A Look Inside The Brain Of A Drug User

I saw this on Dr Phil show. the son is on drugs for a while.

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Is that the "Doctor" who is barred from practicing?confused
I don't know about that but he has a weekly show helping people get help. @conrad.
I think his show is more about building up the viewership than helping people.dunno I do sometimes watch it though.grin
There been question marks around his credentials for years.
Mr Phil Himself

"Is Not Even A Doctor"

(I Wonder How Much Money)

(JJ Is Making.... Off Of This Nonsense?).............detective
I'll watch this later John wave
Acetylcholine is primarily in "anti" drugs( prescribed/OTC ) antidepressants,antihistimines..meth. They can cause irreparable brain damage.The specific chemical named should be reviewed, as neurotransmitters are damaged and the side effects are not worth the permanent damage in frontal lobe shown in the video. The repetitive self- administration of the drug by abusers may have been via eye drop,snorting absorbed in proximity to the brain verses stomach absorption,and could have greatly impaired the brain function resulting in toxicity, overdosing or death. Thanks Stringman
Stores in the US were prohibited from selling in bulk,the OTC products used to create meth. An often abused product is cough syrup, mixed with alcohol.zyrup which also lead to overdosing and addicts' violent reactions.Much like biting attacks were linked to bath salt addiction.spice. Ayahuasca culture is prevalent in Oregon.
The high plateau persons imagine is the symptoms of their drug of choice is actually dehydration they're experiencing and not in control of.(much like people wandering in a survival state in desert,frostbite,raves,alcohol poisoning are incoherent,rambling and tripping balls may self harm,attack,undress or be crazed and have psychotic breaks*. PERMANENTLY).
I imagine my brain looks much like this

Track rolling on the floor laughing

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