Geographic compatibility. I've noticed that I get on better with the East coast. It doesn't matter the age or gender. I grew up on the West coast and like the people there but I've found I can converse with East coast much better. Being on the phone and in person, this seems to be a fact. I find this interesting. The things that shape us and create our take on life. Have you noticed a geographic compatibility?
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Free wave
I get on best with people who live as far as possible. The further the better.laugh

Actually...Those living on another planet I have a better connection with.cheering
lol Dani laugh
I haven't spoken to any on the phone, but I generally get on with Ozzies and English men.
Molly, don't you find this interesting?
Yeah, Asians. Those girls are like putty in your hands. You might occasionally have to snap your belt to get them back in line but nothing major.
Simon, this is good news for you wink
I've never really thought about it much.

Although a funny thing is, the last two people I dated from here, I presumed they were Irish as they were based here, but one turned out to be English, one French laugh
Molly, that is interesting. maybe look to those places
They'd have to be living in Cork though laugh

Although the last two I chatted to were an Oz and English

So there might be a pattern emerging uh oh
Tenner, I do that on Tuesday nights, then date them on Wednesday nights wink
Must be the Italian bloody on the east coast free. Those are supposed to be cheerful folk - unless they turn out to be Mafiosi xD. Kidding aside, apparently Italian n Irish immigrants who were both considered inferior back in the day there in the states used to get along pretty well I reckon. dunno

Simon, it's a mind set along with old world ethics maybe. whatever the case, i like it on the East coast.
No body likes a westerly!
I'm happy with my phantasm crazy pointing Casperlaugh
I find Polish men very attractive and easy to talk to. Southern Irish people are good craic, Cork, Kerry, a special humour. I had a long relationship with a french man but I will leave that for my Autobiography.
Greeks and Italians mostly.
They do the cooking.
I made an exception with
my children's father
(who was adopted)

We recently found out
his heritage
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