Chat up lines from the ladies

Ok give it your best shot ladies and try chat me upgrin

Or embrace me with your femininity and charmwink

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Would you like me to dominate you?

By bringing home a bigger pay cheque than you.

And then fixing the engine in the car

Molly, I thought you had a way with words and they would be like butter melting in my mouthliar laugh

More like sawdust on my tonguerolling on the floor laughing
Sawdust is better for your figure than butter cool
I do like your spirit mollywink
so you loves her tonight good boythumbs up
Now ladies, the sands of time around slowly fading away and with them goes your chancesrolling on the floor laughing

A song to get you in the mood

reunion now who fancies a dance

Now who's upto giving me a few killer chat up lines and a bit of flirtingdevil
Are you saying you are our last chance saloon? wow

Dignitas is looking very good right now grin
Molly you might be thinking heaven, but for different reasons wink banana wink
The rocket is ready to launchwink laugh
Heaven , hell - both states of mind
How about pleasure and gamesgrin
I like pleasure more than games cool
Do you like pleasing or being pleasedlaugh
I'm always willing to allow others to be selfless cool
Do you like a bit of the old cat and mouse mollylaugh
I could be the tom to your jerryrolling on the floor laughing
Are we back to games again?
I'm not hiding in the closet molly? The milkman is in therewow under the bed the postman and I the bed the builder lays, so where can I hideconfused
Make like a lamp, and shine
I was crying earlier, but onions are very strongwink
It's okay for men to show emotions., Freedom
It was the onions molly and I'm making an Irish stewsnooty
Anything Irish shouldn't make you cry, but laugh wink
Tell me an Irish joke and I will let you knowgrin

I hope you don't know this builder mollyconfused rolling on the floor laughing
That's David Kelly. Great actor laugh

I feel so hungry watching this mollywow
Did yours turn out like that?
Are you drooling at the mouth mollygrin It's not my aftershave is itconfused 3 women have already fainted from the smell of old spicegrin
I thought you'd be a Lynx man grin
I lent my paco rabanne out to the guys in the video and still waiting for them to return it
You should have said you were in it yourself love
Those two come from the ugly side of my family molly and the branches of the ugly stick hit them hard, but the after shave seems to have helped them thoughdoh
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