Illuminati Symbols Exposed: 666 Hand Sign!

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lol! The illuminate have turned into the Crips now. laugh
You should check out my Science blog. That's from youtube too professor
That is so old What 10 year old signals? The secret hand signals were changed twice in the past ten years, None of the current ones are in this video.
Hello Mr String wave

What would you say if I told you I think there ain't no hell confused

well if you are a good girl you won't have to go there.laugh wave
Ma man! That's ma boy! He's got a hint of kinky to him! I told you!

You've just made a man sin.
whats you talkin bout willis.scold
what you on about Simon confused

Mr String, do you believe there is a hell? conversing
yes I do but not what y'all think it is. you don't burn for ever and ever. hell is another name for the grave. when you think about it when you burn you turn to ashes so there is nothing left. anyway that's what I think.
My way of thinking as well wine
I had a blog on hell don't know if it is still there or not.
I thought the the sign was when you rubbed your crotch. I guess Ill stop doing it.
Right you are... I'll check it sometime wine
Its 30mins long so i won't have time to watch it till tomorrow...
But tah Mr String wine
It's of my opinion that some people choose to make their own h-e-l-l-o here on earth.
the illuminati and tantric sex, so much talked about and still, i don't know what either are.
yeah illuminati read all gossip papers.
and luckily we have all these Americans earning money with telling us these warnings.

I never saw secret hand gestures in a 007 movie. and even the secret code sentences looked like kidsplay.

Illuminati believing in satan is a weird thing in my european book. as illuminati are free masons and not religious.

I don't know how Obama relates. i kinda expect him to be an atheist. Trump is quite sure an atheist too.
It is so sad there is no religious freedom in the USA thanks to those christian groups.

A OK to you stringman. and pinky to the nose, maybe they can make 10 videos about that symbol

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