Ladies what do you think of males who cat call you in public

I get that guys have been doing this workers, cab drivers ect ect
But seriously what should our reaction be to guys lusting with their eyes and cat calling women like your at some sports event
Should we be flattered as they think we should be
Should we ignore them? Call them out openly and tell them to stop it?
I dont know about other women but i find that type behavior in males very disrespectful, cheapenizing and degrading. Is it me or when this happens it feels like im walking near a dog pound full of barking dogs!
Males why do you do this? Is basic good manners and respect to much to ask? Ladies how do you feel about this
Any experiences with this animalistic behavior?

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i have not had this issue
They love it. The louder it is the better really. Thats why the girls walk around the building site in skimpy dresses and skanky clothes. Which means they're up for it.
Jada_Bella: Yes Ms. Bella, men have been doing this forever (some women at times I'd surmise)! I don't know if there is room to give you a satisfactory answer. You're correct in your assessment that it is BOTH (or can be)... It is indubitably meant to reflect A COMPLIMENT FIRST AND FOREMOST and to some degree somewhat disrespectful (the disrespect would come from the tone or manner they use). To a guy it's only about not being able to help themselves...a REAL man desires EVERY sexy beautiful woman (that's life). This is a good example of the different mentalities of men and women. I doubt very seriously any man would get offended or feel disrespected if a woman whistled or barked at him, that is something I am sure they wouldn't mind getting more often (compliments). I WOULD SAY IGNORE THEM AND WHILE YOUR WALKING AWAY... REALIZE THAT OTHERS FELT YOU WERE WORTH them complimenting, disrespecting, acting a fool, or however you choose to take it. I don't believe men are thinking disrespect... the opposite of that actually. Now personally...on the occasions I lust with my eyes or make a remark (compliment), (Despite BEING a true blue Old-Fashion GENTLEMAN) I SIMPLY CAN'T HELP MYSELF...I HAVE an INSATIABLE DESIRE (appetite) for women... women are a body of art and man do I love to paint (Lol..yay). Anyway...It's probably NOT ALWAYS done at maybe a more appropriate place or time, but to reiterate...IT IS a compliment!

Now, to be fair and balanced...WOMEN BRING IT ON THEMSELVES MORE OFTEN THAN NOT (Especially these days)! When you women go out in public with your boobs hanging out, and clothes on so tight you can't hardly move in you actually believe people (not just men) aren't going to glare at you. Other women are berating you for dressing like a street walker, etc. I had better STOP NOW. IF you haven't, take a peek at my poem called "You Can't Not Look"!

P.S. I vehemently apologize if I offend ANYONE! I believe in truth 100%!!!!!

teddybear peace handshake dunno wave tongue blushing beer wine bouquet
Hi In my younger days I used to get Cat Calls from men and would just think to myself should I become upset or just ignore them.

I chose to just ignore.They were just typical males.giggle
Women do it too but they are way more discrete and silent about it but when a woman catches a glimpse of a stud like me they can't help themselves.
rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

I wish.

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