All we will ever be?

Either the writer of Game of Thrones is a genius or he/she has a very vivid imagination mixed with a philosophical thinking that does not hold too much water. I am at a part in the series where a very profound statement has been made. I have just began to ponder it. I like thinking about things on my own first to see how valid points/philosophical statements are...but this one might take some time, time unfortunately I do not have a lot of lately. Getting some perspective here will certainly help.

The statement: "Hopes and dreams, and loves and fears will all we will ever be." Is it possible if we boil down everything in our lives into the most simplest forms, does this statement hold validity?

These four essential life characteristics do all pertain to the self. That is for sure.

The part in the series has to do with teaching a young girl to be nobody.

Is it better to be somebody or nobody?


The reason why I ask, to be somebody, carries an ego attached. From things I have seen and heard in the past, your ego is not your amigo. laugh


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Hey Johnny, head banger

I've never seen Game of Thongs, but I will say, that little saying you quoted there doesn't seem to me to be what life is ALL about. It does cover some things, mostly mental states it covers. But there is more than that. And there is much more to the mental state, the soul's state.

As for being SOMEBODY? We are all ALREADY somebody. We're all important. The thing is, when you say if we want to be somebody, that kind of suggests that maybe we have to PROVE we are somebody to someone, and really, that shouldn't be. Because again, we are all important, and our own self esteem, our own self worth is grande with or without validation from whomever one thinks they need to prove it to.

Just my opinion.
NOTE: This opinion was not written while under the influence of meds. grin
Hey Johnny, come back! Where'd you go? You suddenly logged out after I commented.

Did I say something wrong? dunno

Oh well, meanwhile drinking

I have not watched the show yet!

But! Going by Robert word of today. Beware!........laugh

Heyyy! Sweet Sugar.......lips
@ You Robert

Johnny does not like you. Sorry!.......hug
@ Angel,

Johnny does like me, when I'm paying for the booze and service station hamburgers. laugh


@ Johnny,

While I was reading your blog, I was also eating some Chocolate Chip Ice Cream, then I put it aside to write my first comment. After the comment, I went and picked up my bowl of Ice Cream, only to find it melted a little, and for some reason, I don't know why, but one of the chocolate chips in the ice cream was swimming around the bowl. Hmm, strange.
confused Are You Saying!

That Johnny And You Go Out On Dates?!

We go out with ladies, he takes two or more, I take one. That's all I can handle these days. blues

I found it interesting when you stated about the soul. As for being already important, important to who? That is the first question that popped in my head. I wonder, 200 years later, will we still be important? Anyway, I understand your point and it is very good. Also, I am very relieved to hear it is from not under the influence of meds. laugh
I didn't go anywhere, really...other than finish up the episode I was watching. grin I do have an early morning tomorrow and I will trying to fit in my typical episode or two a night I watch.

I will be here for a short bit yet.
Hello Pepps....long time. :) Nice to see you still around. I never seen the show either, until recently. I bought the first 6 seasons on dvd. It is on HBO and I am too tight to have HBO on my tv. laugh
rolling on the floor laughing Robert. You should really buy a case of Raid. rolling on the floor laughing
Robert....the other night, I finally asked a girl out on a date for the first time in my life. All she did is just stood there and looked at me speechless. rolling on the floor laughing
I might have to brush up on my approach a bit. dunno laugh

exactly! Important to who? Who cares who thinks I'm important or not. I have the confidence to know that I am important to myself and my world I live in. And if others can see that and sense it, then they might feel an attraction to want to talk to me or just feel that I'm okay to be around.

you know, I did a little tv show years ago. I was kind of important or famous locally, and it felt good for a while, but then later, it meant not much to me. It just became same ole, same ole. Instead, I focused on helping others, not necessarily to become important, but to become job ready to whatever they aspired to be.

Now, if they felt I was important after they moved up in the world, then I'll take that.

Anyways, you know what I mean. Life is too short for worrying about who thinks I'm important or not.

The best thing is to just help when I can, where I can and to be good to myself, those I care about and those in my lifetime. cheers
Well! Johnny

I Have Moved Back

That's great that you asked a girl out. It's nerve racking inside, but you gotta be cool on the outside (yeah right, like if I know how to be cool, lol). But anyways, that's great! I hope everything works out for you with her.

I have to get up early tomorrow too. So, right now, it's time for me to log out and get some rest. Now, where did I put that spiked prune juice at?

