Let's talk crazy conspiracies?

I don't know what it is, but I seem to attract some people with novel different ideas. I was out at the bar the other night and this guy who I have never met before decides to sit next to me and starts talking. Now the live band was playing very loudly and it was difficult to hear him.

He opens up by asking me, 'what do you think of a government having a secret war with its people?' At first I am thinking, I am here to enjoy the music and not talk politics. But he went on. He then asks, 'what if you were a leader of a country...why would you want a secret war against your people and how would you carry it out?'

Still talking, I am half paying attention to him and watching and listening to the band, as I intended to do. Then he continues even further. Why? Why would you want a secret war against your people? He started spewing out many reasons. Some of them I do remember. He says, maybe the population is becoming more of a drain than contributing. Maybe a society is becoming too smart...catching on to the way things really are? I asked with that one, what he meant. He said, maybe about the secrets they hold and he mentioned many more things I could not hear completely. Another one I remember he mentioned is, maybe the leader and his elite surrounding people feel threatened. The last one I recall was, maybe the leader is a psychopath and he enjoys violence.

Like I said, crazy stuff here. It gets even more out there.

At this time, I am listening a little more closer to him. So I say, 'okay...how do you do it?'

He said that there are many ways. You could divide a people. You could strip their identities, you could reinstate a draft, you could remove safety regulations, you could create catastrophic events, you could remove benefits. I am trying to think of more things he said....just some things that are just out there. He exeven mentioned about the current Vegas incident. He says, 'what about setting up an old guy as a patsy without any sort of military training and have him carry out something experts could do.

He just went on and on....I cannot remember everything he said...could not hear either.

But anyway, I just got done seeing the movie American Made. Supposedly based off some real life events. Also, just a Hollywood movie.

On my way home, I got thinking a bit about what the guy talked about.

It was crazy that the government gave Flint lead water to drink.
It was crazy that the EPA themselves dumped a bunch of pollution in the Colorado river.


I somewhat recall some sort of conflict going on with Hollywood right now. I know they were supporting Hillary bigly.


Anyway....just having some fun with some crazy conspiracy stuff.

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That's the great danger of the Internet ...
It only takes one crazy person to post one crazy idea and if another crazy person runs with it,within mins it's gone viral and become a true fact

Very true Blue. wave
In addition...I was stunned and without breath for a moment here today.

I am thinking it was probably fake news...

But, there are wild fires in California right now...at least that is what they reported on MSNBC.

It showed this neighborhood before the fire. There were what appeared to be hundreds of housed in a neat and clean community...everything perfectly in place as it was shown from the air photo shot they put on TV.

After the fire, the same angle photo shot showed nothing but ashes...not one house survived. They were burned to nothing.

sad flower
Well...our government are actually doing that. Constantly stirring the pot to get the attention away from them becoming multi millionaires with tax payers money.
Hello Ek,

That don't sound like fun.


I'm in the center of California, and the wind is blowing to the north tonight. So, we are getting some of the smoke in the sky from Southern California, but not from Northern California. However, the weather people say that will change tomorrow or soon. The wind will shift and bring the smoke overhead from the north.

As for the government having secret wars on it's own people? If indeed there's any truth to that, it is the government or instigators that will end up losing in the end. No matter who powerful any government is or thinks it is, it is the PEOPLE who have the final say in the end. Just my non-humble opinion. beer
Robert...I wish you and everyone safety there...sounds like these fires are truly out of control.

I think so too...if there is any truth. The world is very well connected.

wave ...oopscheers grin
Another mistake. I meant to say

No matter HOW powerful any government is or thinks it is, it is the PEOPLE who have the final say in the end.
Robert...thumbs up

did you look at Micllee's blog. The lady he mentions on there, could be the next President.
I think she's got my vote. blushing
Anything that sez 'The International' this or that, I certainly dont trust. I can have 1000 container ships all belonging to me, but if I don't belong to the 'International Shipping Lines' my ships would rot in the various harbors, which forces me to join. . Same goes for Airline companies. Its all been regulated .
Even sport, if one does not belong to the International Boxing federation or whatever then you are fighting in vain. It goes for ALL things in life. From wars to crop planting in Ethiopia. And everyone gets paid in US$. dunno confused
Governments are playing with us all the time

And big business is playing with governments all the time

We are simply pawns. We are told how great our lives are, and we are lucky to be living in 'democracies' where we get to choose our governments.

in reality we are just there to create more money for the elite.

But if we happily live in the bubble, we shan't be unhappy.
Let's talk crazy conspiracies?

