Why do I always find so many posters, bloggers, readers on here complain about the nature of people's topics?

The worst part is making it as an excuse to leave the place because they don't like those topics?

Here's what I have to say, be tolerant, it's allowed per the rules of the owners of this site.

If it doesn't please you? Too bad. Everyone has the right to post about almost anything as long as they fall on the mods or owner's expectations.

Have a nice day. I happen to love all religions and God topics. So I don't think we have to apologize for them.

We should be happy, thu
Is site is free for

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Oh you rascal lindsy laugh laugh yep A GOOD MIX IS GOOD but when it becomes lopsidedyawn yawn

Have a good day i am just sooo looking forward to my holidays, the mountains in Scotland puts everthing in perspective laugh laugh wave
thumbs up well said LJ.
laugh laugh God page for you two laugh laugh

Aso you both think it is all about God and others do not have a look inshock

At least i said i like a mix peace
It would be a pretty boring world if it were all about one topic.

I'm not a religious person but I do respect those who are.thumbs up
Thanks John. We're all mature people. If you leave dont be whining and go.

Better yet respect those that prefer those topics.
ccincy so do i but at the moment our blog page is full of Gods grin

By the way hope all is on the up and up for you hug
Bulls eye CC.

I don't have a choice as to what others want to write about but they have as much right as anyone on this site.

Fall is beautiful CC. How's your weather there?
for gods sake Lindsy I am only going on my holidays rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing [
Hi Redex,As for me Thank You.hug
Red I hope you have a nice vacation seeing your son.applause
Go have fun Red. You're lucky, I can attest there's about 78 percent in the third world who'd not be able to do what you do. Travel with pleasure.

Good i am off for awhile but slowly slowly i hope you get full recovery hug
Hi lindsy the weather here is damp and cloudy but it's slowly working it's way to cool temps.wave
Stringman thank you i like God talks with you, as your fun and not judgmental handshake
hi CC hope you are feeling better.wave
Hi string.Thank You for asking.I'm feeling a little better today.I'm just talking one day at a time.hug wave
Yes each to their own LJ !
Well Northern California for right now is a mess, but the rest of the State, specially inland is gorgeous.

Take care CC.bouquet
lindsy i know that my knit and natter group sent 73 crotchet blankets abroad, and just sent cases of stuff for shoe box appeal. The stuff goes to orphinages abroad,

Yep i know i am lucky and can only do what i can, some things, people on their own can not mend and i am not responsible for all the ills in the world nor can mend them

so yes thanks will enjoy my hols with son and his wife as they do their bit for the unfortunate in their way too.

Please do not judge folk or rub their noses in delights they may have because that dear lady is not very christian at all
rest is the best. CC
Indeed my dear Non. By the way for the record I miss your upbeat and sometimes well intentioned topics about banal and ordinary life but very prucjy to our conscience in a very subtle way.

Sometimes I have to digest the message between the lines. I crave for them. Like a pill that shoots me up to the high nines.cheers
Yes string rest is the best to which I've been doing.thumbs up
Non, should have been "Pricky" geesh..hug
Don't worry Red, what us being Christian us what I live for, but let me tell you, I'm not perfect in my mothers book not in my God. In fact I know I can be evil sometimes and quite regret about it.
There used to be an article regarding Tolerance that the site put up but I don't know if it's still available or not anymore.
It was a good read.
That'd be nice CC. Plain and simple, we're international, so highly diversified in our values, beliefs and ways of life. Let's write everything that we wish to write. It's unlimited, just avoid insults and bad demeanour. I've learned. Tolerance is the key.
A but lindsy ARE YOU tolerant on athiests

I like a mix here but sometimes God gets bogged down here, and others do not get a look in, is that fair, i think not.

I do not just tolerate christians i accept they have views they live by and it makes them happy, but am afraid some God fearing people on here do not return the courtesy thats all, I do not think by your thinking that your god would agree with you bein g spiteful and maliscouse
Red, my friends claim they're Atheist. I respect them. They're good people. You claim you're an Atheist. I respect and tolerate you, don't I?

Now my religion is personal, I dont impose it on others. I assure you, you have my tolerance and expect you to respect mine.
I don't think I'm spiteful or malicious. And your being so judgemental us very wrong.
I am very tolerant of my hell-bound atheist friends. handshake

Everyone talks about tolerance, but yet if you go to the library naked with a frozen chicken everybody looks at you funny. I don't get it.
Just the way it is, nips... sad
Haters gonna hate... devil

if you take that dead chicken on a date to the library,
i would kinda notice it never could read anyway.
and isn't interested in being anywhere.
and if you're already undressed then maybe put in the oven quick and get it over with.

BTW it is always bad if when you are naked that people look at you funny. maybe visit a doctor. (but that is my general advice to everybody here)
Mic, I'm sure you are.

Good morning Mic.wave
Seriously Pat? Lol. If course there are rules that can override our tolerance.
Leno, yes, it's bad and in my country there's a crime against lewdness. wave
Ha ha ....either you do posses a developed sence of humor or you dont realize, that by complaining about tolerence you are in fact being intolerant...... yes?? By the way, its was not the topic nor your answer as such that sparked my interest, it was you facial features that are so easy on the eyes....:)

Meanwhile do take care//Peter
I presumed the purpose of the library trip with the frozen chicken was to peruse cookbooks.
For chicken recipes, you understand.
That'd allow time for the bird to defrost whilst planning it's consumption.

But that's none of my business.

You're probably right. I'm not being tolerant with their intolerance. Catch 22. Welcome to the blog world, my first time to see you handshake
Pete & Linds, sitting in a tree
1st comes love.
Then comes marriage.
Then comes Linds
Pushing a baby carriage.


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