the antisocial

The life of the solitary/hermit type. I go to work. I greet people with a genuine interest in how they are. I find a common element and talk about it. It could be the weather, children or a geographic location. I make them feel comfortable and "normal". I am a hermit who works customer service. I like to banter for a limited time. I know people and I enjoy the brief interaction. I don't bank on the interaction. I don't take phone numbers or set dates. Like chocolate, too much human is too much. I limit my sweets to keep it healthy.

When I am home, I cuddle my dogs and find a documentary. I love watching things that give me insight on the human dynamics. I make a meal for one and read. I don't feel lonely. The prospect of meeting and sharing time with another person is a bit scary. I like my time. It doesn't cost anything and it is also valuable.

I care if someone is hurting but I know there is little I can do. I care if a person is struggling but there is little I can do. the best I can do is be consistent and supportive in the mental sense. Financial and otherwise is not possible. A hermit/solitary person has good advice. We are aware of our surroundings. Being solitary or a hermit doesn't make us anti-human. We may only be antisocial because to be social is an emotional overload.

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thumbs up we find pleasure in other things rather than social interaction. Where I live now lots of people are like that so kind of fit right in.
yeah, it's great until you need a reference for a job...
I refer to myself as a recluse conversing

Like you Free, I work in a people-related industry and always have...

In that, I give my all; I'm genuinely interested in their needs, views and opinions but upon my return home I close my door and it's job done.

My solitude is precious to me and I have no need for chitchat, coffee mornings or Tupperware parties laugh
lol Serene, i get it. i am so on board with your view
Come on Serene, what about Bingo?laugh
I think that you, like me, live in your mind Free conversing

You're artistic and creative and have a busy mind, full of interesting thoughts and ideas and well, for me anyway, idle chitchat, responding to societal norms etc feels intrusive, tiring and a waste of time quite frankly conversing
I'll Bingo you in a minute, User mumbling laugh
Hiya Free...Ek... Serene... to all of you thumbs up teddybear teddybear teddybear
hey, Dani!
you have my vote, Serene. There are moments when I grow weary explaining myself to others. Tired of conforming so they feel comfortable.
Free, I'd say if that is an apt description of a hermit, 99% of all humans are hermits laugh
Kiss a hermit today. Its probably been a while, and they'll probably make the most of it.
laugh laugh Pat... you have me on the floor here rolling on the floor laughing

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