Almost Had An o*gasm On The Dance Floor!

So, I just had a little escapade. Left office a little early for a "meeting" and went to my friends' favorite night clubgrin

I noticed so many drunk men and women , old and young on the dance floor so I was not keen on dancing, just wanted to have a beer and go home but friends took my laptop bag and dragged me to the dance floor. I was wearing my working clothes , I looked decent and respectable so I thought I'm safelaugh

I kept my jacket on , phone in my hands and my eyes on my laptop bag, I had feeling it's going to be a stupid nightt. I was ready to run out at the first sign of trouble. It was relaxing to move along with the 80s till the DJ played Ice Ice Baby, one drunk women started dancing crazy beside me, fell down on the dance floor and continued dancing , spreadeagled!doh Everyone ignored and just kept on dancing. laugh It's crowded so I tolerated the accidental breast touching and a** grabbing here and there.

The DJ sucks, next song he played was Lambada. I love 80s but I was not in the mood to gyrate doh My friends were drunk and having so much fun dancing silly so I tried to dance along and moved to a corner away from bumping and kicking. I was OK till one drunk man, looked like in his 40s, danced in front of me, dropped to his knees , wrapped his arms around me and started rubbing his face on my belly and went lower!frustrated

I tried to push him away but it was no use . I was trying not to lose my balance and tumble with him on the dance floor. It's not an unusual sight on the dance floor , most drunk people go crazy in there and humiliate themselves so nobody noticed my dilemma. I called out for my friends for help , they thought I know the man so they ignored me until they noticed I was grabbing the man's hair and trying to pull his head away then they called the bouncer who came right away and grabbed the man updoh The drunk man reasoned he was just dancing and trying to have giving me a bl** job on the dance floor!rolling on the floor laughing The bouncer scolded him and told him to sit down. He asked if I was OK and apologized, he was a nice bouncer.

Before it could get worse, my friends and I simply called it a night and left the placesigh

I just wanted to unwind...sigh safely home now watching "Enough Said" and reading blogs...seems CS is the safest place to pass boring times nowadayslaugh

Comments (42)

Hello should have brought your strap on, that would have really made it fun on the floor.conversing
Fantasy or literature? What is the message?
Should I have an errection? Or more?
You have desperate need for a man.
Why do you lose your time here?

last time I was there, I swore not to go back but I miss my friends so decided to follow time, I'll remember to bring Little Iain with me. I'm sure you will like this night club, they have a happy hour too...some girls strip and dance in their underwears only at 3 am, I think they do it usually on Thursday nightwink laugh When you come here, it would be the first place I'll take you tolaugh
Mr Swami,

He or she is obviously not satisfying you , your profile clearly states you're in a relationship but looking here...seems you're in a dire need for a BJ, you won't get it here so please go and give yourself one somewhere elsecomfort

As for a man, I have one...we had a plan to meet earlier but our work schedule didn't matched so will probably see him tomorrow...he's gorgeous, hot, well endowed, great lover, very manly, I couldn't ask for more...and let me get this straight, I find you sound like a gay priest, sorrylaugh

try to find out a little about a blogger first before you post your stupid comment...
I would settle for dancing women in their underwear at 3 am....wonder what happens at 4? grin
at 4, they vomit on your shoes
How did he almost give u a bl** job? For some reason that excites me and gives me naughty thoughts.lips
Vomiting is definitely a no starter.
Raph, i am also curious. confused
Hi CH...i think Mr Swami says he's in a relationship to feel safe from women like you.?wink laugh

Nice to see you having a good time.
I wish I was his face sigh
@ Crazyheart38

thank you for letting us share in the excitement

But seriously!!!
I sometimes dreamt that i was a woman, and i think they have more fun.

,heart wings
We live in a free world. Stupid comments are only ... comments.
Sometimes is better to put a direct question. You receive the answer very fast and explanatory.
Thank you. And do not worry for me.
I only tried to understand your sexuality once you expressed yourself public.
Tell us more about it. Make something up if you have to. I'm nearly done.
before your c*ck crows at 4pm, you would already have 3 o*gasm there, and if you're into heavy drinking, you'll crawl your way homelaugh
I meant 4am.

just woke up here, didn't have my coffee yet...2pm now!doh
crazy for you yes cs is safer, you seem to find your way around suspect dancers okayrolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
Eugh, I wouldn't consider that yo be a fun night out at all wow

If a man was pinching my arse or grabbing my boobs when i was out like that, he'd never walk straight again.

Being drunk is no excuse for being a lecherous pr1ck. That kind of behaviour simply wouldn't be condoned here now.

