When Will the Believers Be Raptured?

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Don't worry String...we'll all go together ...some day...to the same place.angel
Soon I hope.
October 05th at 2.40pm

Have your bags packed
I love the sentence.
we are as close to the last day as we have ever been . thumbs up thumbs up

Still a lot of people talking about stuff they don't know
ooby_dooby•6 hrs ago•Ashland, Virginia USA
Soon I hope.

rolling on the floor laughing
I think that the odds are that they will all suffer ruptures before any rapture be it by any angelic , demonic or atomic intervention...but come which ever, better sooner that later.rolling on the floor laughing
"Stop The World"

"I Want To Get Off".....................detective

A simple read.

Thesallonians is written by a hunter of Christianity, Who never met Jesus, but claimed jesus came to him in some dream.
Good it is a bit after the presumed that of Jesus.

But i repeat. even if the resurrected christ is true, i only met him once.
and he dominates the book. claimed to be the word of god.

I like it a bit better that he was a bit more educated than a fisherman. (i can't bullshit the fishermen here in Belgium as they are sorta wise, but i wouldn't get my information from them except for coast and fish.)

Still i wouldn't base my thoughts about the end of days totally on him.
and certainly not on a translation

and even the authorship of T2 is disputed.
this bible stuff is interesting to read. the building of a religion or the preaching to cattle, as the letters seem to be written to influence believers to keep believing.
Too bad he isn't asking for donations or seeds afterwards laugh
shakken: "looking for a winner"(meet us in the quizzes)

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