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do you think GOD is trying to let us know that there is a heaven and this is his way of communicating with us.
No, she wasn't dead. She might have lacked a pulse and she might have had no apparent brain activity but since she has recollections of her dreams and/or hallucinations, then she clearly did have some sort of brain activity - perhaps even brain activity of which medical science is not yet aware.

I would expect people to be excited about the potential new discoveries in the field of neuroscience that can be made when such stories come up not to spin the most far-fetched yarn possible for Allah's sake! Are we all going nuts for real these days or what?!!

String, pal, are you doing this on purpose to troll me or what? dunno moping

no wasn't directed to you. you must be imagining things.scold
Probably, aye, I most definitely am..
It's all a matter of perception. People will see what they want to see according to their beliefs.

I've had an OBE and was in a similar place and saw lights...lots of white lights and energy. I was also told to go back to my body by a voice..but no God.

Sorry's all perception and belief.

how do you know that it wasn't GOD.
Because I don't believe in a God.

without sounding too much like a cck, can I dare to suggest you speak to a psychologist about that, love?
Hello there Mr String wave
over the years I have watched such stories, some more believable than others( the clip you uploaded being one of the more believable's) nevertheless I can't say I believe she went to heaven let alone meet Jesus as well.. now having said that, i believe she believes she had.. she may of experienced something but heaven and Jesus? If I were to believe that than it goes against something else that i DO STRONGLY believe in.

I believe after death the soul lays dormant until the soul has being cleansed/judged by four powers.

As you know i do not believe everything written in the Bible is truth but the resurrection of Jesus i do believe in.

Now here's why i believe such stories like your clip not to be true....
It took three days for the soul of Jesus to be cleansed, risen, returned home to heaven, how did she and others like her have a clear pathway directly into heaven confused

When the son of God had NOT...
who then more worthy of it then he??? An ordinary everyday Joe soap roll eyes

I could be wrong, but i don't think so wink

one thing you are forgetting is that Jesus was with out sin ,so HE could ascend into heaven right away. but as for us I believe when we die our soul stays there with us in the grave . then on judgement day when it comes we will all be raised(souls) to be judged .
Stringman,I knew the family while I was employed at St.John's hospital in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.I am adding this account because I had not heard of this lovely woman's book after I moved.
As stated it was in a remote area and she did not simply get flown out.It was grueling,and I will leave those details to be read about her faith and her families accounts.Beautiful family with little kids when this occurred.
They are the real deal!The entire hospital and community undoubtedly prayed for her.I remember the shock of it.
You know how this will play out. Despite that-Your news today makes me so happy and reassured about her
well being.bouquet
That we agree on Mr String, Jesus was without sin handshake

Because of your beliefs I'm taking it you don't believe the woman's story either?


yes I do believe her story, what reason would she have to lie about it. you have heard the expression the lord works in mysterious ways. and like i said it could be Gods way of telling us there is a heaven.wave
But you said you believe we remain dead until judgement day ...
reasons why I thought even you yourself didn't believe it dunno

But yep I agree with you on that one, God does work in mysterious ways and because he does ain't it just as well its in God we trust... otherwise I'd be gone well loopy at this stage in trying to figure the mystery of him and heaven out... like i said before, it will only take dying to know conversing

For the little time that we are here.....
hopefully none of us will KNOW for a long time yet wine

Ps, I don't believe the lady in the clip is lying I believe she believes she experienced something...
but what ...dunno
Hiya String wave Well, there are far too many credible cases to dismiss it and I truly believe there is more beyond death.


the way I see it when GOD created the earth and we humans, he can talk to us in various ways . we don't know when we will die, so that is why they say always be ready( always not easy.)

well it sure wasn't the devil she was talking to.


yes there have been a lot of out of body experiences . they say they are not afraid to die after that.wave
"Theres A Dead Body ...Right There In Front Of You"

"Only Minutes Ago...You Were Conversing With Her/Him"

"But The Life Itself Has Gone"

"Better... The Word Is.....The Life Has Left The Body"

"So..If The... "Life"... Has Left The Body"

"It Had To Have............... Gone Somewhere"

"So..This Surely Proves... That We All Have A Spirit"...........(The True Life)

"But .......As Far As..... Where The Spirit Might Go Afterwards?"

"That...Can Only Be Answered..(If It Is Even Answered At All)

"When The End Of Our Time Comes".........................detective
Cut back on the psilocybin folk. Shrooms are not good for you.
She communed with God and the date/time was not revealed only that her son would be taken.10 years later and a fatal car crash took her oldest son,Will.The faith it takes,personal trust in God's plans are not about what we
want or are negotiable.
Dreamcatcher99: "Beautiful Napoli"(meet us in the puzzles)

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