Both women and men should be able to go out for a night with friends without being sexual1y harassed
Yes yes yes crazy....see what I did there wink I think your pu**y was calling the c*ck....that's for sure grin
Taph, Free,

This nightclub is kinda located underground and has weird settings, there were pillars all over the place and it's surrounded by mirrors so you can see women there love dancing with themselves on the mirror too. I was just chilling near one mirror away from the crowd when this man appeared in front of me, it's pretty normal on the dance floor for strangers to face each other and dance for a while then face someone else...all fun really. This man started a little dirty dancing, put his hand around my hips, went down on his knees...again this is normal there, until he put his face on my abdomen and started rubbing it there, luckily I had my blazer on, i grabbed his shoulder and pushed him away but he was moving away, he wrapped his arm around me and went lower to my crotch area, good thing I was wearing a trouser,not a skirt or dress that he could easiy lift uplaugh I was wearing a belt too so made it difficult for him , he rubbed his face on my crotch, he's too drunk to undo my button or unzip my trouser

I was desperately trying to keep my balance so I grabbed his hair and tried pulling his head's normal sight there, you see people making out in the dimlights all over the place , everybody mind their own business. This is not the place to be in if you dont want to be in any trouble and once you get into trouble, it would be stupid to resort to any righteous way is to walk away before it could get worse.laugh

The place is a hunting ground for Asian women and local and expat men who are looking for sex and funsigh

Yes, I'm trying to have fun...I'm working way too hard day and night! Had to abandon my work just so I can have some fun with my friends because my working hours is so messed up.sigh

well, I had a beer last night and managed to chill a little so no harm laugh

Come would like this nightclub....loud music, pretty grils both young and of the women in my friends' group was almost 60 and she was wearing short and a crop top...doh rolling on the floor laughing and I was like ...WTF?!rolling on the floor laughing

My eyes were roving and looking at the stupid sights around me and I asked myself " what the f*ck am I doing here? "laugh

things that disgust me there are old men with big tummies and white hair dancing and drooling over young women in their 20s...gross!
crazy what about ladies over 60 with big tummies drooling over young men blushing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
Hi Arpito,

yes, I think it's easier for women to have will have to take some risk to approach a woman and it could turn out nasty for him...women have choice to say yes or no and men simply have to respect that.

but if a woman approach a man, chances are he will find it difficult to say nolaugh
Hey Swami,


didn't mean to be rough on you, sorry about thatlaugh

so you want to know my sexuality...well, you could read my previous blogs, won't be difficult coz most of them are s*xual blogs!laugh

That was not a bl** job....but I would love to have one, tonight if possible....blushing

would you like to know how I want it done too?laugh
don't sound like a nice night out to me more like is mor like a bad dream I think ..if we go out for a night in a group we enjoy ourselves and pervs would not be tolerated find a new place I thinks

yes, there are many older ladies here but the thing is they are in their 60s but they look cute...maybe because Asians are petite will see them wearing clothing that cover almost nothing but tummies were not that big nor it's pretty easy for men to take them as 30 years oldlaugh

how's your work out in the gym? work on that abs and get your a** over here quick!laugh
The place sounds like a proper meat market, everyone there to hook up. You can smell the std's in the air in those places.

Everybody here knows this is not the place for a safe fun night's more like a brothel really...

people get wasted, drunk dancing and falling on their face on the dance floor, bouncer simply pick them up and sit them up. It's not uncommon for a fight to break out when one man pouches on another;s womanlaugh

and I told my date to follow me there last night if he could finish work early, luckily he did not make it, sigh

now, you know why I tried to avoid people who might recognize me there...the place has a nasty reputation here but seems to make it the more exciting for us to go there from time to can get wasted and wild as much as you can and no one cares, no one judges you!laugh

yes pu**y was calling for the c*ck but not that c*ck! I was waiting for a particular c*ck, a sober onedoh laugh

Yes, there are many decent places to go for fun here...but that place has it's unique attraction.laugh People are drawn into to it despite knowing that they could get in trouble any moment in's wild in there and for hard working people like me, it seems a good place to unwind, lots of funny things to see while chilling over a drink or two.

Sometimes, I invite friends at home, we have a drink and put loud music too but it's not as fun as having fun in that place...don't know whydunno laugh

yes, it's a meet market...funny sight when police raid it from time to time...many expats with no paper works will end up in jail...they will close it for a week or two then reopenlaugh

I just like to go there occasionally for a drink or two while listening to loud music and watching people embarrass themselveslaugh
yeah its because your out is why we go out I has a press full of nice drink here but don't touch unleesss theirs someone about ....just the same sounds like a horror show from what you have said ..and men would not know difference in 30 and sixty .exactly how much drink did you have would take 2 blts of whiskey before id not be able to tell your feckina loony theirs no other answer and some fella pulling out of you here hed be killed stone dead maybe smoke a bit might be better and allow you see clearly
gym work out went good, i now know how to do (down dog) roll eyes

Some things i just could not dodoh yet before long i will be able to perform the full Karma Sutra rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
I read this as: Almost Had An orgy On The Dance Floor!laugh
Thanks. I get the picture already. You are much too far to get my real interest.laugh
Some people react on images, other on words ..... but all on physical touch.
The "marketing" mix guarantees real
Where have you been crazydunno Are you out boozing and partying all the time nowdrinking Any good men come your way and has romance hit youwink
You should do what girls did when I was young, wear lots of pairs of underpants and tie your bra with a knotted chain like the gordian.

Dont they worry about aids?
I remember a place called Plato's Retreat in new york. Try wikipedia.
stringman: "If I were the devil"(meet us in the blogs)

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