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From my observations, I find it inevitable that some topics will be covered, either on the blogs or forums, from time to time, by various bloggers – particularly if they refer to current events or popular subject.

It´s amazing that some people having written a few words on a subject assume that they have exclusivity when information on the subject is available on the internet.

Apart from that, it´s always refreshing to read someone´s approach and thoughts on the subject.

Same as popular songs – how many versions of the same song do you hear from various artists?

Since we are all connected in this wide universe by a collective consciousness, it´s inevitable that many people will have similar thoughts at the same time.

The word re-search implies that somebody has been there before us.

How many of you have been inspired by other people´s blogs and felt the urge to elaborate on it?

If you see a topic which has already been covered by others, do you feel you relate to the subject itself, or to the author and their style? Or both?

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Goid morning beautiful soul. I'd say no one has the right to claim exclusivity on any given topics, ideas, or opinions. But the original writer, composer holds the right and therefore acknowledged.

Our line of thoughts may differ or having similarities, doesn't make us discredit others even as it's perhaps strongly similar.

Anyways your topics, I've covered so many of them before but each time others post or write about it, I always learn more, than what was covered or mentioned before.

I specially love it when you present it because your research and documents are sometimes missed by me.

Anyways keep it up and write anything you feel like even if it's posted a thousand times. I always pearn something new.

Good afternoon lovely lady and thanks wave

I agree with what you're saying even if the topic has already been covered a hundred times there will always be something different about it...
The wording...the presentation and some other information...always something to learn.
Yes. For instance we Google a certain topics, we'll find 10p pages that cover the same exposing all millions of different opinions.

So whenever you write or I write the same line of thoughts, there's always a positive learning possibilities each of us have.

And on top of that, the dynamic of the discussion depends on the cultures, beliefs, and people's ways of life as well as experience. wine
Confession, D. Many of my rants here are inspired while compromising my sleep by listening to the Beeb at night. There, I said it. Aa.
Hey Aa...I'm glad you got that off your chest.rolling on the floor laughing

I shall make note of this for my research programme. Thank you.
I agree Lindsy...the dynamic of the discussion will be different.

E.g. I have posted some blogs in the last few months that I had already posted 3 years ago but...different approach...different people on the blogs and different conversations.

Also depends which day of the week and what time you happen to post.
Synchronicity again !
I don't think we over write or overdo discussing about the astral or third dimension topics D, it's most interesting and the world hungers for it. Me thinks.
I think so too Lindsy and I have plenty of those in store. Just waiting for the appropriate time to post.
they think they're professionalslaugh
rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
The property of "Topics" ....rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
Where should I get a patent for this?laugh

Memorying the information does not gives you intelligence or knowledge.laugh

I do not like posting quotes but I do it because of one reason. Someone before me explains it better than me.laugh I have no problem with this. You may ask me when you want what I understand from those. And I will answer you.laugh

I see that posting here at blogs or forums is done by some persons ... only as a marketing project.rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
One try to sale himself best. With this people you cannot have a dialog. From my perspective this is least a failed project.

Dialog is a personal issue. Is about creating a connection based on respect, and not at least on admiration.
For me is essential how one is participating to a topic. Is adding something or not. How that person is captivating my admiration.
Does not matter that I do not agree with his opinion. But is important that he convince me to think that perhaps I am wrong. This means that we are equal. We may build a connection based on researchg for the truth, for discovering a reality which we did not thought before.
This this the reason for having meetings at work, or discussing between us. For understanding the truth.
But people who have no questions nor have doubts are not abble to have a dialog. They just want to teach you their truth.
you can get one at the copyright officelaugh
Who are you talking about Duro?confused
Yes ..... I cannot. The property of the topics goes to CS rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
We use their platform they are the owner rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
Now I am very frustrated.
well at least TITLES are not copyrighted. create your own TITLE is all yourslaugh
not to you Danielawave laugh've more or less covered it all up.wave

Regarding exclusivity....I know it may sound funny but I have seen it happen !

There was one particular person here who...when reading some of my blogs...used to point out that they had already covered that subject.

In fact...they had written may be a couple of lines and I wrote a whole page to expand on that subject....sad but true! grin
Ok Duro...I feel relieved. wink wine
I like thatwink
I will steal your topics and post my own blog.
Sooooryyyyyyrolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
anyway, we can write whatever we want to write. but CS can't take my titles.scold laugh
You're welcome Swami and I'm sure you'll write them from another perspective.

I enjoy having dialogues with you. wink applause wine
Ok, enough blogs about blogs

Go write a blog about a topic grin
Duro...who the hell would want to steal your titles ? laugh

Anyway...what were your last 2 blogs about ? confused

Since you don't allow comments...I feel maybe I should write my own blog to expand on them? uh oh
Of course I'll change the title! laugh
Callate Molly...we're having fun.laugh
Hello Daniela,

I have felt enlightened and intrigued by many blogs I have read...and participated on throughout the years. There is a great bunch here. Like Swami has would be nice to see a bigger bunch....more diverse thoughts and ideas.

Hi Johnny..wave

So what do you propose ? dunno

You seem to like Swamis idea? But how do we go about it? confused
we will demonstrate ... peacefullaugh
or we may do a streik ... or we asociate and build ower own sitelaugh
****our own****laugh
Okey ducky.... Since it was your idea Swami, I suggest you go ahead with it and I will join you... wherever... whenever...head banger
After reading the mini blogs on blogs about Blogs, I'll rely on my own inspirations and find some Dada Concertos or hyper existential music...laugh
yes you can comment and I also believe you can blog on another blog,, that is what the blogs are for to speak your mind. what bothers me is the brain farts
Thats a great idea Katte.thumbs up
Hi Whenever..welcome to my blog.wave
It's always nice to see your blog's. wave
"I Tried To Contact You Through The Mail Here"

"But Couldnt Get Through"

"You Had A Blog Up... Some Years Ago"

"I Think The Title Was"

("You Couldve Heard A Pin Drop")

"Think You Could Put It Up Again?"

"That Was A Good One"............................detective
Ok Nam...just sent you a PM
Oh!! Oh!! I think I have a special blog coming out of my bum!! Wait for it, wait for it, Blahhhhggggggg!!! Oh I feel so much better now!! rolling on the floor laughing banana I hope it doesnt offend anyone here. I hope that it covers the many topics and repeats of ideas!! professor
I'd like to see more blogs about salami, and then a subset of blogs about different kinds of salami such as pepperoni, cabanossi, hot hungarian, baloney, borwors, and cacchiatori.
Hi Parsnips ... but you are the expert on salamis, so it´s up to you to write blogs about them. banana

I don´t know anything about them as I don´t eat meat, as you know. wink
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