Have you heard the one about the overlord who sits on the clouds keeping tally on who is a good guy and who is a bad guy... laugh
That one gets me all the time rolling on the floor laughing

Or the other one that says anybody who wont buy into the guy on the cloud thingy is a narrow minded buffoon.
laugh rolling on the floor laughing

Those there are two of the funnest doh grin
Melania married for Loveheart beating
if to be a good sniper is like to be a scientist

then, a mediocre shooter shot Kennedy?

a target that was moving?::applause:
why Trump likes to marry women with

bad English accent?laugh Eastern European women.cool
proof. Trump is a commieprofessor applause peace
Poor Duro gone off the Deep End!rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
The thing about conspiracies is everyone loves them, including the Russsian Hackers. Okay I cast my net a bit suggesting "everyone". Flint, for instance, was bound to happen. The water treatment plants in this country are nearing the hundred year mark. Even the mortar in the brick walls is getting old. Okay some people got really stupid thinking they could save bucu bucks by using local water instead of buying Detroit water. The conspiracies came afterwards as people tried to cover their legal asses.
"Someone Talking To Me ...And SayingThings"

"About...... How To Divide A People..Or.... A Government ....Wanting To Do In Its People?"

"Makes Me Think... Of That Slogan ....That We Have ...Here In America"

("If You See Something...Say Something")

"Or...In This Case?"

("If You Hear Something...Say Something")

(Who Knows Johnny)

"Maybe That Guy...One Day...Will Make The Headlines"

"With Something Insane...Or Bad That He Did"

"Then...You Can Say You Met Him That Time.... At A Bar"

"And Then?.... All The T V Networks"

"Will Want You...On Their Shows...Getting Your Input... About This Guy"

"I Can Just See The News Stations ..."High Lights".... Right Now"

("Dont Miss.... The Exclusive Johnny Sparton Interview!!")

"Live Tonight...At 9 P M.........On Hannity!!"...laugh rolling on the floor laughing ............................detective

not really my kind of thing to talk about...laugh
Duro, Melania married for love....laugh good crazy conspiracy. rolling on the floor laughing
Hello Old,

Thanks for sharing. Your fairly close to Flint...well, 150ish or so miles, I believe. Are you concerned about your city water?

laugh Nam. I will be sure to use my CS name when being interviewed. rolling on the floor laughing Thanks bud.

The beautiful and lovely Ms. CH. I would have expected more of a response from you regarding this. grin But, I hear what you are saying. thumbs up

I worked 16 hours today...just got home, did some stretching, on my favorite sofa now...no energy left for some conspiracy theorieslaugh ..if I have energy left, I'll spend it on something pleasurablelaugh
that is my problem in life...thank you for pointing it out. I need to spend my limited extra energy on pleasurable things...not this stuff. laugh Hmmm...maybe I can start tonight. I'll make my brownies. grin

16 hours? are you sure you are working and have not turned into some sort of slave?
There are people who for the sake of their own lives and interests, pit other groups of people with one another. In such a way that when some are murdered by another group, the real and ultimate instigator would show up during the wake with downtrodden face complete with funeral wreath and money. The warring groups might continue attacking one another while the real culprit is just watching smiling viciously! This has been a setting in the many novels I've read. Yet I'm prone to believe it happens in real life too. Just seeing the political scene in my home country, I wonder how and when will my country be great again! And if there's such a govt having a secret war with its very people, then that govt isn't leaning to democracy. Very, very alarming not only to its citizens but to the whole democratic, modern and civilized world!purple heart
Thanks for sharing Tat. I have not heard much about your government. I am somewhat surprised by what you have mentioned.

Also...very interesting about the plots of the books you read. For the sake of argument, if a conspiracy of a secret war is true, they would need to be clever about it. ...by the sounds of it, like the books.

Its an historical Fact that the Government since early in our history, have been using our populations as Guinea pigs, even to the point where tests being performed killed entire towns and their peoples, so to cover their tracks, they bull dozed and burried and removed all traces including map references and road entrances.

If Our Government can do this to populations..Nothing is sacred and no one is safe.

I wouldnt put it past them to have been feeding us some insidious toxin in our food and water that with the flip of a switch, kill off 3/4ths of the US population.

We have no clue really as what they have already done to us? and what comes next?uh oh
Hello LR,

I have never heard about the whole population thing before. But, I suppose, if one thinks of it, we are very easy targets for whatever. They can always blame it on swamp gas. laugh

A Doable conspiracy, what would YOU DO . ..in a Klondike Bar? rolling on the floor laughing
Thank you Ms. Ash. Yes, it would be doable. Now for the Klondike bar. laugh
...btw Ash, you are a great loving soul. thumbs up
Btw you followed through doing something pleasurable like making brownies and this blog did not get

Stale tongue
I got a crazy string theory conspiracy....not physics.That disease that people think there's bugs under their skin and they found string thingies.eeeww!professor
Morgellons disease.dunno
KarlaM: "Favorite songs"(meet us in the top 10 lists)

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