Where is that lady?

You know the one.
The one who is always so
stunning, charming, beautiful, exciting, fine,
classy, elegant, lovely, kind, breathtaking,
unique, wondrous, tantalizing, mesmerizing,
striking, creative, polished, ravishing, sensuous,
intriguing, majestic, marvelous, captivating,
appealing, alluring, enchanting, amusing,
gorgeous, intelligent, great sense of humor,
great sense of style and taste, caring,
attractive, pretty smile, eyes and personality.
She glows of great love from within, out and all over.

Where is she on this day or tomorrow or yesterday?
She must be around here some place. uncertain

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A song to accompany this blog:

"Fresh" by Kool & The Gang

Conversation is going 'round
People talking 'bout the girl who's come to town
Lovely lady, pretty as can be
No one knows her name, she's just a mystery

I have seen her maybe once or twice
One thing I can say is ooh she's very nice
She's a lady, one I really want to know
Somehow I've got to let my feelings show

She's fresh, exciting
She's so exciting to me
She's fresh, exciting
She's so inviting to me, yeah

I've been thinking about the way you walk
Baby, ooh I like the way you talk
Tell you something I really can't hide
Heaven must have sent you to be by my side

Fresh and lovely like a dream come true
I'll give anything to spend the night with you
What a feeling, and I can't stop it baby
Miss frisky lady, take me away

She's fresh, exciting
She's so exciting to me, yeah
She's fresh, exciting
So inviting to me, yeah

Fresh as the summer breeze
She'll take you by surprise
She means so much to me
I'll do whatever to make her mine, baby
Oh yeah

She's fresh, she's so fresh
Fresh as a summer breeze
She's fresh, she's so fresh
She means so much to me, yeah

I want to take her by the hand
and pray she'll understand
'Cause I love the way she walks
and ooh ooh baby, I love the way she talks

I've found something and I hope you'll understand
Miss frisky lady, ooh
She's fresh
She's so fresh, she's so fresh..
Hello Robert,

I know the one. I wish she was sitting on my face right now. laugh
Did you get this from someone's profile as it sounds pretty much like the list some men have on the the what they are looking for, part of their profile.laugh
LOL Johnny,

That's a thought, but not after I just had a late dinner. doh
Hey there my friend Eks,

No, I didn't get anything from anyone's profile. Just wrote down a lot of complimentary words and that pretty much was the blog. grin

But, I know what you mean by what people, and not just men, women too, their profiles can be very demanding. Such as , "He/She must be from a certain area, a certain income, a certain age, a certain height, must like certain things, must have a certain education, must not drink or smoke or wet their bed, or must not joke too much, or must not have never been married, or must have never been divorced, or must not have beer breath.. or must not this and that and on and on.. Sheesh!

Some want perfection and everything, but what do they offer in return? That is the one hundred cents question.

Thanks for your fun comment. head banger
I meant to say...

"But, I know what you mean by what people say they want in their profiles, and not just men, women too, "

I remember what happen to you after that one dinner with that one lady. Didn't she blow you across the room?laugh

You still remember that Cheesecake Date story. I don't remember if she blew me off the bed by unbuttoning her pants, where her body just seemed to inflate like a darn rip cord inflatable RAFT, or if it was her sudden release of GAS that blew me onto the wall, and pasted me there for a moment. laugh
It was the latter. rolling on the floor laughing
LOL Johnny,

Ah, but I've learned my lesson since then. Now, I wear a gas mask before going to such depths for discoveries. rolling on the floor laughing
robrt I'M HERE banana banana her that you seek laugh laugh wave wave
I'm not polished..it's not me moping
Oh molly i am not a lot of things on the list i never rule myself out of nuthinlaugh laugh laugh
I wasn't that sure about majestic either, but I let that fly laugh
laugh was not really thinking you copied it as none is that elaborate...but some nearly so.laugh
Yes, yes, the Tantalizing Redex!

You are here! It's been YOU all along! wink
Molly, Breathtaking Molly!

It's YOU, you're the one, for this very moment.

How did you know? How could you tell?

