don't go to dating sites If your not serious

Dating sites are for honesty and pen pal communications not profiling or spyware or porn etc.I find that many people are searching for their soul mate but they are only half way willing to commit to meeting a man.A good relationship comes from the heart and soul and takes time to establish.If you are not ready for that then why be on the site at all.I find there are many pretty women on the site but as a end result I only need why does it take 1000's of honest communications to find a soulmate? I don't know! I reather have a spot where I could broadcast my whole life to the world than play little games or info tag forever.and why are people so afraid to meet?you all go out into public for shopping,work etc.anyway and don't often get mugged or abused doing stop complaining about the bad times and truely find someone to build some good times with.a simple hello is a start.then after a good conversation weather 1 day or a year meet in a public place with an emergency phone.look at New afraid to say hi? YA GOT TO BE KIDDING.blushing blushing winkhug

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Some people don't know what they want.
Hello...welcome here to crazy land wave

Why a thousand communications before finding the one?
Because you need many frogs first.

Apart from that...what comes to mind is the poem from Kipling "the thousandth man"
The thousandth man is worth seeking half your days...
But he's worth them all!

Don't worry...good things happen to those who wait.comfort
"don't go to dating sites If your not serious" laugh
Who can stop me? And perhaps I consider myself very serious.rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

I do not want to fight with you. But why you did not get the women you search already?

I already posted on some forum that I know a women who met (real date on streets) 100 guys in a month. And married one of them.

If you want to find a real mate you need to search 50 miles around your location and go out for a date. Because when you find a girl here (CS), after 6 months, and you go out for a date, you do not like her bra number. And thats all. 6 lost months.laugh
I agree with swami 50miles from your home and then search. The blogs forums is what we do whilst searching. Passing time and chatting,. Some folk blogs forums come for chat only. So maybe you should press button for your match and see if your luck is in.
some guys go to dating sites BECAUSE theyre not serious ... laugh
Shhhhhh Kasih, don't give me away lol

Well in my observation and experience people are probably more afraid of rejection they only go half assed because nobody knows what they want.

Everyone knows long distance relationships are doomed to fail. Free sites like this since there is no investment monetarily they are not so concerned about their return on investment. Plus not too many are wealthy enough to hop on a plane and visit their love interest. If they are here and not willing to pay to play on a pay site this is an alternative. I think women feel safer online here up to a degree as they can jerk guys around indefinitely and the same about men can toy with women with a finger just block them out if they get annoyed with them.

As for anyone being ready to commit to a relationship the fear of the responsibility to do so may mess them up
People work hard at times establishing their personal identity and independence having to bring someone else into the equation can mean for some they have to give up part of their independence.

Searching for a soulmate should come naturally and anyone who has to work so hard in finding one has never really found one. I find that amusing with many women profiles as they all seek a soulmate.
If they just be themselves they will naturally attract who is best for them and they will be reached at the soul level
Generally it the one person that drives you crazy the most is your soulmate.
Don't tell me what to do. I'm older than you.
I am here because every 6 months, 1 year, or two I change the location. Initially I thought I may use this tool to find people in the area where I work and live. It was interesting because I considered to find people who speak english. But more productive are the sites in local language.

But I noticed that people are more interested in a relationship rather than in other persons. They speak about love (which is a difficult thing) but they really need a companion. I apreciate more the women who have in this case a dog rather than a men.

I see this issue of searching a match and build a relationship like a psychological business. Since I have traveled many years in different location on the earth (many countries) I am aware and make clear difference between a relationship and a connection to another human being.

People have no idea what they lose. First is the connection ... and perhaps will be more or not .... when you start to search for a match ready for a relationship .... you decrease your level of connection to something very basic. You lose the high wawes of joy what humans may experiment.
Oh I see,
You're looking for the site with only two members confused
"You and the girl that is serious about You" laugh

Try apply some rationality to your argument. conversing

Welcome to the blogs wave
That was @ josephevans by the way
Hi Josephevans,

I think there are two facts you're not considering.
1. Dating sites will always have scammers, liars, game-players, as there are those people outside. The only difference is that here is easier to disguise. The truth is they will still be here whether we like or not.
2. Women face a higher danger than men in the outside world if their date is a twisted person. It's just a matter of physical force. So yes, some of us are very afraid!

Besides, as you said yourself it takes time to build a relationship. You put your hopes on it. You invest your heart on it. So moving from a dating site to a real life date is not as trivial as you think for some women.
They say you kiss a lot of frogs before you find your Prince. Well there's a lot of frogs in francerolling on the floor laughing

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