Have a good night and fun tomorrow. head banger
Pepps...that is the confusing thing to me. I always thought you had two homes. grin Okay, I am guessing you are back in Chi-Town area now.
At one time Robert, I thought it was nerve racking....actually, most of my life. Now, I don't give a brown rat's a** anymore. I found it rather amusing her response. laugh
....and, she didn't say no. So......thumbs up I just gotta present her with a legit plan. I kinda was not prepared for it. conversing
At the very least, I can learn from this one and be better planned for the other two potentials.
Yes! I Did Too.
I gave the other one up! And moved back.....applause
Good for you Pepps....good time to pack up the ship and go anyway....with all the tornadoes and hurricanes down there. ....good move. thumbs up Now you gotta visit me up north so I can take you up for lobster and rolls. grin

one more thing before I go for tonight. Getting back to subject of your blog. I'm going to be moving in the near future, but not sure yet, where I'll be moving to. I have some places I like and ideas, but not completely sure yet.

I don't know this comment has to do with your blog's subject, but just thought I'd mention it.

Again, have a good night. grin

I don't know WHAT this comment has to do with your blog's subject, but just thought I'd mention it.
Hey Robert,

Where are some places you plan on moving to? Do they have to do with women? Move to Southern Mich, I can move to there, and Pepps...we can all have an orgy. applause laugh
gnite Ms. Peppercorn. angel Always a joy seeing you around.
TV again Johnny roll eyes laugh
Sounds like b.s p.h.d ( bull. sh@ piled higher and deeper. )

If you like this kind of stuff you would probably love a philosophy class..

Good way to make your brain strain.

The self or a person's mind body and soul cannot be boiled down or reduced to just emotions hopes and dreams.

Why would I want to be a no body a non person?

The ego itself is not bad, it is when it is out of control it gets a bad rap.

Good morning Johnny,

just wanted to ask, that "Game Of Thongs" tv show. Is it like pillow fighting, but with thongs?
I never saw the tv show, so not sure what it's all about. confused
Non....I think I am addicted. laugh

Calm...I do love philosophy. I thought about going to college for a philosophy degree. thumbs up
Robert, it is a HBO series. Game of Thongs, in many scenes, one can equate it to that...only with less attire. laugh
Is it worth, though, for a man to ponder this sort of statements? To find out, I usually ask myself the question: "Is there any chance this will ever get me the Nobel prize in physics?" Long shot you'll say; aye? Long shot indeed but it takes a dream to keep a dude goin', pal.
Hello Sim,

Good luck with your pursuit of the Prize. For me, I love to ponder this stuff....not even sure why. Maybe there is something out there yet discovered. dunno

BTW, the chick in your other blog is not so bad...she actually looks attractive. :) However, as you her statement, her personality might be ugly.
If you like it then go for it. Prolly I do what I do cause I like it too. You reckon she's decent lookin really? I kinda find her a tad on the heavier side. Different folks/different strokes as they say mate. dunno
The exterior of a woman can have one overlook the interior...leading to hell on earth. laugh
Johnny, this has absolutely nothing to do with Game of Thrones laugh
But when I saw this video, for some reason I thought you would be interested in it, and possibly even blog about it grin

I think there is a lot of truth in that statement. When you get to the point where you know you are dying will you even think about your status or what you have accomplish in life....or will you wish to just hear and smell the ocean one more time. I prefer to be invisible...a nobody and there is much freedom in that. Unfortunately in a materialistic world it does not work so well to bring the bacon home. Think it is to never forget you are actually nothing but still do what needs doing and be the best you possibly can be.
Hello Molly,

Very very interesting. thumbs up Thanks very much for sharing it. Now, does one try and make sense out of it? What I mean by that, they say we are just consciousness...but where and how is that consciousness possible? Hmmmm. Now you got me thinking. grin
Hello Ek....totally agree with your thoughts there. It kinda makes me wonder if there is not one big giant deception going on. dunno ....kinda steering us down a path of selfishness...perhaps.
Hey Johnny,

I think conversely that the impeccable of the imperative situation is that variables and degrees of constants and omnipresent inanimate objects may constrict the mind from perhaps insoluble fen propaganda and quantum physics of nature that we ourselves may not understand or comprehend beyond depths unknowingly to mankind.

You know what I mean? professor
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