I'm glad you're here. See -- banana

I remember one lady said in her profile, oh this was some time back, she stated, "If you can't provide to me your email address and credit card number, then move on. I'm not interested.

Sheesh! How's that for Elaboratory, err I mean Elabrador, well, you know what I mean, Elabo-rate. grin
I would be here but I lack a smile robuh oh
Hey Rob,

There are plenty of them over here...waiting for youhug
"Where Is That Lady?"

"You Cant See Her Because"

"Shes In The Middle"

"Of The Crowd Of Hounds"................detective
robrt787: You're are obviously talking about this lady that just recently chimed back in...I know I missed her because to me she certainly epitomized every word you referenced. I found myself becoming attracted to her due to her sweet words, charm...

wave handshake peace grin
Aww Hatelies,

Come on, you can smile, and when you do, I bet your smile makes you and everyone near or around you feel better and happier. applause

I'm working, trying to get over there, but this little tug boat only goes so fast. Oops! The motor is stalling. I'll have to get out the oars and start paddling. But no worries. I'll get there eventually.. if not this year, next year. wink
Hey Nam,

She's in a crowd of hounds?

Reminds me of a lady I once knew. She had a few little Pomeranian dogs, but if they sensed I was going a little too far with the lady, they suddenly growled and acted like vicious hounds. uh oh

Hopefully, the lovely lady in a crowd of hounds, you mention, will find a way out.
If that what she decides sooner or later.

Thanks for the comment.
Have a great day!
thumbs up

Consider yourself one lucky man. For anyone who is able to find that real sweetheart, that very special one, then they are fortunate, blessed and lucky. Also, she must feel very lucky with you too.

Good luck, and I hope all goes well for both of you. thumbs up
That LADY has been making the rounds.rolling on the floor laughing

I'm sure, I know, there are many very special ones out there. Some noticeable, clear as a bright day, and some perhaps diamonds in the rough, awaiting to be noticed or found.

Just my not-humble opinion grin
I' d check " the pack" again.or just gently tap on the Ladies Room door and ask if anyone's in there first.rolling on the floor laughing
robrt787: Thank you for your words...but I am not with this lady I referred to (I WOULD). She left CS I'm guessing, since I didn't see or hear anything from this lady until several days ago, when she commented on a poem of mine.
I was saying she would be a women I could fall for. Anyway...

peace handshake
Love the blog gave me a good laugh rolling on the floor laughing sorry to tell you this Robert but she doesn’t exist it’s just a dream comfort dunno

many years ago, I tapped on the ladies restroom door for someone to maybe come out and I could ask them if a friend lady was in there. Well, a lady did open the door while spraying Pine Scented Air Deodorizer around the door. I just walked away, kind of dazed from the odor emitting out. help laugh

I understand, but you never know, she may return and/or someone like her may come into your life sooner or later. You just never know what tomorrow brings. Good luck with everything.

Wha? She doesn't exist? And here I thought maybe she existed in Long Beach, known for riding around with her top down, err on her car, that is. grin

Maybe she really does exist. Look in the mirror. Maybe she's there. wink
Hello! Is it me you are looking for ?rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

Can I copy this and keep in my will as my obituary notice please. rolling on the floor laughing uh oh
did you send her 1000 dollars for travel expenses?
because then she ain't coming back no more.
she was probably from nigeria
Hello, is it me you're looking for?

'Cause I wonder where you are and I wonder what you do.
Are you somewhere feeling lonely?
Or is someone loving you?

Hi Usha,
just thought I'd fill in the next lyrics to your "Hello" song reference.

Of course, you can use my words for whatever you wish.
Although my own obituary will probably be much different
and just say, "Anyone remember this guy?" confused

Thanks for your comment.
Hope you have a great day! grin
Hey there Len,

Actually, I sent her 2000 dollars. She says 1000 is not the norm anymore. Inflation, I suppose.

But, I did get even with her. Yes, the day she was to arrive at the airport here, I did not show up to greet her or pick her up. That's right! I left her STRANDED there. devil
And I never heard from her again... I also never saw my 2000 again.

Have a cool fun day! head banger
I believe it was a wet tee shirt she had on hug

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