Scientists Find Proof that Humans Have Souls

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String yes i believe also but nothing to do with god or religion, It is in my words only mind, the energy of a person man has called that soul, well we did need a name for it. Yes it does i know from experince and not ghostly apparitions either grin that the energy of folk lives on and then disperses into the universal energy so is no longer individual.

Sorry string i do not believe in any god, i believe gods were man made as they need something.
Do not get me wrong i do not knock anyone who can live a better life because of a belief, my gran died a lot more peacful because she believed her lord was with her, so what can be wrong with that???

Have a good afternoon String peace
hi red I wonder if when a person is on their death bed if they have a conversation with GOD. I guess we won't know till our time comes. you also have a nice day.
Dear Stringman what if no god around when we pass on, i guese we wont know either until day arrives.grin hug
and souls, can they burn in flame?confused
doh just a thought stringman if no God around i will not be devasted grin i smack my own hand but was meant a leetle in jestteddybear
I think when the time comes a lot of people are going to have a big surprise. no turning back then.
string your lovely so i do hope we both get what we need at the time thumbs up
Interestingly timed blog, String!

Just last night I heard a scientist interviewed on a radio program.
He cited peer-reviewed scientific literature dating back thirty-some years asserting that discoveries in our DNA suggest humans could NOT have evolved from earlier primates.

Search -

Human By Design

hi mic.

really that was good timing didn't hear that program.
I too saw research from 30odd years ago about folk weighing a person just before death and then after to try and proove a soul excisted. The word soul though can mean many a thing.

Miclee i personnely believe we evolved from another planet that was disintergrating like our own

If you think technology did not excist just look at Roman times what they made etc and the knowledge died when they did, well you know what i mean some of it.
And when th soul die ... then what happen? Is there life after the soul death?
Excuse me Stringman Swami no-one said the soul died. You have to define soul first it has many conatations, depends who you talk to and who you believe no solid proof anywhere
So ... it is about semantics. I feel better.
Swami not realy the essence is the same no matter what you call it, your asking does it die

Soul to me is the essence or energy of a person, you can not touch or see or feel it, well yes you can feel energy but that is splitting hairs to my meaning.

I do not think that a persons energy dies, it may or may not linger after that person dies but i reckon it then just float into the unerversal energy no longer individual.

Oh well now you have taxed me a little as this is a dating site, maybe energies enterwine on dates dunno grin
When their cage is dead laugh laugh

sorry Swami i just had to add that bit of fun hug
Very good ... fun is healthy. comfort
I wonder why people are so preoccupated what happen with their energy ... after
but why they are not preoccupied what happen with their energy ... before
May be easier to discuss about energy ... rather than to use the energy ...cheering dancing yay
Redex....think the same as you. What we call soul is not something with individuality or personality. It can't live on as someone as it was never someone to start with. It is like a drop from the ocean. It is a single drop while in a container but stop being a drop when it falls back in the ocean.
Well many moons ago i looked into loads of things Swami to see and understand different point of views in life.
I camt to the conclusions on one or three things grin and as time goes by and i learn more i have changed some things in my beliefs. Death of soul was one such study. So you asked a question i answered. Just like me doh can be dragged into anything laugh

But to your question as to why confused i have not got a clue myself i like to deal in the here and now and other odd stuff as i label it leave it to others.

Maybe because now Swami i am in the last chapter of my life and in all that time if i could not make head no tail of some things in life i usually leave them up to people like Strinman and yourselfteddybear

Sorry i am off now planning a trip to see my Son for 10 days, that is my here and now peace peace

Sorry stringman for using your blog but we did not go off topic lips
ekself hug am glad i am not alone in my thoughts, good way of putting it a drop in the ocean thumbs up
@ String...

Gregg Braden gave a two hour interview on Coast-to-Coast AM.
It might be available as an archived program on the website.
Wouldn't hurt to look, I suppose dunno

Interestingly, he mentioned archeological finds in which the DNA of females was human but that of males appeared to be something else.
He also cited accounts from several ancient sources chronicling human encounters with other than human entities.

It reminded me of the Biblical account of the origin of the Nephilim, "...the SONS (emphasis mine) of God saw that the daughters of men were fair; and they took to wife such of them as they chose...and bore children to them...The Nephilim were on the earth...These were the mighty men that were of old, the men of renown." Genesis 6: 2-4, RSV

It is about hope redex?
When I was 32 years old... I started to cry when I realized that when death comes I have lo leave here all. All the beautiful moments. I realized I cannot take with me anything, nor money, nor energy, nor thoughts, nor hate, nor love ... nor feelings ...nothing... All remain here. confused dunno
wow Swami never ever thought like that at all, neverhug

I think i accept we live we die, and yes hope there is a long time inbetween, and to fill the inbetween with as many experinces as possible, dogeing the mire and hurt we can get into, or just put my armour on and deal with lifes blows.
Never have i thought i was leaving all behind because that is was what (the word death) conjures up nothing nill.

Now nice chatting but i truly must go now wave wave
bye redex ... have fun
we as mortals do not know what after life is or understand what it will be like. all I know is there will be no more pain and suffering it will be nothing like this earth. so that is why we have to good boys and girls or we may not enjoy eternal life.grin

is this the one MIC?
Very Interesting Mr String, but like you... I too already know wink

Howdy do Lee cowboy
Haven't a clue who this Sarah one is but ya man's comments brings me back to Eve, ya woman that was born/created through a human rib.
I believe String. Now scientist confirming my belief us even better.

I don't need anyone's approval or denial, it's my privilege and it's My decision to believe. Soul us a part of my belief.

Thanks for this nice blogwine
Unfortunately I'm unable to watch coast to coast sad

If the Soul didnt piss God off and wasnt sent to hell, Then lets assume that for an eternity that Soulk gets to travel throughout the entire Cosmos and Beyond, Witnessing All of Gods Creations and Worlds angel

Count me in head banger

if you go to youtube and type in coast to coast it should come up with different topics.wave
Rightyo and thank you String, i shall try that tomorrow....
sounds like one that could be worth a listen to.. wine
Abby1963: "Brown eyes"(meet us in the poems)

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