simply does not exist. It is a mysterious force, a cause that is beyond the understanding we are capable of.

Oriah Mountaindreamer (Canadian poet) wrote
"It doesn't interest me what planets are squaring your moon...I want to know if you can disappoint another to be true to yourself. If you can bear the accusation of betrayal and not betray your own soul. If you can be faithless and therefore trustworthy."

Notice the phrase "Faithless and therefore trustworthy". That means without religious beliefs, because those who prefer illusions to reality will also easily find an excuse not to help out a friend in need, or to betray their loved ones.

Religion equals lack of awareness.
It appears as though no one grasps the meaning of "filial." You might as well be talking Chinese.

Illustrated by the Chinese character xiao (?). The character is a combination of the character lao (old) above the character zi (son) ...Etymology · Cultural significance :meaning Piety.
Piety- fidelity to natural obligations.(English).thumbs up
It appears we are among religious bigots,else why the hoopla.
Protestants,Methodists,Unitarians,Orthodox Jews,Buddhists,
Mormons,Seventh Day Adventists,Episcopalians,Pentecosts,
Amish,Taoists,Israelites,Muslims,Baha'i,etc? Are filial,pious.
and even Agnostic,Atheists possibly filial to their parents.

Disciplining your children inevitablywill cause moments of
disconnection where they feel upset by your disapproval.
Hence,knowing that shirking their natural obligation leads
to disapproval and must "own it" instead of continued
pretenses until one gets caught.Lesson in immorality.

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