f*ck you!

Plant my seed an watch it grow, the youth of today is my goal
show them truth and they shall strive, show them love and
they'll never be blind.cause we live in a world were lies is king
Governments tell us them all the time, and we don't do a thing no
matter who gets in there all the same, cause there all controlled
by the master of the game, they send us to war for there ill gotten
gain while the war mongers get richer, for them crime does pay
we need to stand up, cause this isn't right, we all have to live here
so why do we fight? last 3000 yrs how long was there peace! it
was 237 yrs what a disgrace this bloodline has ruled from the
very first day, there still our controllers, they won't go away have
we not learned nothing in all this time, there's only one winner
from war this bloodline that's right as for us only death on
both sides.
indoreman: "Whitburn windmill"(meet us in the puzzles)

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