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Can anyone answer this one honestly! is life what you thought it was going to be when you were a child? let me start by saying FU-K NO! and do you know why cause I only found out in 2015 what I truly wanted to be my passion so to speck, so its a no from me, what about you? no lies just truth, and please don't say we don't know what we want at that age, my daughter from the age of 3 was saying I'm going to be a vet! and guess what? she is one and do you know why? because she found her passion at 3 possibly at 2 lol good for her, took me 43yrs but I never gave up, life is about to get real interesting.wow

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Life is like a marriage , sometimes its up and sometimes its down , even though I thought life was agoing to be a smooth sailing. I am healthy. I am normal no deformities . I am thankful to God .
For as long as I can remember I wanted to be a scientist. I read my first book at 10 called "Through Space to Mars" by Roy Rockwood. Prior to graduating from Middle school my guidance counselor told me that scientists are like artist, they starve to death. So I went into oil burner repair.laugh That b*tch ruined my life! Since that time I trust no one and believe nothing. I was kicked out of the science club for nearly blowing up the classroom. My mother mockingly referred me to her drinking buddies as "The Scientist" and oh, he's a "heathen". At 17 I took a 7 week trip with my uncle to Canada. For a month of that trip I stayed alone with a lumberjack family in a very rural town called Causapscal, 215 miles NW from Quebec up the Gaspe' peninsula . They spoke only French. This trip taught me the importance of the automobile and upon my return to civilization I switched from oil burner repair to auto mechanics reaching the highest level possible in that field. I consider myself an amateur scientist testing and measuring everything. I can tell you the height of the water table beneath my house on any day going back to 2009 as well as the morning temperature on that day.
Life has been pretty good to me and I have everything I want and need.
"is life what you thought it was going to be when you were a child?"

Yes, and no. I could never imagine all the amazing adventures I'd experience in life, and that's the No part. But Yes, because I thought I might become an artist, and I did, although not the fine artist type I was imagining, and I could never imagine creating art on computers. I also wanted to be a musician, and that happened too, but never could I dream of how far that would go and how incredible the ride would be.

I remember sitting in a "reflective mood" with my (very close) step-brother in the mid-70s and dreaming where our lives would be in the year 2001 (because of the film), and I thought I'd be married and have 2 kids, and he thought he'd never marry or have any kids, even though he was the one with a steady girlfriend at the time. Imagining I'd be settled down with kids was a big stretch for me as both our lives were a fairly wild ride in mid-70s. Turned out we were both basically correct (but I only had one child). Unfortunately my step-brother died a few years ago, and had never married or had any kids (even though he loved women and the idea of having kids). Coincidence? Probably. Self-fulfilling prophecy? Possibly. Or did we have a true peek into our distant futures that mid-70s eve? Probably not, but who knows...
Some people always know what they want to be when they grow up, and dedicate themselves to achieving that.

Most people don't even know as adults what they want to do when they grow up grin

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